Packaged Food Business Plan: How To Write And Create

If you are looking for business ideas in food manufacturing, frozen food business can be a good one to give contemplation especially if you live in a city. Why do I importance on living in a city? The reason is very clear. In villages and rural areas, people have entrance to green and raw foods.

Additional reason frozen food business thrives is the lack of stable power supply. If individuals want to stock fish or meat in their freezers, they need power. In the lack of regular power supply, people cannot afford to buy and kill live chickens to be stowed in the freezers. Then, they stand the risk of having their chickens get spoilt due to lack of electricity to power their freezers.

These tests are what create business opportunity for anyone that wants to start a frozen food business.

Frozen food business is a good corporate idea that guarantees regular flow of income throughout the year. There is always good demand for frozen foods. If you are attracted in the business, let’s go to how you can start a frozen food business.

Business plan for Packaged Food business

Conduct market research

Frozen food business is extensive. There are many things you can sell such as fruits, vegetables, meat, chickens, turkeys, and fish. You need to conduct a market investigation to determine what the people in your locality buy.

The purpose you are preliminary a frozen food business is to meet the frozen food needs of your target market by selling to them at a profit. If you sell what they don’t need or purchase, you may be the one to consume all your inventories. At best, you can splash them out and this will not be good for your business.

Take for example; there are some people that don’t eat a particular type of meat such as dog or pork. If you sell such meat in that kind of area, people may not patronize you. Commonly, there is market for fish, chickens and turkeys.

Choose your objective market

Having approved out market research, you can now determine who do you want to sell to? The ideal clienteles for frozen food business include the following:

  1. Individuals: These involve bachelors who may like preparing their own food instead of going to restaurants to eat. We also have central class families in this category.
  2. Grocery stores. There are grocery stores that retail frozen foods too. They may not need to buy in a big quantity the same way you will do. Many of these grocery stores depend on people like you to supply them frozen foods.
  3. If you have a decent number of restaurants around you, that will be a plus to your frozen food business. You can vend straight to them.

How do you want to sell to your objective market? Would you include delivery service? If you do, this will increase your market possible. But you should know how to subject distribution cost into your price.

Look for a good location

You need a good place to succeed in frozen food business. Frozen food business is not the type of business you can find in an unknown place. You need a place with a decent traffic of people. You need a place where people can simply dash in and pick what they need on their way going home.

Of course, such place may be somehow comfortable but it will pay off at the end of the day. A market where people purchase food items and soup ingredients can be a good place to locate a frozen food business. This is just an example.

Look for suppliers

Having admission to dependable suppliers to the success of frozen food business. People will demand for your product daily. It will be very unacceptable for customers to get to your shop only to learn that you are out of stock. Nobody can drive customers away from you like this.

People will favor fruitful to a place where they are sure of getting what they want per time. I can use myself as an example here. I once had a bread seller whose shop was very close to where I was remaining.

Because of the immediacy, I usually bought bread from her. If I was coming from work and I liked to buy bread against the following morning, I would not buy anywhere excluding from her, even though I must have walked pass many other bread sellers. Over time, I became a faithful customer to her.

Buy Equipment for packaged Food

The main equipment you need to start a frozen food business is listed below:


This is the chief equipment you need to keep your items frozen. You can purchase new ones but if you don’t have enough money for this, you can buy a fairly used freezer. If you are not purchasing a new one, it is advisable that you allow a technician to go with you to help you access the state and working condition of the equally used one you want to buy.

This will ensure that you don’t buy an incorrect one and you don’t keep spending money on repairs and maintenance of the freezer. How large you want to start will determine the number of freezers you will need to buy.


Admission to constant power is a must for anyone that wants to start a frozen food business. In case of power disappointment, you need generators that have capacity to carry your freezers effectively. If the electricity power is trustworthy, one generator will be okay for you.

Delivery van.

This is not required for someone that is starting a frozen food business in a low key. But if you want to offer home delivery or you have grocery stores and restaurants as clienteles, then you need a delivery van. 

Other equipment 

you will need include table, plank, and cutlass. This will help you serve the individuals who might request that you cut the fish, chickens for them. This is part of your customer facility.

Marketing of Packaged Food

I stated earlier that you need a good location for your frozen food business. If you discover the business in a good place, you may not need to spend much money or efforts on marketing.

A banner or sign in front of your store may be enough. Though, if you want to be involved in home delivery, you may need to put on a website for your frozen food business.

You can make it an ecommerce website where people can place order straight from the site. With this, you may need to place advertisements on newspapers and internet in order to direct traffics to the website.


Frozen food business flourishes in a place where there is a large population of people. Frozen foods are simple human needs. This means that the more the number of people, the higher the market becomes.

Usually, there is a growing demand for frozen foods. Inappropriately, our local farmers cannot meet the needs. Leading a market research will let you determine whether the competition in your environment is low or high.


The main hazard to frozen food business in Nigeria is government policy. In a offer to promote agriculture and self-reliance, government does not favor the importation of frozen foods any longer. If there is a prohibition on importation of frozen foods, then this business becomes very risky to go into.

Also, the cost of imports is astronomically high because of the hike in exchange rates. Prices of imported items are more than dual.

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