Agiloft: Reviews and Ratings for Small Business

Agiloft: is an Exemplary CRM software to get your business into shape

Agiloft software is a business solutions suite for customer support, internal help desk, contract management and more.

Users can easily streamline and automate contract creation and approval processes by using the contract management solution. It’s a CRM platform designed to give needed control and agility to handle complex business tasks and processes. With Agiloft you can improve efficiency, performance, and communication across the company and give access to a highly configurable and versatile framework to handle and automate operations.

Every company has the requirement of various applications. It’s a blissful experience if they can be customized. Agiloft offers you complete automation with new-age processes with customization without programming record time.

Yes, choosing an appropriate software application for your business is a daunting task. But don’t worry, gone are the days when very few experts used to exist in the market to provide the best solution for small entrepreneurship. Why agonize, when you’re living in the world of technology? Welcome to the world of Agiloft – a cloud-based and inexpensive platform that is developed by a number of innovative firms. It is designed accurately to achieve the best practice solutions and ensure that your business stays ahead.

Most business owners are concerned about choosing the best solution that can bring profits to the company without breaking the bank. As the first step, you should look for a provider who utilizes the right way of implementation, use the best business process into the core software and has years of experience in the industry. So, let’s take a dip into the instrumental arena of Agiloft and find out the comforts offered to enterprises.

Here are the Agiloft Reviews and Ratings for Small Business Owner. Read Below

Whether it’s a start-up or a Fortune 100 company, Agiloft’s Contract Management software is used by everyone to manage contracts with customers, vendors and partners. Agiloft is used by at least 2.5 million users at various companies.

Agiloft is an innovative software application that offers a range of solutions to business owners. These include contract management, custom workflow, help desk and many. It is basically an exemplary CRM software that helps your business to grow.

It is the most appropriate platform for customer support and the best part is, users can easily automate and streamline the creation of a contract. As Agiloft comes with a unique contract management solution, you can also minimize the hassle of approval processes. The CRM platform is designed to fulfill the required control and agility when dealing with complex processes of every business task.

With this, CRM based software business owners can improve the efficiency, communication and overall performance in the company along with providing access to a super-adaptable and highly configurable framework for handling various operations.

About similar site and Services

Apart from Agiloft few similar software’s you can use to transform your business processes are; PandaDoc, OnBase Contract Management, Conga Collaborate.

The PandaDoc Mobile app provides access to your required documents, analytics, and dashboard directly on mobile phones to Android users. On Base contract management solutions revamps the process of contract lifecycle management. And Conga Collaborate simplifies working with digital documents every day. It collaborates to create apt share, store, online documents, and track how customers are engaging. You’ll be able to move quickly and efficiently.


Agiloft Pros

Without learning custom code, automate and manage your business process with Agiloft’s powerful workflow functionality, customizable business rules and flexible task templates.

Agiloft enables you to control status and state transitions. And depending upon the project, trigger task template or approval workflows.‌Agiloft can be used to easily configure business rules and update data in your linked records and external systems. And for time-based notifications easily create business rules.

Agiloft automatically converts image files, such as JPG, PNG, or PDF, into fully searchable text documents with its OCR tool. It can convert Microsoft Word files into PDF documents also.

Agiloft’s contract management solution has document versioning. It also includes file check-in and check-out control functions to record all changes.

Agiloft’s popular integrations are DocuSign and Built-in Adobe sign which eliminates time and expense of gathering physical signatures giving secure, legally enforceable e-signature capability.

Cost – Very reasonable per-seat fees, no upcharges.

Ease of customization – Everything is point-and-click and easy to understand. You have not had to write any code, Great to Use.


The user interface is dated looking. This is a minor issue since the simplicity helps with the ease of configuration and does not get in the way of functionality.

The organization of the user interface is around data rather than process. Process needs are fully accommodated, but the data-driven approach means that processes that access more than one data type can be more difficult to implement or represent on-screen to users.
However I have not come across any customization that could not be made with the system.

Sparse documentation. Some of the more advanced features, as well as effective tuning, require support or professional services even though they are not difficult to implement.

The power of adaptability

Agiloft is cloud-based technology through which business owners can make accurate evaluations on the requirement of specific services while developing the templates for the same demands. This helps vendors a lot especially when it comes to best practices. You need not further programming as the framework is a low-code developmental tool that supports help desk and contract management. However, you can also choose to customize it as per the needs. There’s no other platform that can provide such flexibility in a low price range. This is the reason, Agiloft is perfect for small business especially which are startups or have controlled capital.

Through this nonpareil platform, business owners can make small changes without even hiring the professionals and investing in them. Well, this software isn’t special because it lets you save a significant amount of money. This cloud-based application helps businesses to go independent without relying on a number of technologies. Each level of the application can be customized as per the needs without compromising the agility.

