How To Create And Use QR Codes For Small Businesses?

QR codes have become an important part of the industries, regardless of what business you do, it’s important for the marketing and sales of the business.

The codes can be rightly synchronized with your marketing efforts, and they can help in expanding the business from a relatively unknown small business to a thriving one.

The right use of QR codes can change the direction of how your business is performing. It’s a useful tool that has been proved its value over and over again.

Well creating QR codes is not something where you need to do intricate effort but you have to take some right steps to get started and execute them. And for that here is everything you need to know.

What You Should Know About QR Code?

QR codes or Quick Response are codes that are essentially square using black and white symbols.

Each QR code is different and unique, also they hold encrypted information. It can be related to the product landing page, website link, coupon, promotional details, and other information.

Image source: QRcodegenertor

The person scans the code using the smart device. and with that, the code revealed its encrypted information.

The tool is quite similar to the barcode, however, it has the ability where it can hold the different types of data.

Why Should Small Businesses Have QR Codes?

There is no doubt that QR code is gaining popularity. Also, there are lots of businesses on different levels using the QR code in their selling point.

QR codes are easy and convenient for the users as well. Here they need the QR reader and a phone or device which can scan the code.

Well if you are still thinking if you should have the QR code or not, then here are some of the points that might help.

benefits of QR codes for small business

It’s Cheap And Affordable

QR code is not expensive, also it can be created easily without any hassle. Also using the QR code can help you in reducing the printing brochures cost.

Not just that it can save money on other marketing materials.

It’s Environment Friendly

Unlike other options, QR code doesn’t require too much printing. It can easily reduce the number of papers you use. Also, the code is easy to scan, and it doesn’t need too many printed materials.

It Has High Conversion

You can use the QR code for getting more conversions. It’s easy to scan which cuts the extra steps for the users to get access to information that you want them to know.

Also, they don’t have to type the whole thing and it’s much faster in results. They can understand and take action much more easily.

It’s Engaging

Using the QR codes can also help you in engaging your audience. This makes the interaction with the customer much easier.

Also, they can participate much hassle-free, for example, if you are hosting the contest or survey. The interested users can simply scan the code and enter it. Or leave feedback if it’s the survey QR code.

Its Customer Satisfaction Oriented 

QR codes can help in providing easy instructions about the product or installation. You can simply place the code on the box, and the users can scan it to know how they need to handle it.

Image source: qrcodegenertor 

This makes it better accessible, and also improves customer satisfaction. Apart from this, it doesn’t affect the packing, it can be uncluttered, and still, the users will get their information.

The printed instruction might end up misplacing or losing, however, printed QR codes are easy to scan and they can access the information anytime they want.

It’s Easy To Track

When you want to track the numbers of scanning that people did, you can choose the dynamic QR codes.

However, you will need the creation app for the QR code that supports the code management. This should be available for the analytics or the ability to download statistics.

It’s Contactless

You can also offer contactless payment, it’s easier for the users to simply scan and pay. This makes the payment hassle-free. Also, the pricking orders become much better as well as safer.

How You Can Create The QR Code For The Small Business?

Well, creating the QR Code is not that hard, however it contains important steps and the right way to start.

To know how you can create one for yourself, here are the steps you can follow.

Step 1:  Know How You Are Going To Use It

The first thing you need to create the QR code is to know how you are going to use it. It’s important that you have how and where this is going to end. Your goals, needs, and information that you need should be clear.

Well, lots of QR codes are used for marketing purposes. Here you have to give more information that can fit in the small spaces like an Ad,  the QR is going to be scannable, and it needs to be fit within the small space. 

Also, the scan leads the customer to the landing pages or promotes which nearest to take further action.

However, there are some different cases you need to know.

You can use the static code for creating the WIFI QR Code that allows the guest to join the WIFI network without entering the password manually.

Image source: digitalonal

You can use the QR code for storing the bitcoin and crypto address.

You can add a vcard QR code for the business cards. The code can contain the name, phone, email address, and other stories, this can be downloadable easier to the phone of the recipient.

You can create a QR code that can be sent to the website address. It can link to your social media pages and profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook page, etc. There are chances that people won’t be able to type the whole address, but having the QR code can be easy to scan.

You can create the QR code that can lead the users to find the directions on google maps.

