AutoPilot Reviews and Ratings for Small Business

Autopilot : simplified visual automated marketing solution.

Autopilot is a visual marketing software, enabling users to create and manage marketing campaigns and lead conversions. The product provides multi-channel marketing capabilities, such as email, in-app, SMS and snail mail communications.

Why Autopilot

Autopilot features includes capturing leads from various blogs , websites or application. Then organizing different lists or folders and contact management which can sync with user’s current customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Autopilot also provides a drag-and-drop interface which allows the users to automate marketing workflow and send personalised messages, SMS and thank you postcards too.

Another feature is viewing user activities in real-time and monitoring campaign return on investment (ROI) is easy to do with Autopilot..

Autopilot provides integration with various third-party apps, like InsideView, Twilio, Slack, GoodData Salesforce CRM Segment,  and Zapier.

About similar site and Services

If you are looking for the best marketing automation software? Some of the software’s are  Autopilot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Autopilot is less complex than it), MailChimp (Autopilot gives more functionality), Pardot (Autopilot is modern and user-friendly software), Marketo, HubSpot.

AutoPilot Reviews and Ratings


  • Automate with visual marketing.

Autopilot , visual marketing automation software automate the whole customer journey that definitely helps business owners to connect and stay closer to customers than before.

  • Segment your leads and customers.

It becomes very helpful and sorted to send personalised messages. As it becomes easy to organize all of the information collected about your leads and customers in one place. And then segment the customers based on activity and demographics.

  • Collaborate and Annotate with your team.

The only marketing automation software that makes whole team come together. So from any part of the world one can Collaborate, brainstorm, annotate and design the customer experience.

  • Easily send personalized emails with drag-and-drop.

Create branded and personalized emails with pixel perfect accuracy. Start from a gorgeous template or design your own. Unleash your creativity.

Be creative, make a beautiful template or start with the ones available. And create branded and personalised emails with pixel perfect accuracy.

  • Tell your story on every medium of contact.

Sending personalized messages easily is a big boon. As sending an SMS or displaying a Facebook Ad is as easy as sending an email. There’s no requirement of any technical skills.

  • Automate with shapes.

Autopilot allows you to integrate with apps to get a richer view of the customer and automate repetitive tasks. And by capturing leads from forms, one can assign leads in Salesforce and update the team with Slack.

  • Set goals and get intelligent insights.

Analysing is a key factor, as by analysing every journey and comparing the performance of every message, you can set a goal for your team and achieve and track their progress over time.


Try any plan free for 30 days.

Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. Pay only for what you need.You can choose a support package out of 3 available packages mentioned below :

# Silver

This comes with access to help and support whenever needed by business owners.

# Gold

In this plan, you get priority support with expert reviews and trainings. Its available at $199 / month.

# Platinum

This provides a dedicated account management for larger organizations. It comes at $899 / month.

Here is some ad on which could also be selected.

# Expert Setup and On boarding

It’s easy to get help and support needed with training and implementation by spending extra $1,499.

# Salesforce CRM Integration

native Salesforce integration of Autopilot helps in Unlocking marketing automation for Salesforce. And guess you have to spend, $199 / month.

# Activity Streams

If you want to Stream real time activity to your data warehouse or favorite analytics solution for analysis, Autopilot makes it happen at $99 / month.

# Dedicated IP Address

By spending $149 each / month you can take full control over your deliverability. 

Here are 3 ways marketing automation can help you grow your business and drive better results:

It will make you more efficient

Marketing automation is, as the name itself suggests, automatic. So the time and task are to be performed at the beginning only when you set up the software. So obviously the time which is saved now can be utilized in growing your business, developing and executing the strategies, and focusing on the customers.

It makes multi-channel marketing much easier

A usual misconception is that the term “marketing automation” can be used interchangeably with “email marketing software”.

While it’s a fact that many marketing automation solutions comprise an email component, they are definitely capable of doing far more than just send emails. In addition to email, Autopilot allows connecting with customers via additional channels such as direct mail, on-site and in-app messaging, and SMS.

Marketing automation benefits for small business owners.

“Marketing Automation” might be an unfamiliar term for an start up or someone who is new to marketing. It sounds complicated and tad too technical. You may for sure even think: “It’s only for larger enterprises with lots of money to spend. But actually it is a straightforward concept that can be used by businesses of all sizes. Autopilot is one such software which engages with prospects and customers automatically.


Autopilot is a great solution to automate a sequence of emails. Although, its not a replacement for full-fledged marketing automation software yet, but it’s a spectacular for email automation. Just beware of email SpamAssassin errors and CRM sync issues.

And its very helpful feature of Autopilot, it offers in-app chat support, and it makes wait not longer than 5 minutes to get someone to help you out

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