Not all cloud-based software are equal but when it comes to Agiloft, it helps a roll-out of services that often goes beyond expectation. This enables joint partner ventures and extensive support for long-term customizations. Taking help from cloud-based application is wise to suit particular requirements and increasing the workflow along with business relations. Therefore, it’s smart to work with software that understands and prioritize the business needs and fulfill them precisely. With Agiloft, you can relate yourself to new ideas.

Agile Project Management, workflow and BPM

Agiloft amazingly increases performance and efficiency across the establishment. You don’t have to learn custom code or computer language to automate and manage the business processes. The framework allows complete customization with great functionality. It also enables state transitions and controls their status. The application automatically triggers task templates or approves workflow depending on the type of project. Entrepreneurs can easily configure business rules and update the same on the linked records and external systems. Agiloft is known for converting image files like PDF, PNG, and JPG into searchable text documents as it comes with an OCR tool. This means, it also has the ability to convert Microsoft Word files to PDF documents.

Key benefits

Controlling contracts on your fingertips: Consider withdrawing file cabinets with a centralized and secured contract reservoir. Instantly search clause and contracts along with attached files. It has a powerful search engine with built-in OCR.

Enhances inward cash flow: Agiloft certainly helps you to increase the revenue along with reducing the costs by prevention of unintentional auto-renewals, management of expirations, and interception of customer renewals.

Increasing the cost of contract management: It’s time to minimize the hefty sum of money often related to contract maintenance. Agiloft supports automation of contract approval, creation, renewal and execution process.

Terminating approval bottlenecks: With Agiloft you can eliminate the bottlenecks of various approvals as it provides automatic notifications and one-click options.

Gain actionable insight: Easy perception of upcoming contract renewal costs and revenues even with a controlled budget and investment plans.

Valid support contracts: The framework of Agiloft support accurately with contract management and thus, ensuring customers have their valid contracts before receiving the services by showing the status in support tickets.

Choose an appropriate team of experts

All’s well that ends well! If you want to work successfully with Agiloft, consider hiring a team that has the expertise to work with cloud-based software application and fulfill the requirement of implementation behind every product. It’s good to work with a vendor who can provide support even after the initial work is accomplished. They should prioritize the importance of customer service and address the needs accordingly. As Agiloft comes with unique features and compatibility, handling the software is not much of a hassle and thus, you need not invest high amounts geniuses. Consider taking inspirations from various companies that prefer combining practical experiences with cloud applications.

Therefore, drive your business to the tip of success through the incredible way offered from Agiloft.

Why Agiloft

# Amongst top 100 Business Process Management Software products

# Amongst the top 20 Contract Lifecycle Management Software products

# Amongst 200 CRM Software products

Hows will it benefit to Small Business

Every company has different requirements and demands an application that can be customized based on their utility. Based on the size, kind of staff members and customers, and the specific industry. Depending upon company size and integration, choose software wisely to increase the productivity and efficiency of your company.

With Agiloft, automation of new processes without programming in record time is possible. Increase in productivity and efficiency is made easy by automating frequently used workflows.

Build your own workflow with the user-friendly graphical workflow editor and drag-and-drop tools.


How Much Does Agiloft Cost?

Agiloft Pricing

Agiloft provides four plans: Free, Professional, Professional Unlimited, and Enterprise in pricing. Their prices range from $0 to $120 per month per license . The main differences between the Agiloft pricing plans are the number of power users, access to additional features such as unlimited Multilanguage support contract requestors and viewers, and maximum intervals of timer-based rules.

Free Trial

The free trial of Agiloft includes most of the Agiloft feature set. Difference might be felt with a limited number of emails per day, a maximum frequency for timer based rules of once every 2 days, rather than having once every 5 minutes, and maximum of 10 users.

Below mentioned are pricing details :

Free plans comes at price point 0$ per license per month

Professional comes at $65 per license per month

Professional unlimited package cones at $95 per license per month

Enterprise package comes at a price point of $120 per license per month.

The annual plans payment are to be done in lump sum at the beginning of the billing cycle.

 Free Edition of Agiloft can also be used to evaluate it’s features, and this is a kind of permanent solution for small businesses or even start-ups. In the free edition you get a free administrator license, five portal users to evalute the system features and added to it five assigned power users.


Agiloft is concerned about User Satisfaction.

When a customer purchases CRM Software it’s not only the expert’s evaluation which matters, but also companies and real people’s reviews are important.

Hence, Agiloft has created a behavioural-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm, which gathers comments, customer reviews and Agiloft reviews from almost all social media sites.

This data is presented as customers positive and negative social mentions.

Agiloft is an innovative application which offers diverse solutions to a business owner involving custom workflow, contract management,  help desk, and more. Agiloft is adroit in complex automating processes. It’s best practice templates and technology persuade a fully extensible rapid deployment system.

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