Amazon Web Services Reviews & Ratings for Small Business

How Amazon We Services Can Help Small Entrepreneurs?


Today’s seasoned IT professionals are all looking for entrepreneurship to enhance their living through small-sized businesses. Being, one of them, you must be aware of the benefits provided cloud-based software rather than depending on the typical in-house deployment of hardware.

These days, loads of small businesses and startups are coming up without a proper budget and workforce. Maintaining servers and on-site data centers can be a major problem. Well, all these hassles can be terminated easily with the help of cloud computing.

It is a good option rather than investing in a business model that is based on the infrastructure of a third-party. Therefore, the initial investment is almost negligible.

The basic concept of cloud-based software

Apart from the investment, a cloud-based business model offers utmost scalability and flexibility. In the case of in-house infrastructure, scaling the business systems requires soaring investment in hardware. On the flip side, platforms based on cloud hosting can meet the demands through pay-per-use model without the need for further investments.

There are a number of cloud-based software in the market and Amazon Web Services is one of them. It is increasingly gaining popularity to cater to small businesses.

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services or AWS is known for meeting the demands of various IT solutions through minimized investment. It is basically used for building and launching the applications without much complication. The platform does not require any specific amount of investment and thus, can be opted based on your customized price model. You will pay for what you’re using. Once you get on with the development of your product, there are exceptional ways through which you can control the costs and grow your business.

You must start by discerning the patterns of IT usage. Consider monitoring the cloud resources of AWS with the help of Amazon Cloud Watch in order to understand the actionable insights and metrics. The capacity of Amazon EC2 can be scaled with the help of Auto Scaling especially when demand spikes or lulls. You can handle the peaks in workloads and automate the infrastructure to reduce further costs.

Pros of AWS

  • Automated server provisioning.
  • Load balancing.
  • Hassle-free OS updates.
  • Data Storage
  • Affordability
  • Performance: You will never experience a slowdown, nor failure – even when there’ve been internet-wide issues.
  • Customer service: There’s no beating AWS for their customer service.
  • Easy to use

Cons of AWS

  • Hard to get support (even you pay extra for paid support services).
  • Expensive compared to the competition.
  • Regional outages may occur.
  • Some resources parameters needed and prerequisites are difficult to understand.
  • Generally, the User Experience is lacking WITHIN services is poor compared to other comparable platforms
  • Some services seem fragmented

A solid base for your business

If you are looking to move forward with a brand new setup, Amazon Web Services can be the choice for you. This incredible program hands-on labs and training to provide you with the exact resources required for startups. The platform also offers AWS Support and AWS Promotional Credit when you start funding your business.

AWS is the best platform when it comes to connecting with a global network including entrepreneurs and developers who are based on the same platform. They can also provide you helpful tips and ideas so that you can grow and ultimately see business profits.

Amazon Web Services offer a number of cloud-based computing, database, storage, administration, networking, mobile services, security and enterprise-based applications. The main console of Amazon Web Services typically come with 30 tools in each section like EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) in terms of cloud computing, S3 (Simple Storage Service) in terms of storage, and Content Delivery or RDS (Relationship Database Service) in terms of database. The tools are almost endless.

Features of Amazon Web Services:

Prebuilt Amazon Machine Images: With the access of Amazon Machine Images, building a product becomes easier and simpler. Most importantly, there is a market that offers user-built Machine Images (MI). The community is appropriate for creating and sharing the MIs. With the exceptional platform of Amazon Web Services, business owners can easily build a product and make fruitful contacts with the customers in no time.

Usage of IT applications: The monitoring tool offered by Amazon Cloud Watch is the best for monitoring the usage of IT applications. The tool is perfect for rectifying the price model depending on the service and deployment of Amazon EC2 or S3.

Automated infrastructure: AWS offers auto-scaling through administrations, for example, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, which naturally scales up your service limit when the traffic spikes and downsizes it when demand is low and causes you abatement costs while guaranteeing 100% uptime for your business.

Cost administration: AWS offers an exceptionally straightforward billing model with numerous cases where you can chop down your consumption. The Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances can chop down your hourly expenses by half on the off chance that you put resources into a reserved capacity forthright.

AWS likewise offers Spot instances, where you can bid your very own cost dependent on a fixed utilization of assets and this can altogether lessen your expenses. The ‘Cost-aware design’ enables you to screen and change your engineering to control the utilization to acclimate to your business’ development after some time.

AWS Activate: AWS Activate is a worldwide program created by AWS and coordinated at SMBs to enable them to build up their items effectively and to provide them a similar processing power and innovation utilized by multi-national companies. With AWS, you can begin for nothing to evaluate the numerous services inside AWS and check whether it is fit for your business and investment plan.

The benefits of being on cloud

Agility: With cloud-based platforms, you can grow faster as it focuses on the valuable IT resources required for developing applications. This brings a difference in your business and eventually transforms it into positive customer experiences.

Elasticity: Before the introduction of cloud computing, people used to over-supply infrastructure to ensure enough capacity for handling various business operations when the level of activity is at its peak.

Cost saving: Cloud allows you to be on the safe side and trade capital expense including physical servers, data centers and others, at different price range and pay only for the IT consumption.

Worldwide deployment in minutes: The deployment of application across the global platform can be executed within minutes. With this, business owners can provide lower latency with better performance and experience dedicated to the customers without compromising the minimized cost.

Therefore, starting a business is no longer a daunting task. Take the help from AWS as this platform can transform your business to an extraordinary establishment.

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