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With the enormous breakthrough of various social media platforms and the evolution of mobile marketing with search engine optimization, It’s quite easy to declare that email marketing in on the verge of sinking. This entire concept is wrong!

Email marketing is well performing and still one of the best profitable platforms when it comes to marketing. This type of marketing provides greater opportunities to an entrepreneur and drives better ROI.

Hence, your business can maintain a healthy relationship while covering a wider audience at a fraction of cost when compared to traditional media.

Marketing through email is quite measurable. You can see which messages are getting clicked and opened. This information helps a lot in building a better email for future. Email marketing is all about improved marketing.

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As the people mailed are coming to you for further information, the resources go directly to the people who are actually interested in doing business with you. For this reason; email marketing provides highest ROI than other marketing channel.

Now, taking a look at the process, people may think that it is complicated and may need to invest a lot. The fact is, email marketing is simple and the powerful tools like autoresponders, sign up form generator, email newsletter and many.

There are various platforms for email marketing and AWeber is one of the strongest.

Getting familiar with AWeber

AWeber is one of the reputable email marketing service providers that has more than 100,000 small business clients across the planet. It is the perfect platform through which you can stay connected with the subscribers who want to be on your mailing list.

Regardless of the size of your business or industry, AWeber promotes utmost connectivity between the customers and subscribers. Services offered through AWeber can help business owners to create an effective and profitable communication with an apt prospect for the customers.


-Aweber integrates well with other services to make an automated flow of things.
-Aweber is their User Interface UI.
– The API is thorough and haven’t had any issues. Interface also works great.
-The unlimited email sends for pricing is great, most vendors charge you for emails after a certain point.


– The templates were a bit confusing
-It takes a little while to work your way around the navigation.
-A little more expensive than the alternatives.
-Compared to Mailchimp, Aweber doesn’t have very beautiful designs for your email.

A perfect platform for small businesses

Paid advertisements and other forms of marketing procedures make prove to be dearer for entrepreneurs who are new in the industry. Considering the volatile situation of the market, to prevent low conversion rates, AWeber can be the best choice to opt for.

What if an expensive prospect comes to your doorstep and refuses to make an investment immediately after seeing the offer you are delivering? Don’t worry! AWeber gives the opportunity to provide a service for building healthy relationship to convert introductory visitors into loyal customers.

The reports provided AWeber are fantastic. Basically, there are two forms of reports. These are account reports and list reports. Account reports show how many open, clicks and revenue has been accumulated over a specific period.

When it comes to List reports, you can do the same thing but it is specialized for individual lists. You can also view daily, weekly and monthly subscribers, follow up and broadcast the totals and their percentage, track subscriber growth, view subscriber data based on the location, and advertisement tracking. Keeping this information at your fingertips is very useful.

Best operating platform for small businesses

The platform of AWeber offers automatic follow up messages to the subscribers after a particular number of days set by you. This is a pivotal feature for every business owner. The best part is, you can check the emails before sending to understand their appearance in terms of business profits and customer attention.

The follow-up messages are customizable along with the signup forms. There are multiple designs to choose from and thus, you can simply copy and paste into the blog or website. There are a number of email providers in the market and most of them offer a free trial.

However, in the case of AWeber, such free service cannot be achieved and this has a positive impact. By putting a value for the service, most customers equate the same with greater value.

Aweber Features
Source: Aweber

Features of AWeber

Easy integration for content creators:

In recent days, most entrepreneurs make their living by selling products or services through information products. For this, they often need to cobble together a number of tools like WordPress themes, landing page builders, webinar platforms and many. AWeber offers an excellent way to integrate all of the tools.

Also, it offers unlimited emails to grow your business. The charge of the platform is based on the subscribers and not email messages.

Create a subscriber segment based on the clicks:

You can provide specific information to the subscribers based on their clicks. Therefore, you can prevent annoying them through irrelevant information. You know what people are looking for as AWeber provides information of the subscribers as they click.

The signup forms are also changed as traditionally there used to be a single form. But with innovations, AWeber offers a range of templates and styles on signup forms. You can also choose to add radio buttons and checkboxes as per the requirement.

Converting blog posts and curated content to newsletters:

Through this unique platform you can easily assemble the newsletters with the minimum requirement of manual effort from blog posts. Third party content can also be assembled from the Internet.

The framework of AWeber allows an innovative approach to a number of mobile applications. It has a unique section including Curate, which curates contents into newsletter, Atom that helps with capturing on spot signups at conferences and events.

Most email marketing providers may provide the same qualities but when it comes to AWeber, the interface and processes are quite easy to understand. Moreover, the steps are also less so that you can continue with the business works.

As marketing is important in the recent era, most entrepreneurs fail to hire dedicated marketing personnel and don’t have much time to send the messages on time. This is where AWeber comes into play.

Considering the ever-changing digitalized world, email marketing plays an important role to achieve success for small businesses. However, if you haven’t considered the incredible service for your business, now is the big time to go ahead.

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