20+ Differences Between Debit And ATM Card (Explained)

These days, most consumers utilize their mobile phones to complete financial transactions. The days of doing business only with cash are long past.

All business may be handled without ever having to leave your house. The last time you visit a bank is completely unnecessary!

The ATM card is a convenient tool for making cash withdrawals and deposits. Swipe your card at one of the bookstore’s Point-of-Sale terminals to purchase that new novel you’ve admired. 

Comparison between Debit And ATM Card

ParameterDebit cardATM card
FunctionA debit card may be used for a broad range of tasks, and it is also adaptable to several different settings. Due to their adaptability, debit cards are a convenient and appealing form of payment.Compared with the possibilities that may be accessed using a debit card, the alternatives that are accessible with an ATM card are noticeably more restricted.
DeductionWhen you use a card to pay for products and services, the money will be removed from the account that is attached to the card. This happens whenever you use a card to make a payment.When you take money out of an automated teller machine (ATM), the amount you withdraw is instantly deducted from the bank account associated with the ATM. This happens immediately after the transaction is completed. 
OperationYou can obtain a statement that details your current balance, make deposits, use the account to pay for products you buy online, and even make purchases using the money already in the account. You will have access to each of these features when you log in with your account.A statement of the account’s balance may be produced, cash can be deposited and withdrawn, and money can be moved from one account to another.
LogoOn debit cards issued in the modern era, the Mastercard or Visa logo is the one that may be seen on the card more often than any other.Several well-known brands, including Maestro, Cirrus, and Plus, have been known to appear on ATM cards. You could also come across several different kinds of logos. These are only a few examples out of countless more.
comparison between debit and atm card

Major Differences Between Debit And Atm Cards

What exactly is a Debit Card?

Easy. Convenient. Simple and easy. Three words sum up a debit card perfectly. A debit card may be used for various transactions and is accessible 24/7.

They serve several purposes, and your PIN (Personal Identification Number) is all you need to make a transaction. Savings accounts are linked to debit cards. This means that anytime you make a payment, the money will be taken out of your account instantly.

Key Differences: Debit card

  • Debit cards may be used for a wide variety of purposes and can be used at a diverse selection of businesses, including restaurants and retail stores. 
  • Withdrawals of cash made from an automated teller machine (ATM).
  • Web access points and online storefronts that are made completely of brick and masonry construction.
  • For Internet banking, often known as net banking and sometimes referred to simply as banking online, debit cards may be utilized.
  • A debit card must feature a signature strip. This includes both domestic and international establishments.
  • Debit cards may be used wherever that accepts credit cards, both in the United States and other nations worldwide. 
  • By providing its customers with debit cards, the bank enables its customers the convenience of being able to pay for goods and services using a card instead of cash.
features of debit

What exactly is an ATM Card?

ATM Cards only allow cash withdrawals. ATM cards have a 4-digit PIN connected to a bank account. So, withdrawing cash reduces your bank account balance in real time.

ATM Cards don’t carry interest, but you can’t use them everywhere. They’re useless. They aren’t accepted at major retail and payment establishments. If your bank and ATM are different, both banks may charge exorbitant ATM fees.

Key Differences: ATM card

  • The use of ATM cards is limited to just being able to be employed at ATMs.
  • Banking via the internet or mobile platforms is not authorized.
  • Cards that are used in automated teller machines could or might not include a signature strip on the back of the card. 
  • This might be either intentional or accidental. 
  • This might have been done intentionally, or it could have happened by mistake. 
  • Cards that may be used at automated teller machines are only valid inside the same country that issued them since they cannot be used in other countries.
  • Customers of the bank are given ATM cards, which allow them to withdraw cash from any of the bank’s automated teller machines (ATMs) at any time of the day or night.
features of atm card

Contrast Between Debit And Atm Card


  • Debit Card- With a debit card, you can sign up for mobile banking, make payments online and at POS terminals, withdraw money from an ATM, check the balance of your account, obtain a statement with only the essential information, change the PIN number on your card, and withdraw money from an ATM. In addition, you can make payments online and at POS terminals.
  • ATM Card- You can do a range of financial transactions if you can access an ATM card, including withdrawing money from your account, discovering how much money is already in your current account, and transferring money from one account to another.

