25+ Free Google Tools For Every Small Business Owner

Being a small business owner, you might be always looking for ways to grow your business in one way or another. 

Buying or getting tools is one of the critical aspects of optimizing business operations and bringing out the best results. 

But paid tools demand heavy-load investment and you may not be ready to invest so much at the moment. 

Or more importantly, you don’t need to. Because there are plenty of free tools that can help you grow your business online. 

And Google, the search engine and tech giant come forward with their numerous free tools that can help you out here. 

They might be free but totally underrated and powerful if used to their full potential. So let’s dig into these free Google tools : 

Google My Business 

Since more than 100 billion searches are performed on Google every month, not optimizing your business to be discovered on Google, is like leaving money on the table. 

Google offers its free tool called Google My Business which allows you to list your business according to the local demographics. 

When you list your business on Google My Business, the search engine pushes your information everytime some related search terms as per the relevant location is entered. 

It is monumentally beneficial for small businesses and even helps them generate more and more sales. 

Google Retail 

Most probably you haven’t heard of Google Retail. It is a free Google tool extremely helpful for small e-commerce businesses to grow. 

The free tool provides solutions to merchants where they can list their inventory on Google. 

It also allows them to buy Ad campaigns for Google inventory Ads in the search result pages. 

Listing on Google Retail improves your store’s reputation as you create a Trusted store with displaying customer ratings, inventory details and much more. 

To become the Google Trusted Stores, e-commerce stores have to be eligible and pass a few tests such as reliability for timely shipping, good customer service etc.

And when you pass every test, you will earn the right to display a Trusted Store badge. 

It also offers delivery services called Google Express and Android Pay depending upon your location. 

Not many people know about this free Google tool, known as Google Blog Search. It is certainly one of the most powerful tools for marketers to use. 

It allows you to change the search result into a RSS feed. 

 You can replace any domain.com with any website, and you will get the RSS feed on the latest updated link to your website or blog. 

This is extremely useful for content marketers and bloggers for any business to keep up the content for the best exposure. 

Using the Google Blog Search can also help you guide on which topics to write on and rank on the first page. 

Google Forms 

A Google tool that can be very helpful for businesses where it is used to collect data from people using the online forms. 

Creating and managing forms becomes extremely easy with Google Forms. 

Whether you are communicating with your customers or applicants or maybe hiring, Google forms are the easiest to create and collect data. 

It also comes with all kinds of use cases such as sales leads, short surveys, conducting interviews, and whatnot. 

The benefit of Google’s domination in the search engine market comes with its profitability of intense levels of insights for search trends. 

Google came to develop a tool dedicated to helping people know the popular search trends and the topics that people are searching for. 

Google Trend has tremendous features and potential to offer to small businesses. 

Here’s what small businesses can utilize this free Google tool : 

  • Compare different search terms to see the popularity of a particular term over others, giving you a competitive edge in your SEO/content marketing.
  • Relevance with time is the name of the game. Google trends allows you to see how trends evolve, change over time.
  • You can check the populalrity of a search term over the year and see at which time of the year it rises or falls.
  • The tool also allows you to refine your searches by geographical location. So you will be able to see which search term is popular in a particular area.

Google Trends is a high-potential free tool that helps your small business grow exponentially. It is only a matter of utilizing it smartly 

Google Calendar For Business

Google Calendar is not just a Calendar, it is a free tool with tons of productivity hacking features, scheduling, and tracking for small businesses. 

Small businesses will be able to set up appointment slots for the customers to schedule their demo easily. 

It can also help you to manage the timeline of the business tasks and priorities as well. You can create different calendars connected to each other, specific for a particular team as well. 

There are actually so many creative and productive uses of Google Calendar, and all that for free. 

Think With Google 

Think With Google is another free and less popular Google tool but highly underrated. 

 It is more like a platform where you can get all kinds of industry insights, helpful articles, case studies, infographics, research documents, interviews of industry leaders and so much more. 

The platform gets updated on a regular basis where you will read the latest useful information to help your business grow. 

There is also so much to take inspiration from, for example, the collection of creative AD campaigns. 

Google Correlate 

Google Correlate is quite like a sibling tool to Google Trends. To be more specific, it is the reverse of Google Trends. 

Google Trends allows you to see the activity over time with the search term you enter. 

Whereas on the other side, in the Google Correlate tool, you enter a data series as in a target and get back a list of search terms following the predicted similar pattern. 

It is extremely helpful when you want to define your target persona for any new product or service your business is going to launch. 

It also has a feature called Search by Drawing where you can draw a graph and get to correlate it to the predicated search keywords matching your graph. 

Google Tag Manager 

Google Tag Manager or GTM is a free-of-cost Google tool that allows you to bring all of your tags together in a single place. 

You can also manage Google Analytics events and triggers from a single dashboard without any need for the codes.  

It perfectly integrates the website to any of other Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads Remarketing, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Tag, and more. 

It is an ideal installer for any kind of tracking code to your website without disturbing your own codes. 

Google Blogger 

Google Blogger is a free blogging service from Google that is extremely popular amongst individuals for personal blogging. 

