30 Best Small Business Apps For Retailers

Mobile applications play an integral role in managing a small business. 

They are becoming more predominant in digital administration, management and handling daily business operations. 

You can organize your business ideas, manage your team, control the inventory, monitor sales, communicate with your employees and so much more. 

The focus for every small business owner is to reduce the hassle in managing their business. 

small business apps for retailers

The best you can do is automate tasks, schedule, organize remotely and streamline every process to make your business more efficient. 

Business applications offer a wide array of services and features to make that happen. 

So save your time as here are the best small business applications for retailers to go for. 


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Connecteam is an application dedicated for the employees of small businesses that requires field as well as office management, all in one place. 

The application allows you to connect to your staff members with one click of a button. 

You can manage day-to-day operations using Connecteam updating tasks for your employees. 

 This is an ideal small business app for retailers where they can organize, engage, report and communicate about inventory and sales as well. 

It has features such as daily communications, task management, time tracking, operational procedure , scheduling and much more. 

One of the most helpful operational features you get is the employee time clock to track the time of your team. 

GPS time stamps to locate the task location, best for field-based businesses. 

Then, it also allows you to create professional courses  to train your employees. You can add policies, rules and regulations where employees can read and sign as well.

Pricing:  You can start with their free plan. Rest,  they have monthly plans starting at $29 ( for upto 200 users) 


You don’t want to drown in tons of receipts and account sheets every day!  To declutter your workspace from a pile of receipts, you can use Neat application. 

The application allows you to manage all of your recipients digitally.  You can track all the expenses  by just scanning all the documents through the software. 

It really makes this monumental task of going through every recipient, calculating, tracking expense and management, seem like a piece of cake. 

You can do it all through your smartphone. Scan the receipts, bills and other documents. 

All documents and bills are going out at the cloud – safe and secure, accessible within one click. 

This application is perfect for retail businesses who are making a lot of transactions and billings in a day. 


Image Source: Toggl Plan

Toggl is a very effective application for small business owners and their team members to boost productivity. 

The application offers the simplest time tracker system to keep your team on clock and not miss targets. 

If you are a team managing a retail business, there are a lot of tasks to handle and targets to achieve for your team. 

Toggl breakdown all the data and figures for you in a very clear and easy to understand presentation.  

You can see how much time each member and employees are giving in, whether or when the sales target achieved and more on. 

There is also a browser extension which can be integrated with over 80 online tools to create well-oiled machinery system work for your business. 


ZoomShift is one of the best job scheduling applications available for small businesses. 

Even with more than 10 employees, mismanagement in tasks and operation can lead to major failures in your business. 

ZoomShift allows you to remotely assign tasks and perform job scheduling over long stretches of time. 

Being a business owner, this can really save tons of time and energy for you to manually keep sending commands and checking-in to your employees. 

The application has pre-set extensively laid-out templates ideal for business uses. You get various options to customize like time-offs, availability and shift swaps. 

Best part about ZoomShift is the ease of usability with the interface. 

It looks like a detailed calendar makes it so easy and quick to see the whole planning working out in one glance. 

Employees can update their inputs such as time availability, requesting time-offs, starting an open shift and much more. 

Pricing :  They have a free plan to start with. Rest they offer $2-$3 per month per user to choose. 


Image Source: Google Workspace

Email marketing is the most important marketing strategy for retail businesses and ecommerce websites. 

Even if you are all new to this, email marketing requires your attention, and with MailChimp, it will grow on you very easily. 

MailChimp is an email marketing platform that allows you to create email marketing campaigns to communicate to your subscribers through emails. 

You will have to send exciting offers, discounts, product updates and other stuff every once a while to your email list. 

This will boost your sales dramatically and also create a subscriber list of prospects and customers. 

The platform allows you to run these campaigns, create emails, newsletters, customize and manage it as well. 

You also get extensive reports and analysis on your email campaigns to improve on your results. 


PayPal is amongst the most obvious choices for payments for small businesses around the world. 

It offers a  “business” plan dedicated for small businesses and merchants through which they can get paid directly from their website, application, email, phone and store. 

PayPal makes the payment processing very easy for retailers, especially who are starting out in new retail or ecommerce businesses. 

The brand is known to be one of the most popular accepted payment modes in more than 19 million stores. 

The application also helps you to manage daily transactions, accepting payments, making payments, creating invoices and more. 

You can create a PayPal custom checkout page for your buyers on your website or application. 

The payment application is also very well suited for on-the-go transactions and mobile businesses. 

Pricing: Free for signup for their business account. 


Image Source: Mention

More you engage with your customers and prospects on online platforms, the better chances for leads and sales you will get. 

Higher engagement for a retail brand develops trust and authority amongst the people. 