Step 2: Find The Generator For QR Code

Well once you know what you are going to do with QR code, there are different things you can do, so once you know the use the next process can be easier for you.

Here you need to find the QR code generator. The app is easy to use, you just need to enter the information that is asked to the appropriate field and make sure you are given everything right.

Once confirmed, you need to press a button. You will get the odd-looking QR codes, the form you will receive is an image.

Image source: googlechrome

You can use the code by copy-pasting or inserting the image to the postcards, a sign, promotional material, and business cards.

There are different options you get, but if you are not sure you can start with the free ones. There are free code generators you get which can help in generating the QR code without wasting money.

However, if you are looking for multiple campaigns using the codes, or thinking about specific design or needs, then it’s better for you to invest in paid apps. You get more features and flexibility.

Step 3:  Choose The Type Of QR Code

There are different types that you should know when you are choosing the QR Code. Well, the main two you get are Static and Dynamic QR codes.

 Both serve different purposes, but to make sure it’s fulfilling your requirements you need to have a clear understanding of both types.

Static QR Codes

When you choose the static QR code, it is a fixed one which means whatever information you add the first time, it stays that way.

You can change it after the QR code gets generated. Well, you can consider this one if you are thinking of creating the Vcard along with contact details for your digital business card.

For such type of work, the static QR codes work much better as people don’t change the contact information for business that frequently. So it serves the purpose.

Dynamic QR Codes

Unlike static QR codes, this one is flexible and can be changed even after the QR code gets generated.

Well, the reason is that the code does not contain the information but instead of that, it stores the URL of the website.

Here you can add the URL of your website and create the code, so whenever you need to change the information, it won’t affect the QR code. You can do it on your website.

Well here are some points that you should know.

  • If you are thinking of changing, you can either do it redirected to the URL or change on the destination web address.
  • You can also capture as well as to measure the scan statics using the dynamic QR code.
  • You can do automatic downloads. For example, if you want the user to download the pdf of the file document, simply create the PDF and add it to the QR code, the user can scan and download it.
  • However, the user should be connected to the internet when they are using the dynamic QR code.

Step 4:  Add The Information And Customize The Code

Well, decide on what you will choose and proceed to the next step. This includes adding the data and information.  Here you should know what generator you are using for the QR code, design, and other important points.

Not all of your generators  support the service and provide the setting where you can create the QR code you are hoping for, so you should know the generator. This will make sure what you are hoping can be easily done.

For example, you can add the logo to your QR code, you don’t have to stick with black and white. There are various generators that allow you to choose the logo for creating the build awareness.

You can see different colors, music, and animation.

Make sure it works before you launch, Test the QR code and send it to the others. Or you can test on your own, see if it’s taking the users to the destination.

However, if you are not using the dynamic, or you are choosing the static code, make sure you test as it can’t be edited once you generate the code.

Step 5: Download The QR Code

After you get the QR code that you are hoping for then you need to download it. The generator mostly allows the QR code to download emails to the computer. Also, you can choose different file formats.

Make sure you consider where you are going to use the QR code before you choose the quality.  For example, if it should be high quality for printing purposes.

Well, also there are different settings for online and print options.

If you are using it online –

Well to this case,  you are using the QR code for your website then you can choose the formats like :

  • Png
  • Jpeg
  • Jpg
  • Gif
  • Tif

It’s recommended to use the PNG if you want to preserve all the color information. The format is good for opacity and transparency, Also it comes with high quality

If you are printing –

Well in a printing case, it can be an option where you might be using the QR code on the print campaign.

Image source:

Here you will need the clear and crisp when it gets printed. 

You can choose different options, it can be suitable to download it in pdf vector graphics, eps SVG, etc.

Also, the proportion should be resized without reducing the quality. Make sure you are keeping the integrity of your QR code.

When you are downloading the QR code, it’s important to pay attention to the quality. It should be clean, clear, and not blurry at all.

The QR readers depend on how they will work related to the operating system as well as the camera of the mobile. Different models have different settings and it can make it difficult to scan the code.

What Are The Best Practices For QR Code Creations?

Well when you are making the QR code, here are some of the important practices that you can consider for making it efficient.

This will improve the efficiency and much better for the results.

Add The Call To Action

When you are offering the QR code, it’s important that you are adding the call to action. t will give the reason for customers to scan the code

Image source: SMSbump

You can use something catchy and interesting to add with your QR code, so it can be more persuasive for the customers to scan them.

