12+ Best Employee Management Techniques for Improving Productivity

For a business, they are focusing on boosting their employee’s productivity in their workplace for the past decade. 

Gallup’s State of the local workplace says that around 85% of employees are not actively interested in their work. As result, it caused a $7 trillion loss in productivity. 

An Exeter University study reported that an office with an open layout created a 32% drop in employees’ health. Whereas it reduced 15% of productivity. 

Motivating the employee to work better and improve their productivity is not easy. But it is not that difficult either. 

best employee management techniques

However, it doesn’t limit to cutting short their time on social networking or tracking their time either. 

Several factors affect the overall results in productivity.  It can be the environment, working culture, health, etc. 

Tips For Improving Productivity By Following Employee Management 

Employee management is a process for helping the workers to do their best in their respective jobs. 

The idea of using this is to help the employee as well as the business to achieve the goals together. 

Employee management includes everything from hiring new employees,  performance management,  payroll management, etc. 

With the help of management, the employee gets much better insight into the performance. 

Also, they work for guiding them along with choosing the strategies and implementing to make sure that the employees are happy, well trained, and efficient. 

Employee management can help the business to boost productivity in different ways. It includes: 

Conducting Surveys For Employees 

By conducting employee surveys, the management can find the roadblocks and factors that are affecting the productivity of their employees.

It can be a bulk survey or some systems can help in doing the work. 

Start with questions like – 

  • Do your employees feel happy at work?
  • Do they understand the promotion and career ladder of the company?
  • What will be their rating of work-life balance?

Your questions can be depending on the following settings – 

  • Flexibility in work options
  • Frequency of meetings 
  • Distractions and noises 
  • Environment in office 

More Flexibility In Work Sections 

Employers who work from home are better at productivity. According to the study conducted by Best buy showed that 35% of productivity increased when employers get flexibility options in their work. 

It can depend on the roles on which management can fix how much flexibility the employee can get.

By this, employees can feel more charged up, concentrated, and happy to work. 

When you are opting for a flexible work program, here are a few practices to consider – 

  • Get a  plan with designed procedures along with policies. 
  • To make sure how it will work, start with a pilot or trials. 
  • Train your management and team leaders to keep remote workers accountability
  • Assess the process every year and adjust according to that. 
  • Set easy communication to keep remote works 

Considering The Physical Environment Of Office 

According to a CareerBuilder study,  53% of employees are less productive because they feel their working environment is too cold.

The physical work environment is vital when it comes to boosting productivity.  It can be lighting issues, maybe it’s too dim for your employees. 

As a result, it causes eye strain. Also, people who have migraine-like an issue, this can be a trigger for them.

As management, it’s the responsibility to make sure the employees feel comfortable during their work. If the lighting is an issue, make sure to add natural light. 

If the office doesn’t have enough windows, get natural light bulbs instead of harsher ones.

Just like light, temperature, and noise level also have key roles. 

In 2015,  according to a study conducted, people who worked under a temperature of 68 degrees or less, had a 50% drop in productivity.  Also, it increased by 44% errors. 

The ideal temperature that was recorded for employees was 71.5 degrees.  Not just people worked better but it also increased the chances of people staying for hours. 

To control the noise level, so the employees don’t get distracted. Few reminders are going to help – 

  • Keeping the voice low when people are working.
  • Move to a different area when taking long phone calls. 
  • Keep a lengthy conversation for meeting spaces. 
  • Planned meetings for conference rooms
  • Keeping the voice down when walking with others. 

Employee Management Techniques For Boosting Productivity 

From a small business to an enterprise, employees are the key reason behind their success. Without them, it’s impossible to function properly. 

why productivity matters in business

The success of the business drives by the achievement and efficiency of the workplace. And for that, the management needs to focus on interior and exterior factors. 

Employee productivity depends on lots of points, but to make sure it doesn’t affect reverse. Here are some techniques to follow – 

1. Allow Work From Home To Employees 

Work from home lets your employees boost productivity by eliminating their regular commutes. Also, it increases the chances of living a healthy lifestyle. 

According to Flexjobs, more than 75% of employees prefer to work from home as it increases their productivity. It eliminates the interruption making their stress reduction and helps in working better. 

It eliminates the situation of getting disturbed by office gossip and politics which saves lots of time for productive work. 

  • Equip Them With Right Tools 

Choosing the right tools can help your employees to work much better and effectively. It can help them in making their work easier, and keep their workflow streamlined. 

Tools that can improve their working without wasting hours, effort and productivity can boost the overall management too. 

  • Tracking Apps For Productivity & Time 

To track productivity and time, you can find lots of apps. Such apps help you in tracking how much time your employees are taking for performing their tasks.

