99 Designs Review for Small Business

Are you Looking to get design work done online. 99desings, crowdSpring and Designcrowd could be the solution to it. Luckily, these are some creative platform for professional designers to find and work online.

These platforms bring easy way to acquire multiple creative ideas for customers too

99designs review for small business

Here’s Why 99Designs ?

99designs is a crowd sourcing giant which is expanding globally. It believes in making designs accessible to everyone through a design competition model.

Practitioners can win cash prize by submitting fully developed design based on customers briefs. It is constantly giving small and medium scale business, that cream opportunity to spread business by simple, easy, and cost effective online contest creation.

99designs, CEO Patrick Llewellyn, introduced hybrid” gold exclusives”, where more designers are rewarded for participating in competition, and not just the winner.

99designs provides an opportunity to the designers also. As practicing something brings perfection, designers can grow more experienced by developing their crafts. Here you get a chance to explore yourself as a designer. 99designs brings forth a platform for meeting new people. Certainly it’s a break for early designer to learn to interpret what customer is asking for and transform them self with time, based on skills and dedication.

Pros of 99Designs

#Select designs of your own choice

As a start up or for any business, one seeks for a unique Identity. As a face of this uniqueness a logo represents any business/ service. In short you must be needing a logos, branding, websites, packaging and more. 99 designs provides it all.

#Large number of designers

99designs gives opportunity to the designers aslo. As practicing something brings perfection, designers can grow more experienced by developing their crafts.

Here one can get a chance to explore themself as a designer. 99designs is a medium for meeting new people.

#Tries building win-win deal

99designs made a smart move to engage with designers, by allowing sites top designers to create content to educate less experienced practitioners. This content driven model is currently focused on logos

#Affordable Designs

As there are so many designs available at 99designs, it provides a flexible space to select a design that fits with customers budget.

design contest in 99 designs

How 99Designs will benefit to Small Business?

# Fulfil business and marketing goals

For customers it’s a pure business expansion platform. At 99designs you can organise online contests, to achieve bonuses and develop your business too.

99designs is an excellent stage for small scale business owners who wants to create a mark, and spread awareness about the product /events or services. This is sure shot mode to increase traffic on website ,engage audience.

# Marketing strategically

Another tempting facet of creating online contest is it, helps you reach your marketing goals. As a remarketing strategy for later uses you will also be able to gather legally required data for supporter/ customers or even users.

And analysing the information of online contest will provide you with enhanced data of potential clients- who are they, how long have they been working, and what would they likely do and so on.

#Promotional platform

Who doesn’t need an easy promotional space? It is indeed certain, you will surely find a good option to run your ads. Henceforth, minimising the stress and workload to spread information about your business or product.

#Easy process to create Contest

Basically, it is a simple 4 step process via which you can create your contest. It takes hardly 2-7 minutes for you to do the same.

Fortunately, a wide range of design categories is available you can choose from them.

Logo Design – Starting from $299
Business Cards – Starting from $199
Website – Starting from $599
Banner Ads – Starting from $199
Product Packaging – Starting from $399

The next step is to bring clarity of requirements and give prospective to designer, you have to go through the design brief wizard and launch your contest.

We understand as a non designer it’s difficult for you to mention or explain what kind of design exactly you want. 99design brings an easy solution to it by making everything more visual.

You are supposed to choose 3 logos from gallery of logos. This is more illustrative to understand on the part of designer also.

Next step is where customer have to tell about  their products/services via interactive sliders.And lastly customer can mention what name they want on the logo and brief information about their company or product.

Rest all is done by 99Designs for you to save you getting puzzled

# What after liking the designs?

Once your search for design is over and you are ready to go with any designers work. Now 99Designs will provide you with required details and you can directly deal with designer for future projects.

You have complete ownership and copyrights. And you can pay the designers on co betion of projects.

#Future prospects

For a successful business one has to constantly look into better opportunities and create suitable scope. So to create another contest next time, you will be provided with all the appropriate data which must be required by you. You can analyse and make even better contest next time.

design contest sample 99designs

How it works?

99designs is focused on development of all types of online contests all around the world. Through our websites we create and promote online contest for our partners and organise free entry contests.

99designs believe in continuously improving online contest Management process. It’s platform for young artist and creative people to showcase their skills and bring forth their works.


We can be a brilliant mode for spreading message to people. 99designs is like an open mic for universities, start-ups and even well established businesses.

As we take the responsibility to spread your presence through innovative, creative and easy online contests.

99designs optimises online contest Management process, henceforth it is source of new opportunities for both organisers and participants. For freelancers also 99designs provide stage to show skills in front of huge audience with similar interest.

99designs believes in utilising its resources and gives its best in maintaining the delicate balance of serving designers and customers.

Here are some Real Testimonials from the Different users

Real 99designs Testimonials

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