What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Hair Salon?

  1. Styling Chairs: These are the most important piece of equipment in a hair salon and come in a variety of styles and sizes.
  2. Cutting Stations: Cutting stations are typically large workstations that include a countertop, mirrors, and storage space for tools and products.
  3. Shampoo Stations: Shampoo stations typically include a sink, chair, and storage area for shampoo and conditioner.
  4. Hair Dryers: Hair dryers are used to dry and style hair after a cut or color service.
  5. Styling Tools: Styling tools, such as flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers, are used to create various looks.
  6. Color Bowls and Brushes: Used for mixing and applying hair color.
  7. Cutting Tools: Scissors, combs, razors, clippers, and thinning shears are essential tools for cutting hair.
  8. Towels and Capes: For draping clients and protecting clothing during hair services.
  9. Lighting: Proper lighting is important for both the stylists and clients, providing a well-lit work area.
  10. Furniture: A salon will require other furniture, such as a reception desk, waiting area chairs, retail display stands and etc.

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