30+ Animal Husbandry Business Ideas: Unlocking Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture

Animal husbandry is a vast business, and it involves breeding and taking care of animals on a remote farm. Examples of animal husbandry businesses include poultry, livestock, milk, aquaculture, beekeeping, etc. 

Consumption and selling are the two main factors that lead a person toward this business. 

If you find scope in the animal husbandry business, then you can see below some of the best ideas.

Which Are The Best Animal Husbandry Business Ideas?

Commercial Fish Farming Business.

The business needs moderate capital and knowledge about fish preservation. Suppose the right technology is used and implemented. 

In that case, this business is a good source of income for the entrepreneur. The demand for commercial fish is already high. 

Hence, there are rarely any chances for the businessman to incur losses in this field.

Feed for Livestock Farming

If you start a feed business that will be prompt for livestock farming, then it is one of the best animal husbandry business ideas. 

The livestock farmers search for the best quality feed so that the product quality is excellent. 

If you come up with the best quality feed, you can have good sales with the help of your farmers’ network.


Bees are fierce and tempered insects. But the honey that they give is highly in demand. Honey is used in many food and medical products too. 

Being a beekeeper can be a good source of income. It is a business that needs less capital. But what’s more important is the day-to-day viewing and monitoring.

Quail farming

Quail farming has become a required field because there’s a demand for quail eggs, meat products, and other things related to the bird. 

Quails are reared and grown, and this type of business needs moderate capital. You need to get into it and check out what kind of food the quail needs and how you must raise them in specific living conditions.

Livestock research and consulting.

Businesses into livestock breeding might need research and consulting regarding what kind of food is best for the livestock, how to preserve them, how to make the business more sustainable, etc. 

Suppose you have good knowledge about livestock management. In that case, you can share your expertise and knowledge as a consultant in the same field.

Shrimp farming

Shrimp farming has become a multi-million dollar industry because there’s an excellent demand for this business. 

Only a handful of places or countries in the world have the potential for fulfilling this demand.

 If you live in a country where shrimp farming is possible and you can produce them on a large scale, you must go ahead with this business. 

This business is also called an aquaculture business wherein the shrimp are bred, produced, and removed using the right technology and equipment.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming refers to raising birds like geese, ducks, hens, and turkeys. The products that come from this industry include eggs and meat. 

The chickens raised for eggs are called layers, and those raised for meat are called grills. If you have a moderate capital and some land, then you can start with poultry farming.

Artificial Fish Breeding and Hatching

How the fish’s eggs are hatched will ensure the quality of the fish. If the eggs are not up to the mark and do not hatch properly, this can lead to problems. 

Hence, creating an artificial set-up for fish egg hatching and breeding can be an excellent way to develop the final and best end products. 

This animal husbandry business can be a good opportunity for an entrepreneur to grow.

Pig Farming

Pig farming means taking the best care for the animals to keep them in perfect living conditions. Pig farming is quite popular in countries where pigs are there.

 These animals are bred for skin and meat. If natural and exclusive pig farming is intended, the final products will be of the best quality.

Goat Farming

Goat farming is one of the best businesses as it can be started on a small scale with a small capital. But later, one can expect good profits from this type of farming. 

Even though this business is small-scale livestock farming, it has good potential.

Snail Farming

Snail farming is one of the rising industries as the demand for it is high. Humans use snails for consumption as they are high in proteins and amino acids. 

Apart from that, there’s good demand for these slimy beings as they nurture skin. Snails are used in many skin-related products due to their skin-aging repair properties. 

Dairy Farming

Dairy farming has been one of the leading industries for decades. Milk is a staple food, and its demand is ever-rising due to the rising population. 

Livestock, like cows, are reared for milk and manure. The industry doesn’t get saturated. It needs moderate capital, and you can start dairy farming on a small scale too.  

Fodder Farming For Cows and Goats

Find out what type of fodder is required for the livestock. The cows and goats reading field would feed fodder for livestock. 

