Academic Counselor Job Description: A Comprehensive Overview

Does advising students on making better career choices seem exciting to you? Then you should look to become an Academic Counselor.

Now that you have decided to carve your career path in this direction, here is what you can expect from this position. From the academic counselor job description, salary outlook, increments, and job role, to the challenges it brings, we have covered every aspect of it.

This is as important for Employers as it is for Employees.

By framing an informative, simple, and alluring Academic Counselor job description, you can invite a maximum number of proposals. So, let’s explore how to write it.

What Does An Academic Counselor Do? 

We often hear, ‘Every child is unique,’ but why do we force them to fit into a set mold of career possibilities? With the help of an Academic Counselor, here is what they do. 

  •  An academic counselor is at the rescue in such cases. They help students identify their individuality and select what field of academics would complement their interests. 
  • Many students are even clueless about what all options they have. Academic counselors help them clear out their vision in life by giving recommendations. 
  • There is so much value addition you can do to a student’s life by becoming an academic counselor. 
  • Academic counselor job profile includes customizing students’ careers through employing understanding and experiences. 
  • They open numerous doors of opportunities for students by introducing them to various career possibilities. They work on student educational, vocational, and social well-being. 
  • As an academic counselor, you’ll be expected to bridge the gap between passion and profession for students. Your job as an Academic counselor needs you to work on student strengths and weaknesses. 

Job Responsibilities of Academic Counselor

Outreach Services 

An academic counselor’s job profile may or may not include providing outreach services to the university or schools. 

Intake Examinations

Conducting intake examinations for students requesting counseling services and designing referral or treatment plans is also part of the job role of an academic counselor. 

Course scheduling and Career planning

Understanding students’ course durations and requirements to provide a yearly/monthly plan providing better retention for students seeking academic counseling. 

Collaborating with the university support system on students’ behalf 

As an academic counselor, sometimes you are expected to fetch solutions to student grief by connecting with the school or university authority if the student is somehow unable to. 

Implement and access school guidance programs. 

School guidance programs are designed to enhance students’ academic and co-curricular performance. Academic counselors pay their contribution to strategize and enforcing these. 

Facilitates Crisis intervention 

The scope of your role as an academic counselor also demands you facilitate crisis interventions in alignment with the safety and policy standards of the school or university. It included assisting students with restorative practices. 

Represent school/university at Educational Fairs. 

An academic counselor should also help the institution prepare for tradeshows and pre-enrollment programs. 

Make and Implement Enrollment plans. 

Being an essential part of the Recruitment fronts, your function would also be strategizing innovative initiatives to meet targeted recruitment. 

Vocational Development of Students 

Assess students’ curiosities and plan goals for personal development. It may include suggesting skills related to their interests and future objectives. 

Addressing learning Obstacles 

Their job functions also ask to look after any mental stress and anxiety that students are going through. It deals with learning disabilities, abuse, addiction, and similar issues. 

Help in Choosing Majors 

As an academic counselor, you have to lead the front of helping students one-on-one in choosing their primary subject by analyzing their educational records. 

Counseling of walk-ins 

Some institutions have all three Academic, Admission, and Finance Counsellors, but a small-scale institution might have only one position between three of these. 

As a counselor, you can be expected to help students at the enrollment front while counseling them with the aesthetics of that specific institute. This is also called an orientation session. 

Some additional job functions that you can include in the job description of an Academic 

A counselor can be, 

  • Audit and analyze students’ performance reports.
  • Perform other responsibilities by collaborating with the coordinator.
  • Any new academic program enforcement.
  • Organize student workshops and peer counseling programs. 
  • Cooperating with students in arranging seminars in schools and colleges. 
  • Academic advising to staff if and when required. 
  • Help with alumni networking and job Interviews with University kids.

Requirements To Become An Academic Counselor 

Here are the competencies employers are looking for while hiring. Some of the requirements are subject to vary depending on the personal policies of the school or university. 

Here are the qualifications and requirements to become an Academic counselor. 

Educational Qualifications: 

  • Licenses in clinical counseling.
  • 3-5 years of experience in delivering a direct counseling service.
  • Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree is a primary requirement. Bachelors in social work, psychology, and sociology would be preferred. 
  • Expert Student Support Certificate sanctioned for school counselors is preferred. 
  • Ph.D. in Education counseling 
  • Other certificate credentials to work in public schools. 

Soft skills

  • 1 Crisis management
  • 2 Verbal Communication and interpersonal skills
  • 3 Technical aptitude
  • 4 Ability to take corrective actions
  • 5 Understanding of child development
  • 6 Knowledge of customer Services is highly appreciated.
  • 7 It should be known with adequate instructional exercises.
  • 8 Proficiency in career development models.
  • 9 Logical ability and decision-making Qualities
  • 10 Good listening skills to listen and comprehend students’ problems
  • 11 Leadership qualities
  • 12 Organizational skills

What Is The Salary Of An Academic Counselor?

Academic counseling is a blooming profession. According to reliable survey sources, an academic counselor earns about $60,000+ annually. 

