11+ Amazing Business ideas for Disabled Persons

It is a sad but known fact that billions of people are living with disabilities and often these disabilities can turn life’s simplest tasks into a stressful and daunting chore and thus it is not every business they can do.

Another sad fact is that most of these physically challenged individuals are veterans.

People with disabilities often are underrepresented and underutilized in the workplace. They tend to experience higher rates of unemployment than the general population, despite the fact that many people with disabilities are eager and able to work.

However, the good news is that there are some small business ideas that will be simple and easy,  for a disabled person to run.

As someone with a disability, starting your own business may seem a bit daunting. Still, there are several benefits to doing so. One of the major advantages of becoming self-employed is that you are much more likely to be able to choose your own work hours.

Working from home is an attractive prospect, depending on the type of disability. Owning your own business can provide you with flexibility and a substantial income.

The best businesses for disabled veterans are the businesses that don’t require moving around much, lifting heavy goods, etc.

So, given below are some ideas and opportunities for disabled persons who are willing to work from home

Business Ideas For Disabled Persons

Affiliate marketing:

this is a type of business where you advertise some specific products for someone else. For an instance, a downloadable product like a computer game,  a program, E-books, instructional videos, etc.

The good thing about this business is that for this, one just needs a laptop or tablet with an internet connection and he is good to go.

Freelance writing:

For those with good writing skills, you can start writing articles from home as a freelance writer and earn good money. One can either work independently or as a contractor with big publishing companies.

Other than freelance writing, there are many other freelancing options such as

  • Web design
  • Content creation
  • Data entry
  • Book keeping
  • Virtual assistance etc


An individual with disabilities but has knowledge in designing can make money by designing stuff like cards, creative posters, etc on his or her computer and get them sold.

Electronics repair:  

if someone has knowledge of repairing electronic goods, he can overcome his disability by starting an electronic repair business.

House sitting:

Some families like having someone around their home whenever they are out for a vacation or so, just to ensure everything is going on well in their home. So one can render this service and get paid for his service.

Check out the best disability blogs and pages names that will lead you to the great information you should know on how to deal with your disability.


Consulting like freelancing is another good option for disabled people. One can just use his or her own knowledge to assist others right from home.

Consultancy often brings relatively decent income, so if you have the knowledge skills, it could be a great business idea.

Caring for pets or children:

Depending on the level of how much the disabled person is able to move, taking care of pets and children can be an option.

If one prefers personal contact with others over screen time, child care or animal care may be a good option.

Starting of a retail business:

Sometimes opening a small retail business can be very rewarding for those with disabilities.

Opening a small store at your own house premises allows you to run your business without moving out and it will bring your customers to your own doorstep.

Launching a startup franchise:

if one can find a niche in the local markets, it may be possible for him or her to launch a start-up.

One could even start something that helps others with disabilities like his own by offering his services or through employment.


For those who are disabled waist down, they can start a knitting business from home since their hands are okay. Then the person can market the product on the internet.

Bead making:

Just like the above instance, one can also venture into bead-making and make money from it. All he needs to have are some technical skills and some marketing skills.

Mystery shopping:

The job of a mystery shopper is to pose as an everyday customer and rate a store or its services, filling out surveys and also participating in various focus groups.

This can earn you and the income that is earned will help you in supporting yourself.

Medical transcription:

medical transcription, also known as MT, involves transcribing videos or audio reports as given by doctors and other healthcare professionals into text format.

Medical transcription is an ideal way to have a stable and secured career that offers flexibility and also it is ideal for a disabled person to earn some income.

Other than the above-mentioned options, there are many more other business ideas for the physically challenged veterans that they can opt for depending on their skills, knowledge, and criteria, such as call card retailing, blogging, Forex trading, editorial aids, cobbling, various repair services, etc.

Now when someone has decided what kind of home business he wants to start, they can look for some tips which would further help him to develop his business.

First of all, he has to choose the most suitable business for him according to the level of disability, mobility, skills, and of course availability of required resources.

For these purposes, one can look for special financing.  People with disabilities might qualify for special loans and grants for entrepreneurs with disabilities.

They can check some websites out there to see which programs they might be a good fit for.

They can also opt for getting some help online. There are plenty of websites with a variety of resources and advice articles specifically for entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Those sites can help one think through every stage of the process of starting a business – from writing down the whole business plan to designing the business website in order to find a business mentor.

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Here is the infographic which gives you more ideas on disabled Customers stats which help you to get more details for your Inspiration. Read Below.

disabled customers stats

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