How To Start A Dance Instructor Business (12 Steps)

If you know how to dance or if you are passionate about dancing, then there is an opportunity for you to earn big money by teaching people how to dance. You can open a dance studio right in your home if space is available.

If space is not available in your home then you can operate the dance classes in conjunction with partners who are ready to give you space in their fitness center, community center or music shop.

Different styles of dance are practiced and taught around the world. Traditionally, dance has also been an essential part of many cultures for centuries.

Dance studios are a common type of business nowadays. It gives the opportunity for people of all ages to take dance lessons.

Setting up a dance instructor business can be a challenging task but if you follow the following steps then the task will appear easy for you.

Steps To Start A Dance Instructor Business

How To Start A Dance Instructor Business

Business Plan

Before you start, you should be ready with a well-formulated business plan. The plan should be the roadmap your business. Fix a budget and plan your expenses according to it.

Think about the marketing and promotional strategies, the operational costs of your business, the way you will invest and reinvest in the business, ways of accumulating funds to cover up the start-up costs etc.

Decide the Name of your Business

Deciding a name for your business is the most important part of your brand identity because the name will get shared frequently.

The name should represent your vision for the studio and it should also be catchy.

Popular dance studio names are- Dance the Night Away, The Tango Studio, Premier Dance Studio etc.


After identifying your business expenses and the amount you can spend, think about the space for your dance studio. The studio should be made attractive with all the outstanding features of a modern-day dance studio.

Determine which part of your home will be dedicated for the purpose, discuss it with your family members.

Loud music played in dance studios should not disturb your family members or neighbors. Renovate the space as and when needed.

You can also rent or purchase a space when you start expanding your business, the location of the space should be safe for the clients.

Determine Your Niche

There are a variety of niches to choose from when you are starting a dance instructor business. The niche will determine your clientele.

Niches can be categorized into couples’ dance lessons, singles dance lessons, children dance lessons, particular dance styles like ballet, salsa, tap etc. There are also ethnic and common dance styles like flamenco and jazz respectively.

The vision of your Business

You need to plan your business’ vision and mission statements. The vision statement helps you to keep your business on track as you set it up.

It also outlines the primary goals of your business and helps you and the employees to conceptualize these goals.

A mission statement is a short statement that helps in conveying the purpose of your business, it can change over time when the business goals change. It also clarifies the purpose your business will serve for both employees and clients.  

Define the Brand

Your brand should represent everything about your business and it should be consistent across all clients. It is equivalent to the promise you make to your clients.

It should be based on who you are and what you want to give to your clientele. Your vision and mission statements should be linked to your brand.

Strong branding leads to success in your business when people what to expect from you then it naturally increases their trust in you.

If you are aware of your target niche and the needs of your clientele, then it becomes easier to tailor your brand according to them.

Branding will include the way you treat your clients, the quality of the dance education you impart, the details you provide about your business, how you create a special experience for your clients and the way you inspire them.


You need to make a decent income from your dance classes to keep the business running. You have to be careful while fixing the price of your services.

Know what the clients in your area can afford, avoid charging prices that they cannot pay. You also need to pay taxes for being self-employed.

It is important to have a realistic idea of your monthly expenses and weigh your services against the expenses. Avoid losing money on your business frequently as this will ultimately leave you with no option but shut it down.


You need to have sound marketing strategies for attracting clients to your dance classes. You should invest in both online and offline marketing strategies. Start advertising your business before it starts, this will help in creating awareness and excitement among people before you launch.

Invest in opening a website and also a page on social media platforms to reach the online crowd.

These costs should be accommodated in your budget. Distribute pamphlets in your locality to promote your business, advertise through newspapers and billboards.

Have friends and family members who can support your business endeavor and also spread the word about it.

Build a Website

Build a professional website for your business when you are done with marketing and advertising plans. Take the help of a website designer, find a hosting service and a domain name.

Your domain name should be the name of your business. Mention all your business policies in the site, build a framework or theme for your site.

The website should contain all the necessary pages like the home page, about page, service page contact page etc. Upload all the upcoming dance events in your locality on the website and keep your clients informed about them.

The website should enable you to get valuable feedback from the clients.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps thoroughly then it will be easier for you to start a dance instructor business from home and make it successful.

Don’t forget to hire experienced and talented dancers as teachers who can inspire young boys and girls to take dancing as a profession, follow their dreams and live up to it.

Promote them in popular dance competitions in your area and also in reality shows.

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