If you own land, you can start farming for these products. It’s an in-demand business, and there are hardly any chances to make losses.

Turtle Farming

The turtle farming industry is quite popular in the USA. This industry took its first step in the year 1940. Till then, it has come up as a leading industry. 

Turtles are reared for food and for selling them as pets. Most of the buyers come from North America and Asia.

 For turtle farming, there’s a need for moderate capital, excellent and healthy living conditions for the animals, and the right people to take care of the turtles. 

The baby turtles should be disease free, and only then will they have commercial demand.

Mealworm Farming for Pets

Mealworm farming is one of the leading business industries in animal farming. Mealworms can be raised easily and can be one of the best protein sources for omnivores and pets. 

These mealworms can be the primary source and can also be used in various pet meals and pet food products. 

There’s a good demand for these products, and this business needs low capital. It is, hence, one of the most in-demand and profitable businesses.

Raising Ladybugs

Ladybug farming is also one of the leading businesses these days. 

For farms, pesticides are affecting the soil quality negatively. Ladybugs can work as natural integrated pest management solutions. 

The business is profitable because you just have to raise ladybugs and feed them with aphids. You can sell the ladybugs to the farmers for natural pest management.

Prawn Farming

You need fresh water for prawn farming. This aquaculture business is mainly meant to raise prawns for consumption. 

The company needs less or moderate capital. It approximately has six months to grow a full-grown prawn. You can harvest it when it’s ready.

Mud Crab Farming

Mud crab farming is in demand as crabs are a good food choice. It is a demand product as people like to consume mud crabs. 

They have a good demand in the international market. Just like mud crabs, even red claw crabs have a high demand. The business is not capital-intensive; hence, you need less capital.

Duck Farming

Duck farming is one of the best ideas for the animal husbandry business, as it can be taken up anywhere, even in your backyard. 

You can breed them even without any waterbody nearby. You can create an artificially small pool or something if needed. 

It is easy to rear, breed and keep ducks. There’s no need for a full-fledged poultry-styled place. You need a small space, and that will be enough to execute this business idea.

Become A Livestock Marketer

You can become a livestock marketer and have contacts with livestock farmers. They will need someone to market their products. 

You can guide them through the process. You can also become a reseller and sell their products online and offline. The business will remain profitable as there are many products that you can deal in.

Start Cold Storage for Frozen Livestock

Live in an urban area with good capital, a premise where you can carry out this business and have an uninterrupted power supply. 

You can start this particular business. With proper planning and ideas, you can begin cold storage where the livestock products will be stored. There’s a good demand for these products in the international markets. 

The need for the cold storage industry is high because these products are perishable and, if not stored properly, can lead to wastage and losses.

Sheep Farming

If you live in cold weather conditions and have the facilities to raise sheep, then you can take up sheep farming. 

There’s a good demand for this type of animal husbandry business. The sheep are mainly raised for skin, wool, milk, and silk. 

Its excreta is also used as manure. With all these multiple lines, the business will give good returns.

The Calf Business

You can raise cows and breed them and come up with calves. The calf can be sold once it is six months old. 

At this time, the weight will ideally be 500 pounds. The young cows and bulls are then sold further for commercial production. 

This industry needs a bit more capital. But the returns that you get are astonishing.

Meat Processing Business

Having knowledge about how to preserve and pack meat can help. You can start with the processing industry. 

It would help if you had machines, equipment, capital, and a place to start the business. Initially, you will need more capital and infrastructure. But if you consistently carry out the business, there will soon be better profits. 

You must have in-depth knowledge of the processes, and that can take you ahead in the meat processing business.

Maggot Farming

Maggot farming is one of the popular and profit-fetching businesses because it is easy to raise and can be used in feeding commercial fish for nutrition. 


Pisciculture includes raising a variety of fishes that are commercially viable. The business consists of raising carp, fish, and salmon. 

These fish have a high demand in the market. The maturation time is less, and this is what leads to better returns and profits.

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