But for that, you have to be active on social media and engage with people who mention your brand. 

Mention is an application that allows you to get live updates on everytime someone mentions your brand on social media or any online platform. 

You can monitor your brand, competitors and prospects. It helps you to build better marketing and sales strategy as well. 

You can engage with people everytime mention you to build a reputation for your business.  

Mention is an application that helps you go with multiple directions to improve your brand and its online presence. 

Pricing:  They offer three plans : $25/month, $83/month & $600/month where you get different limitations of alerts, mentions, social accounts and users. 


QuickBooks Online is a web and mobile-based application which allows small businesses and retailers to manage their financial and accounting very efficiently. 

It is one simple to understand platform where you can track your business expenses, create invoices, send quotes, create accounting reports  and so much more. 

The dashboard makes everything at one place to take a glimpse of what’s going on in your business. 

You can see the cash flow of your retail business very clearly including the transactions, profits, losses and others. 

You don’t have to be an expert in finance or accounting to manage your financing through QuickBooks.  

Pricing : You can start with a 30-days free trial. Then, there are three plans to choose – Simple start ( $15/mo), essentials ( $23/mo) and plus ($31/mo). 


Image Source: GetApp

Deputy is a retail application that offers integrated staff management solutions to their users. 

The app is dedicated to make the life of business owners much easier. So the employee scheduling app handles all the essential aspects of running a business. 

It basically records the employee reporting, employee scheduling, manage payment reports and much more. 

The app focuses on helping business owners to supervise all the critical responsibilities and tasks essential to do. 

The application utilizes the face detection technology  to enroll employees on the clock. 

 You can update work schedules, communicate with the staff, assign tasks and remind them of any responsibilities or events as well. 

It also allows you to assign tasks to your employees and get notification on it when it is done. 

Deputy is amongst the best retail applications for small business owners. 


Hootsuite can make your life so much easier when it comes to social media posting.

 Especially for retail businesses or e-commerce websites who want to primarily dedicate their time towards sales. 

For small retailers or new businesses, managing multiple social media platforms can be overwhelming, and eventually frustrating. 

Well, Hootsuite is the web and mobile-based application that enables you to schedule social media posts for a long period of time. 

You can just automate your social media posts for months and schedule it for publishing at different times and dates. 

This allows you to save tons of time which you can even use to engage with your customers on social media.  

The app has much more features where you can analyze your social media engagement and progress to improve it. 


Image Source: Monday

Monday is again quite popular amongst organizations, business owners and freelancers as well. 

It is a project management application which allows you to streamline and organizes all important tasks. 

You can create multiple projects assigning your team members or employees accordingly and communicate with them in real time. 

It is the perfect application to ensure efficiency of your team, and bring the best out of them.  

You can keep track of everything going on in your business, and see getting projects done. 

The application is available on both, mobile and desktop. You get notification for any changes or updates to always be in sync with your business projects. 

This is ideally great for any core small business team or their employees. Also, suitable for marketing, PR and other management teams of your business. 

Pricing: Pricing plans vary according to number of users, for example $29 per month ( up to 5 users) and $59 per month ( up to 10 users) 


Every business thrives on customer feedback. You need to know what perceptions your customers have for your brand or retail store. 

Customer feedback is essential for businesses to adapt, stay relevant and upgrade their products according to the demand. 

But to really get customer feedback at a larger scale is completely unknown territory. With SurveyMonkey,  you get all that resolved. 

The application allows you to get feedback and all other information from customers to help your business grow. 

You can integrate with Mailchimp to create email marketing campaigns surveying your customers about various aspects from time to time. 

Pricing:  They offer a free plan to start with where all the advance features you get with their $35 per month plan. 


Image Source: GetApp

Wave is a well-known accounting software platform specifically designed to cater small business. 

Their prime focus are indeed the service providers, small businesses and retail stores with fewer employees. 

It allows you to track sales and expenses of your business. You can manage invoices, payments and receipts as well. 

The application is designed to service business owners, so you do not need to be pro in accounting or finance to use the platform. 

You can also pay your employees and create  accounting and tax reports. 

Wave also provides personal finance software for the business owners, team members and employees. 

It works both on Windows and Macs, and applications available on iOS and Android mobile devices. 


Buffer is social media management and scheduling applications or platforms. 

The application allows you to schedule and manage social media posts across various platforms in one place. 

Scheduling social media posts for platforms like Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and others saves so much time and hassle. 

Not just scheduling, but you can track, monitor and analyze the performance of your posts. 

The reports will further help you to improve your social media posts, publishing time and other aspects to get better response. 

With Buffer, social media marketing becomes quite easier, so you can focus on your retail customers and generating sales. 