Their demand and value are expected to grow by 10% in the upcoming years. These median compensations mentioned may vary between private and public institutes. 

Benefits Of Becoming An Academic Counselor 

Some nominal benefits you can expect from this corporate setup job profile are health amenities, Employee assistance programs, a few paid time-offs, life insurance, and others. Below are some exclusive benefits of becoming an academic counselor. 

  • 1 Ease in Career switch: Multiple career paths are interchangeable with Academic Counselling.
  • 2 Job Satisfaction: Helping Students do better on personal and professional fronts would bring excellent job satisfaction.
  • 3 Competitive Salary: Academic Counselling is a well-paid job depending upon your years in service and skills.

How To Write An Academic Counselor Job Description? 

While structuring a job description for this position, keep in mind to keep it short and inclusive of all possible queries a potential employee may have. 

The below-given sections are a must-include when it comes to writing a good Job description. 

  • Job Title 
  • Job Summary/About Institute 
  • Key Responsibilities 
  • Minimal qualifications 
  • Must have skills 
  • Schedule/Timing 
  • Salary and Perks 
  • Contact Details 

Here are some sample templates on how to write an appropriate Academic counselor’s job description.

Sample: 1
Academic Counselor

Job description 
Name of Profile: Academic CounsellorLocation: XYZ Number of Opening: 50
About Us
We are a fast-growing upskilling platform worldwide. We seek skilled individuals to join us in our journey to becoming a leading brand in the education sector. We are proud to claim to be a platform providing equal rights to each organization member. 
Who are we looking for? 
We are looking to hire fresher/experienced candidates who can provide students who join us with end-to-end solutions for everything from counseling to admissions. 
We aspire to onboard a pleasant personality to collaborate with the coordinators in helping students navigate their careers. 
Alongside guiding students with academic abnormalities and eradicating roadblocks to their success, we expect the appointed team member to generate and follow leads for the institute as well. 
Qualifications and Skills 
Bachelor’s in sales or psychology or similar streams Fluency in English is mandatory Good listening abilities Should be well-versed in Microsoft Excel. Experience working with a secondary student is an additional add-on. 
Preferred Experience 
1-3 years 
Job Types 
Part-time, Freelance
Work from home
Monday to Friday (Morning shift)
Contact Us
Sample: 2
Academic Counsellors Job Description 

Roles and Responsibilities:-
Provide consultation to walk-in parents about the institute and convince them to enroll. Maintain a student profile and follow through the process. Ensure a smooth admission process. Resolve enrolled students’ queries. Handle prospects on telephones Up-fronted in organizing school fares. 
Desired Qualities:-
Familiarity with Ms. Word and Google Sheets Ability to work in a super fast-paced environment Ready to Relocate if needed.Skilled at interpersonal skills 
Job Type:- Full-time
Salary:- Negotiable 
Benefits:-• Health insurance• Provident Fund
Schedule:-• Day shift
Education:-• Bachelor’s (Preferred)
Experience:-1-3 years (Preferred) in Academic counseling
Language:-• English (Preferred 
Apply:-The website link(if any) Email/Contact Number
Sample: 3
Academic Counsellors

Job Title: School Academic Counselor 
Roles and Responsibilities: Coordinating and assisting faculty in arranging textbooks and resource materials. Preparing contacts for sessional faculties. Updating the school’s policy manual at the end of every academic year. Management of students’ grievance department. Scheduling empty classes and examinations. Monitoring students’ academic growth. Interacting with students and their parents in terms of any intellectual abnormalities faced by the students. Plan documents and interventions targeted at student development. Planning and Implementing strategies to achieve excellence in classroom management. 
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Educational Counselling Presentational skills Basic computer proficiency Proven experience in sales 
What we offer: Salary as per Industry standards Excellent work cultures Growth opportunities Traveling allowance 

Type: Onsite Deadline to Apply: March 2023 
Send resumes on (add email)

Related alternative career choices for Academic Counselors

There are three main kinds of counselors: Academic, Finance, and Admission. An Academic Counselor can apply for Admission Counselling positions and vice versa. 

You can become a teacher as well. As per an internet report, one out of ten companies looks for a master’s degree and a bachelor’s while hiring for teaching positions.


Finally, an academic counselor is vital in directing students toward their educational goals. Their varied job directly impacts students’ progress, from offering tailored academic help to resolving emotional and social concerns.

Academic counselors’ work goes beyond administrative duties as a cornerstone of educational institutions, establishing a supportive environment that allows every student to attain their full potential.


How do Academic Counselors support student development?

They provide personalized guidance to help students reach academic and personal goals.

What is the role of an Academic Counselor in student retention?

They help students overcome challenges and achieve academic success, improving retention rates.

Do Academic Counselors collaborate with teachers and parents?

They often work with teachers and parents to support students’ academic progress.

What are the career advancement opportunities for Academic Counselors?

They may progress to roles like a lead counselor, administrator, or specialized counselor.

Keep exploring. Don’t forget to check out the ? articles.

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