15+ Best Business Ideas for sellers of collectibles

A ‘collectible” is an item that is worth far more than it was originally sold for because of its rarity and popular demand. The term collectible is sometimes applied to new items that have been mass-produced and are currently for sale.

This is a marketing gimmick used to stoke consumer demand.

The buying and selling of collectibles may be interesting for you as you can share this interest with some near or dear ones of yours and can enjoy it together. It may turn out to be a profitable business for you if you learn adequately about the subject and know what sells and where to sell it.

Once you get the niche, you are good to go and make a good amount of money out of your own hobby, and that to sitting at home.

The transformation of the antiques and the collectible segment corresponds with an influx of new full-time and part-time sellers.

Developing the trash and treasure is only facet of entering the collectibles market. Here are some tips which you need to follow before entering into the market as a seller of collectibles:

  1. Study the market
  2. Understand the logistics
  3. Buy and sell what you like
  4. Be honest and be fair

First of all, before getting started, you need to know from where to collect the items and need to find for the collectibles that will sell. You keep in mind that whatever you buy, buy quality pieces in perfect, or near to perfect condition.

On higher value or rare items collectors may be happy to pay a reasonable price for an item that needs a little or no restoration at all as this offers them a considerable saving on the ‘perfect’ price.

Business Ideas for seller of collectibles

-Books: Comic books can be one of the most popular collector’s items, and the more vintage and rare your comic book is the more is its worth. Other than comics, first edition modern books, etc could also grow in value in the future.

Coins: Coins collecting is truly a valuable hobby. Depending on their rarity and condition, coins can be one of the best things to collect for investment.

Stamps: Stamps are another one of the most common collector’s items and said earlier, the rare ones are some of the best things to collect to make money.

Action figures: The category of valuable action figures is wide and deep and may range from vintage figures with their charming hand-painted parts to more modern ones that are simply rare.

And of course, it goes without saying that figures that are virtually untouched and in pristine condition will have the highest values.

-Board games: It might be tough to make enough money from selling a single board game. However, a large collection of vintage board games could certainly add up, for example, a pre-owned slightly damaged War of the Ring: collector’s edition game.

Trading cards: You might be lucky enough if some of the cards in your collection are rare. Baseball cards are often considered as valuable collectibles.

However, baseball cards are not the only cards that are available for collection. Such as, there are many other cards like yu-gi-oh cards in mint condition which can go for thousands of bucks.

Fashion collaboration: When scouring the shelves for fashion finds that will provide funds in the future, tracking down high-street collaboration, have all the right ingredients to make them highly prized possessions in the future.

-Movie collectibles: To earn enough from a movie collectible, you have to own it first, which might be a bit difficult because these items are highly sought after. The items from cult films or that were used by movies stars will be likely to bring the most value.

Sports memorabilia: People who own collectibles of sports memorabilia, can strike it rich with just one item. If you happen to get lucky, you could stand a chance to get a great start toward a million dollar nest egg.

Music memorabilia: Acquiring a piece of music memorabilia from one of your favourite artist can be no less than a thrill and a collection of these pieces could yield you a tidy sum if you decide to sell them.

Statues: Collectible statues come in a variety of themes, such as movie stars, cartoon characters and superheroes. As with most collectible items, the more pristine condition your item is in, the more value it will have.

Watches: The vintage watch collecting market can yield a nice price for that old watch you inherited or found at an estate sale. Just because you don’t recognize the name doesn’t mean it is not valuable.

Medals and badges: It is a wonderful thing that you can turn a variety of medals and badges out there into cash! Although, in order to do that, you would require to have amassed quite a collection to make that handsome amount of money you desire.

Old military medals, authentic vintage sheriff’s badges, and fire-fighter and railroad badges can all be valuable.

Logos: It is quite obvious that Logos are considered as playthings, nut the brand deserves a category of its own. Although the logo bricks are the keys to making creations, they are not worth much on their own. But if you happen to own certain logo sets, you could rake in loads of cash.

So, if you think that antiques and collectibles are your hobby and passion, they may turn out to be a side home business and the second stream of income for you.

Once you have decided to make the move from collector to the seller, there are certain things you need to know, such as, ‘what to sell?’, ‘where to find stuff to sell?’, and “where to sell?’

Once you get the correct answers to all three questions, you are good to go. Just make sure, whatever route you choose, be polite in your transactions.

Here is the Infographic which has listed out Most Precious antique things. Read Below for more inspiration.

expensive antique collectibles

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