Internet banking: 

  • Debit Card- Users are given the ability to use their debit cards to make payments for products and services that they have acquired over the internet by undertaking online banking transactions.

    Thanks to this, users now have the option to pay for products and services they have acquired on the internet. 
  • ATM Card- Using the ATM card connected to a bank account to use the Internet banking feature related to a bank account is not feasible since doing so would be cumbersome.

    This is because the Internet banking feature is linked to a bank account. This restriction is placed on business accounts in the same manner as it is on personal ones.


  • Debit Card- When you use your debit card to make a purchase, the money necessary to complete the purchase will be taken from the account that is associated with your debit card. When you use your debit card to pay, this will happen on its own without any more action required from you.
  • ATM Card- When you use a card to take money from an automated teller machine (ATM), the monies are withdrawn from the account that is connected to the related ATM card. When you use a debit card to withdraw money from an ATM, the funds are removed from the account that is linked to the debit card.


  • Debit Card- When making payments for purchases made either online or in-person at retail locations that accept a variety of card payments, debit cards are a valid method of payment that may be utilized.

    This comprises payments made in person at conventional brick-and-mortar companies and payments made online for purchases made at traditional internet merchants. 
  • ATM Card- It is impossible to use ATM cards to make payments in-person or online at retail businesses or marketplaces that only operate online.

    This is because ATM cards are not compatible with the required technology. However, this limitation applies to each of them in equal measure.


  • Debit Card- The logo of either Visa or MasterCard will almost always be shown on debit cards. The overwhelming majority of circumstances may be placed into this group.

    In addition, at the current time, there is the possibility of acquiring cards by using a modern means of conducting financial transactions known as RuPay, an available option.
  • ATM Card- There is a possibility that the names Cirrus, Plus, or Maestro may appear on cards used at automated teller machines (ATMs) in the form of symbols representing each of their brands.


  • Debit Card- A debit card that may be used to purchase products and services by swiping through a machine is a debit card.

    Customers of a bank will be given debit cards by the bank so that those consumers may use the debit cards to make payments for products and services once the bank has provided the debit cards to the customers.
  • ATM Card- Customers of a financial institution can submit a request to get an ATM card from the business, enabling them to make cash withdrawals from their account at any time using an automated teller machine (ATM).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are all ATMs compatible with all types of ATM cards?

Cards that were issued in India may be used at the automated teller machines (ATMs) of any bank that is situated inside India, regardless of where the bank is located.

On the other hand, there is a limit to the total amount of free withdrawals that may be made, and this limit is subject to certain conditions.

Q2. List some similarities between a debit card and an ATM card.

Physically, both ATM and debit cards look the same. Debit and ATM cards may be used anywhere, at any time. Bank of America offers both of these card options.

When used outside of the bank’s network, costs apply regardless of whether you are using an ATM card or a debit card. Your account balance may be checked with any card. A PIN number must be entered for every purchase.

Q3. What is a digital wallet?

When you make a purchase at the register, you won’t need to deal with your cash or credit card if you have a digital wallet since it will save all of your payment information for you.

When you are at a shop that supports this capability, you can pay for your products using the vast majority of today’s smartphones by just holding up your smartphone and making the payment.

Q4. What kind of plastic is an ATM card made of?

Credit and debit cards are often referred to as “plastic,” meaning they are preferred over cash or checks.

Cards are plastic for a reason; they need to be protected from water and wear and tear. Credit card plastic is polyvinyl chloride acetate (PVCA), often known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Q5. What exactly is a brown-label cash machine?

“Brown label” ATMs are Automated Teller Machines in which the hardware and the lease of the ATM machine are owned by a service provider, but cash management and connectivity to banking networks are provided by a sponsor bank whose brand is used on the ATM.

In this arrangement, the hardware and the lease of the ATM machine are owned by the service provider.

Q6. Are cash withdrawals possible at white-label ATMs?

You are able to use your card for a variety of activities, including withdrawing cash and doing research. The most current standards have made it possible for operators of white-label ATMs to now offer this service.

Previously, these ATMs were not permitted to take cash deposits under any circumstances. They are also able to provide services for the payment of bills via their ATMs.

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