Buffer is a great alternative for the Hootsuite. 


Image Source: Youteam

YouTeam is the marketplace for hiring the best remote software engineers, web designers and development team around the world. 

The platform can really help your business to expand especially when you hire world-class talents and experts to lead your way. 

You get an promising hiring experience backed by Y Combinator, operating the wide network of best outsourcing companies in Latina American and Eastern Europe. 

Bringing even one or two experienced and skilled developers or engineers can help you scale your business in a greater direction. 

The talents you find at YouTeam are verified, tested and acclaimed remote workers ready to work. 

You can even hire the whole development team from YouTeam when you look for expanding. 

Here you will get a dedicated manager providing legally-backed communications between the two parties. 


Canva is one of those applications that a retail business must have. 

Whether you have started your retail store or already own one, you would know marketing is everything for small businesses. 

You need to spread as much brand awareness as possible to get recognized amongst prospects. 

In order to do that, you need to create content, informational, promotional or anything but a lot of it. 

Whether you want to announce your new product or put an ad, you need to make creatives to publish it. 

Canva is the best tool to create almost anything you would possibly require to publish on social media or web. 

There are hundreds of pre-set templates for creating posters, social media images, covers, infographics and much more. 

Best part is, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to make great visual content for your retail business. 

It is easy and quick to make with tons of features and tools to use.  You can use the application both on websites as well as in smartphones. 

Pricing:  You can start with their free plan with limited accessibility. Their monthly plan will cost you $12.95 per month. 

ShopKeep Pocket 

Image Source: BizHelm

ShopKeep is a Point-of-Sale System ideally made for retail sector businesses. They are known for presenting the best POS system solution for small retailers. 

Now, with their application ShopKeep Pocket focuses on helping small businesses to grow and generate more sales. 

It is one of the most unique retail applications amongst others providing their easy tracking and management solutions. 

The application allows you to track and analyze your sales, control your inventory, create invoices, check payments and whatnot. 

It is like running with a retail command centre at your palm with this application. It is ideal for new retail businesses and other small businesses as well. 


Don’t get all amused by this music streaming application being listed in a best small business apps for retail stores. 

One of the specialities of any retail store, shopping complex or mart is the kind of music they play in their stores. 

It creates a great vibe to your place and has a tremendous psychological effect on your shoppers. 

Lot of people even prefer and appreciate the choice of music played in their favourite retail stores. 

Also, it adds value to the customer experience for shopping at your store. 

So, now Spotify makes sense as you can create a playlist of great music, background scores and albums to play. 

You can create different playlists for mornings and evenings. Further you can add requests for music and songs from customers into the playlist.  

Then, at times of Christmas or Halloween or any other festival or holiday season, you can go with certain kinds of songs. 


Image Source: Chanty

Chanty is a team chat application that allows your team to communicate and collaborate with other team members. 

This is a great tool for core members of the retail business team responsible for running the business. 

The whole team can be connected under one roof, they can share their screen, exchange media and also do audio/video calls. 

The application also allows you to manage tasks and create projects. The messages can be turned into tasks and projects where people can be assigned to work on it. 

So it is quite good for project management but more with the communication aspect to it.  

Also, you can store all the business information, contact details, documents and file safe and secure at this one platform. 

You can always share any information or file by giving any member access. 


If your business trips are the essential part of your retail business or small business, then mishandling or over budgeting often come across as the biggest headaches 

Even with clear planning in your head, business trips made either for promotion, client or event participation, goes out of the hand. 

You definitely need a system to really put everything into numbers to really figure out the problem. 

Expensify would be the best web and smartphone-based application to track the expenses of your business trips. 

It allows you to link your debit or credit card where you will see the whole expense report in the application. 

Or later, you can also scan receipts and bills on the application to record all the expenses on the business trip. 

It extracts all relevant information and analyses the report where you can clearly see the major expense along with every other expenditure. 

The app helps you understand where you need to control the expenses, what can be neglected and other measures to be taken to meet the required budget. 


Image Source: RetailNext

RetailNext is one of the crucial applications for any retail store owner who wants to study and analyze their business traffic or foot traffic to the store. 

You really would want to know what section of your store customers love or prefer over others. 

What you can learn from your shopper’s behaviour that can help you upsell or cross-sell better?  

There is a lot of study in customer behaviour that can help you create marketing and sales strategies. 

Well, RetailNext does something along that line. It comes with a video camera, POS system, payment system, Wi-Fi device and staffing system. 

You can learn about the foot traffic to your store and which shelves or corners of your store has more crowds. 

The application does detailed analysis on the basis of all the data it retrieves from various outer resources. 

It gives you detailed analysis and reports that help you increase more profit margins and generate more sales. 

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