It can help in boosting the working efficiency and also eliminates the chances of wasting time. You can easily assign work to them, track their work, and make sure to suggest help to keep them motivated. 

  • Collaborating Tools 

Tools that help in collaborating with other teams and helping to simplify teamwork. Working together can cause lots of errors where your employee can waste time and end up facing disturbance. 

Collaborating tools keep it easier for them to access the data, information, files, and other things while working together on the projects. 

  • Communication Apps 

Working as a team, no matter if it’s in the workplace or remotely, in both situations you are going to need better communication.

Emails can do the work but tracking every single email can be time-wasting.  It’s important to use communication apps to get easy access to others. 

Also, fast communication eliminates misunderstandings and improves work productivity. 

2. Improve Your Working Culture WIth Recruiting 

Working culture is a crucial aspect of how your employees are going to respond and work. When you are hiring more people, it’s important to check if they are fit for the working culture or not. 

For example, Zappos takes its hiring like a courtship rather than a recruitment process. They do the screening, first as well as foremost to make sure the new recruit is fitting for the business’s core values. 

3. Boost Employees Morale To Foster High-Quality Work 

When your employees are happy and engaged, they work much harder as well as smarter. 

Those people who hate what they are doing, don’t just disenfranchise and feel like not appreciated which causes emotional burnout. 

Focussing on better health,  communication, and respect from their company, the employee tends to work harder and be more productive. 

It’s crucial to the business that they appreciate and boost their employee’s morale for making them feel good about what they are doing.

Not just tell them but show them too. 

4. Introduce Improvement And Self Development Options 

Employees who feel stuck doing the same job again and again with no sign of improvement will like to quit earlier. 

Not just it costs the business to go through the hiring process again but also having larger numbers of employees quitting can cause trouble in the workplace too. 

It affects others as they feel negative as well. 

The best way to avoid such a situation is to introduce courses and self-development ideas. Make sure to drive the goals that your individual workers have. 

Give them reasons to work efficiently. Employees feel indebted when the company spends the money on their self-development. 

This can help them in boosting more productivity and getting the results you are hoping for.  

5. Encourage People To Avoid MicroManaging 

According to Robby Slaughter, who is a productivity expert, he says that for increasing productivity, the best tool to use is to keep managers away from it. 

Avoid managing your employees’ every work for them. Let them do it on their own. Instead of micromanaging, ask your employees to take ownership of their work.  

Also, boost their confidence by using resources and their time. 

Letting your managers hoover their employees will make them nervous and it makes them perform poorly too. 

6. Focus On Clear & Better Communication 

Communication is the key to success. Without having two-way communication, not just your business fails but it makes the relationships sour too. 

Lack of communication causes misunderstanding and without addressing them, it can cause great disturbance during work. 

With clear communication, you can make the work more engaging, productive, and better workflow. 

7. Boost The Self Care Concept 

Self-care is crucial to productivity. The number of employees taking sick leaves tripled between 1996 and 2000.  And the reason was – Stress.

According to the American Institute  Of Stress reported that American adults are mostly facing stress due to occupation pressure and fears. It’s one of the leading sources that cause stress in people. 

Having stress not just causes you to be unmotivated but also bad for productivity. 

ways boost employee self care

To foster healthy, communication, and better company culture, few things are important to do. 

  • Listen to what your employees want to say 
  • Give challenging and meaningful work 
  • Get constructive feedback 
  • Set the clear success parameters

Pro Tip: Show them that you care instead of telling them. Ask them for boosting their good sleep, better work-life balance, healthy life, exercise, and relaxation. 

8. Don’t Shut Down The Social Media 

Social media can be disturbing but don’t shut down it for your employee.  

They use it for a variety of reasons. Some people having the time of the break,  or using professional communication or just for even slacking off. 

But putting the end to social media for good can kill morale.  Also, it shows you don’t trust them and kill their mood for work as well. 

Pro Tip: If you are needing to control the time your employee should spend on social media. You can use software and monitoring to track the time. Also, let your employees use their morale to find the balance. 

9. Get More Satisfaction With More Perks 

The importance of job satisfaction can lead to serious productivity.  Companies like Google and Facebook are ideal examples of how satisfied employees can work and be productive. 

According to a Glassdoor survey, four out of five employees want a raise. 

perks add in employee productivity

You can think about perks and encourage your employees like NutraClick offers to subsidize gym membership,  Burton gives free ski passes and Twillo uses Kindle along with a stipend for monthly books. 

Pro Tip: You can do a survey and ask what your employees like to have.  Use the information for deciding the perks. 

10. Measure The Productivity For Better Insight 

For managing your worker productivity, you are going to need better insight.  You can use the metrics and understand how productivity is going inside your business and among employees. 

