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Fond: make an employee happy with perks and business progress.

AnyPerk, Inc. is operating a platform that is responsible to provide employee perks and discounts to various companies. AnyPerk provides perks to employees of small and medium sized companies on behalf of a large network of vendor partners. These perks, in turn, “help create a rewarding work environment” for the employees who receive them, according to AnyPerk.

Anyperk, aims at letting companies of all sizes deliver perks and discounts to their employees. AnyPerk Is Now Fond. In April 2017 ‘Fond’ was chosen by the company to reflect real employee happiness.

AnyPerk launched an expanded suite of tools with a focus on building and measuring more positive workplace culture in companies. The expansion coincides with a name change and rebrand to Fond.

How it works

For a business owner, keeping all employees focused and happy isn’t been easy ! Finding a solution that proves meaningful to all of the employees in a company is tough.

Fond is an all in one employee happiness solution created to improve, productivity, employee engagement, and retention, with its two core product Perks and Rewards.

So with Fond keeping employees happy is simpler. Now appreciating employees could be easy and simple, by giving them access to over 850 exclusive corporate discounts that Fond has negotiated on your behalf. They will not get these discounts on their own so your importance and effort will be considered. In this way, business stays at top of employees minds and they stay happy inside and outside the office.

Fond drives engagement of an employee

Fond believe appreciating employees for achievement and milestones is necessary and it does the same through unique employee engagement recognition program and sending a custom note to them. Like if an employee is staying more than shift hours for a project u can appreciate them for hard work, let the whole company or only let that employee know what he has done.

Fond loves Giving perks

An employee can redeem credits given to them, the sender team of any perk is quite active and easy and stellar customer success team works with you to set goals.

You can also keep an eye on these goals to check how impactful any perk have been rolling out to your company.

How Fond works?

At Fond, we help organizations across industries strengthen their company cultures through an ongoing commitment to employee engagement. With Fond behind your company, we’ll help you create moments that matter for your employees, sparking happiness today—and sustaining it for the long-term.

Here are details how Fond works :

Focuses on appreciating people in the workplace.

Fond emphasizes on creating a work culture for people with recognition and rewards, as every employee want to become a part of such a platform.

Fond believes in Social Recognition

Fond, works on creating a culture of recognition at your company by publicly acknowledging others for their milestones and hard work.

Fond helps in giving a Service Awards

It helps in maintaining custom service award catalogs for employees, track work anniversaries, and offer trophies, plaques and more.

Fond makes Performance Analysis easier.

Fond enables easy collection of data needed and also track program performance, usage, redemption history, popular perks and rewards, and more.

Ford’s exclusive Corporate Discounts

Employees can access pre-negotiated corporate perks, as discounts on various sectors viz entertainment, fitness, and travel.

fond software review

Why Fond?

Ease-of-Use to employees

Fond’s easily accessible and seamless platform enables all employees to quickly redeem corporate perks and rewards.

Fond can be customized

Fond gives you a customized experience, based on individuals budget and requirement. Ans Ford’s inventory with thousands of rewards, experiences gives the power to choose exactly what you want.

Fond gives you Transparency

Fond doesn’t have any hidden fees or point breakage, it doesn’t have item markups. And in lieu you get exactly what you have paid for.

How is it helpful to small businesses

Small businesses and startups usually don’t have the ability to provide the same level of perks as larger established corporations do. That’s where AnyPerk, wants to help. Employees do get attracted and glad when they hear about getting facilities, perks apart from salary like free meals, transportation etc.

Wondering how to give Your Startup Employees The Same kind of Perks, try Fond, which offers access to corporate discounts for employees sectors like fitness, entertainment, travel, and other areas. Ford’s top priority is keeping employees engaged and recognized.

This software can be used by Small, Mid-Size and Enterprise organizations. Fond has flexible packages to fit the needs of various market segments.

Pricing or plans

Fond’s pricing is based on company size and the purchased solution. Fond works on a straightforward and transparent pricing model, which asks you to pay annual subscription fee with no hidden costs, markups, or billing surprises.

No Markup

The price an item is listed for on Fond is the same as the retail price with absolutely no markup. Fond doesn’t add fulfillment charges or include hidden fees at checkout.

No Service Fee

Fond doesn’t charge your company service fees when you order Rewards points. Other companies charge around 15% against Rewards points orders.

No Point Breakage

Fond Rewards points never expire, even if an employee leaves or is dismissed unused points are returned to your company. Other platforms get up to 30% of their revenue from unused points.

No Point Commitments

Plan your rewards and recognition budget according to your needs. Fond does not need any upfront budget commitments or minimum purchase orders for Rewards points.


To foster a work place which radiates positivity, and motivation for employee, smiling faces , happiness employees also feel the same way is a key to prosperity for a business. And when each employee feels like an asset to the company, those feelings of value multiply upon themselves.

As making an employee feel valued paves a way to become a valued employer.

Fond aims at treating each worker with respect, recognizing their individuality, and trying to make sure that whatever the job may be, it fits in with the other aspects of employees lives as best as it can. And it believes that businesses can build a mutual commitment between workplace and employee.

Perks can create convenience and personal attachment with the  workplace, transparency leads employees feel involved and aware of company-wide operations, and the more personal investment and attachment employee have with the organization much better will be there performance . So with Fond one can make sure that everyone involved in your company cares about the company, and doing business well.

An employee cares about well-being of the company when employer legitimately cares about its employees and shows it.

It’s fairly common fact that happy employees are simply better at their workplaces. No matter shift timings, education required, industry, with high spirits employee are superb performers. And companies operations can be improved employee who are more engaged, more motivated, more likely to be pleasant to one another and any customers

And they can think more creatively to find solution to the problems.

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