Pay Close Attention To The Positioning

Where you are placing your QR code is important for the QR code campaigns. It should be a place where the customers can easily see and access.

The scan should be simple and easy to do. Instead of placing it in higher places or where people can find it hard to scan. Put it on the front desk or cashier counter.

The point is, it should be as simple to reach as you can.

Do The Testing Before You Print

Save time on testing your design and make sure your QR code is functioning properly. Don’t just distribute them without verifying if it works or not.

This is important for the owners as you need to make sure that you are not providing a poor experience to your customer. Also going through the steps all over again to print the new one can be a hassle.

Make It Rewarding

To get more scans, you need to offer something to the customer. It should be engaging and rewarding.

When the customer is getting something from it, they will scan the code and also influence the scans in the future too.

How To Use The QR Code For Small Businesses?

QR codes can be useful when you know how to use them correctly. Not just that there are lots of ways from which you can get better results for your business.

To know better ways, here are some of the options you can consider.

ways use QR for Business

QR Codes With Giveaways To Get Loyalty Card

If you are looking for ways that you can help you in boosting the loyalty card subscribers. You can use the incorporating QR codes along with giveaways and freebies. This is an effective way that can help your business.

Give away some of the samples of your products along with access to member-exclusive discounts. You can also use it for building a better loyal customer base.

Use It For Boosting The App Downloads

Well, there are lots of businesses that have their own apps. It’s helpful and it gives you better connectivity with your customers and vice versa.

Image source: socialmediaexplorer

If you have done the same thing, you can use the QR code and embedded posters on the display window or storefront.

It’s one of the brilliant ideas which can help in creating brand awareness and boost downloads.

Add To Poster And Flyers For Better Visibility

You can use the poster and flyers, and add the QR code for better social media visibility. This can also improve the likes, followers, and share.

You can get better engagement on your social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Use It For Better Finding You

If you start the business at a new outlet then you can use the QR code to google maps. Link the address of your new address, so the customers can easily find you.

It can help you in getting in-store traffic to your store.

Use It For Getting Feedbacks

Business requires feedback to grow and make better products. Also, it’s important for the business to have feedback as it connects with the customers more.

You can add QR codes to your valuable customer feedback. You can add the link to the customer feedback forms. And use it for the invoice receipt of your customers. Or you can consider using the product labels.

Mistakes To Avoid In Creating The QR Code

There are some basic mistakes that people make when they create the QR Code. reckless you are new to this concept or tried before, it’s important that you know what to avoid.

QR codes look simple but if you are not paying attention They can absolutely fail. Also, it should be easy to scan, if not then it will fail on purpose.

Well here are some of the basic mistakes you should avoid when you are certain about the QR code.

Inverting Color Of QR Codes

When you make the QR code, you must remember that the pattern color should always stay darker and the background should be lighter.

The QR code reader or scanner is not able to scan the codes if it has a darker contrast in the background.

This makes the scanner hard to scan and it can be worse than not at all.

The background should never be darker than the pattern color. So make sure you are not doing that when you are creating the QR codes.

Create Enough Contrast To QR Code

When you are choosing the colors for the QR codes, it’s important to create a contrast between the background and foreground color.

When you create your QR code, keep the color contrast as much as possible.  If the colors have a similar texture or blending the same light, it will make it hard for the scanner to read the codes.

However it doesn’t have to be the traditional black and white, you can add your creativity too.

There are QR  Code generators that allow you to have personalized designs. You can add different colors but make sure you follow the rule.

Never Make Blurry QR Codes

One of the mistakes that should be avoided at all costs is making the QR codes blurry.  Keep your codes in high resolution regardless you are keeping the size big or small.

The sharpness should be best when you are using the print or screen. If it’s blurry, the scanner will have difficulty to detect.

Regulate The Content Amount Of QR

Well, there is a reason why some QR codes are more pixelated as compared to others. The more pixels you find, it means the QR codes have more content.

The more content it carries and pixels are added, QR scanners find it difficult to scan. That’s why it’s important that code has a smaller size so the scanner can easily scan.

Image source: QRcodegenertor 

If you have not so much content, you can choose the static codes. However, if the content size is larger, then it’s better to use the Dynamic QR Code. This will help in making sure that the codes are not overcrowding.

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