Starts with the importance of time and quality of work. Use the tools for measuring the productivity that allows you to streamline, monitor, and manage the work. 

11. Get Your Employee Skills Better With Training 

Training helps in improving both new and existing employees’ productivity.  Improving their skills with the training process, starting from the beginning can help in boosting their confidence. 

Training is an important part of the employee, it helps in understanding their core jobs and also the values of companies. 

When you perform skillful training, you train your employees to do their work more efficiently. 

According to a study conducted in 2013 by the International Journal Of Science& Research says that training is helpful and beneficial for employees as well as employers.

With proper training, they can perform their task more productively and efficiently. 

12. Empathize Quality Instead Of Quantity 

The time spent on doing work can justify if it’s done properly. However, productivity includes time reduction too. 

But doing work faster which leads to more mistakes and errors will take more time to get it better. Not just it will take much more effort but also affects the work. 

According to a Stanford researcher discovered in phenome which is called Productivity cliff in 2014. 

Well, the study says that people who worked for 70 hours in a week did the same as others who used 55 hours in the same work. 

It showed that longer hours do not affect the better results. To keep it short, the quality of work is larger efficiency as compared to quantity. 

Pro Tip: Ask your employees to complete their work in the office rather than taking it to their home. This will affect their overall health which leads to a lack of productivity too. 

13. Keep The Email Experience Less Disruptive 

Checking the emails during work affects productivity.  Not just it distracts the mind but it takes 25 minutes for the brain to get back to the same zone again. 

So every time your worker checks the email, it would take the same amount of time to focus again. It wastes too much time which disturbs the working flow. 

Email is a part of business and you can’t remove it permanently. However, the time can be limited so it won’t be too much disturbance to the work. 

Pro Tip: Instead of using email for communication, use other tools like slack or skype. Also, keep the subject clear and easy to understand. 

It will let people know if it’s urgent to check now or it can be saved for later. 

Factors To Focus For Improving  Productivity At Workplace 

Productivity in the workplace can get affected by tons of things. Eliminating those can help in improving the overall result. 

But there are some important factors like temperature change and lights that can help in building better productivity at the workplace. 

Not just it can help in making your employee feel better but also it delivers better results too. 


According to studies, 90% of employees work better when they are listening to music. The accuracy of work turns more to 88%. 

Also, 65% of business owners agree that music boosts their employee’s productivity. And 40% of owners reported having better sales too.

Playing music in the background can help in boosting people’s mood. It gives positivity and helps concentration in work. 

It also makes the speed faster and keeps productivity. 

Completing The Previous Work 

Busywork can be aside when employees have more urgent work to do. But sometimes, completing those works can do some greater significance. 

For example, if a manager needs to do the adjustments in filers but he or she is letting it pile up due to some other work.

 And suddenly, the owner needs an urgent file. Well, in this case, previous work becomes more important. 

This shows that instead of waiting for the work to pile up, it’s important to do the busywork a few minutes each week. Well, it might not let the work complete but by doing little by little, it will keep much less.

Also doing busywork and completing it can boost confidence. It gives a sense of accomplishment. 

Even though it’s surprising it can affect productivity on a great level. Also, it lowers the overall stress. 

Cluttered Surrounding 

Having a cluttered desk does not show how busy you are, it will make your work much harder. Finding small things can take more time and with all clutter, it can be frustrating. 

Workers who keep their space clean and maintained can maintain their work well. It gives better access to files and other items. 

Also, it keeps distraction away and an organized desk gives more space to think. 

Employee Satisfaction 

Satisfied employees do more work and better too. 

When employees are not satisfied, it shows in their work. Not just it makes their productivity bad but affects the bad attitude and they turn to a caring attitude. 

Also, those employees who don’t care about work but still on the job will show no potential at all. 

But those who are satisfied and thrive to do more will give better results. 

That’s why businesses look for reasons to keep their employees satisfied. And to get that, you can do 

  • Promote good health 
  • Training & Investment 
  • Don’t do micro-management 
  • Keep it flexible 
  • Rewards for appreciation 
  • Drive their personal goals. 

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ)

Why do businesses consider employee productivity?

When your employee competes for their work, taking less time then it will give them more space to focus on other aspects. Also, it saves money and effort along with boosting the confidence of your employee. 

Productivity helps in doing the work more efficiently which keeps the quantity and quality improved.

How to promote productivity in employees?

Give them important roles that hold accountability.  Keep their goals focused and make sure they have proper training along with tools, plans, and ideas.Train their brain and improve health to keep them engaged in their work.

What are the key elements of productivity?

The key elements of productivity are divided into three i.e.  Choices, Efficiency, and Motivation. 

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