A lot of small businesses can utilize Google Blogger in different ways one would not imagine. 

Many utilize the platform to communicate to their clients, customers, and media regarding regular updates or company news. 

Since it is owned by Google, your website is definitely going to get some SEO push and get indexed quickly as compared to others. 

It is actually an underrated free tool that is yet to get used to its full potential to benefit it. 

Google Groups 

This is basically Google’s oldest service but mostly unpopular amongst the people. 

Google groups, as the name suggests are a collaborative space, a platform allows people to connect with each other over any particular topic and discuss. 

Every particular group comes with its own email address where members are allowed to share the information using these single emails rather than their own. 

Discussions get threaded, so it becomes easy to follow and join the conversations. 

It is also perfect for small groups who want an online restricted and simple to understand space to connect and discuss. 

Small businesses can use these groups for their various departments to discuss ideas and brainstorm. 

Google Alerts 

Google Alerts is another extremely helpful free Google tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

It allows you to create automated notifications on any subject, search term, or topic you want. 

So this means whenever any web page published talks about the topic you have created an alert for, you will get a notification through an email. 

This is an extraordinary handful for all different kinds of proposing ranging from research to get updates on a particular topic or news. 

Google Alert is also very helpful for link building for your new business website or blog. 

You can actually find out every time anyone on the web will talk about your brand or business. 

It is an opportunity to reach out and get your link placed on their website. 

Goo.gl URL Shortner 

Sharing links online is a critical part of day-to-day chores on the internet. 

But sometimes with long URLs, it becomes really painful to share, especially on social media platforms like Twitter. 

Here comes Google’s URL Shortner online free tool where you can feed it any long URL and transforms it to a short link. 

You can use this short link to share anywhere without any trouble. Not just that, you also get detailed analytics on the number of clicks, you get, browsers, countries, etc. 

This becomes a perfect way to shorten as well as track your shared links which is very useful for online businesses. 

Keyword Planner 

Another gold tool from Google and again free to use, ideal for businesses with blogs that want to scale in the ranking and boost their exposure. 

The keyword planner can be used to find relevant keywords to write blogs, so you can increase website traffic. 

However, foundationally, it is the part of the Google Adword, used to plan your advertisement. 

It allows you to choose the keywords relevant to your Google Ads where it also shows estimated search traffic, CPC, and budget as well. 

This tool is popularly used by websites and blogs to improve their on-site SEO and improve rankings. 

Google Insights 

Another very useful Google tool for small business owners, Google Insights allows you to search for a keyword and see how it trends over time. 

It is something a bit similar to Google Trends but more specific and detailed on the metric system they show. 

This helps you to understand how or whether a particular keyword is growing over time in terms of its popularity or not. 

You can also filter the results by restricting them to a particular region or month or season. 

Google Resizer

Every now and then, there is a new device coming up in the market, and that with a different screen size. 

It becomes really tricky to keep up with these screen sizes and craft the best user experience while developing the website or app. 

Google Resizer is a great free online tool for web designers and software developers where material design can be tested across platforms. 

It shows where the breakpoints are and how to optimize or fix them. Resizer shows everything in real-time which definitely a huge feature for a designer. 

Originally, it was specifically designed for Google’s material design but it works great with any URL. 

So small businesses can check how their websites look across different devices, fix where required, and optimize it further. 

Google Keep

There are tons of note-making tools out there, free and paid as well but Google Keep is the most lightweight, easy to use, and simple as possible. 

It is highly effective for micro-managing, keeping notes, and using it as a handy note-making tool on a regular basis. 

The same it does for a business where it is also highly integrated with other Google services. 

You can also invite other employees or team members to edit and be part of the particular note as well. 

It also works as a reminder application wherewith the note you can schedule it on a particular date, time, and even location. 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is more like a weapon for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to grow their online presence on the web. 

The whole point of the website is to gain exposure whether it is a company website or a blog. 

So you can attract a more relevant audience, generate more leads and get sales by making people buy your product or services online. 

Google Analytics is a free tool help you understand all kind of different metrics of your website such as  : 

  • How many visitors do you get monthly, daily and weekly? 
  • Which web pages or posts are doing better as you get specific views on each of them? 
  • How long an average user stays on your website?
  • Where are these users from? 

And whole tons of statistics, breakdowns, and reports getting you detailed insights into your website. 

It does become too technical at some parts and needs some learning curve but website professionals who are managing your website can handle it. 

Google Classroom 

Google Classroom is ideally designed for teachers and students where it allows them to be connected via interactive online classes. 

Teachers are allowed to create these online classes, distribute assignments or homework, send feedback and get a dashboard to see everything at once. 

The tool can be integrated into all different Google Services to make it even more efficient and useful. 

Google Classroom is a perfect piece to add to the whole creation of a paperless educational system. 

PageSpeed Insights 

PageSpeed Insights By Google is a free tool for every small or large business with an online presence. 

It allows you to check your website speed with Google itself and gives you PageSpeed score and suggestions. 

The tool helps small businesses to optimize their website speed in order to increase their user experience.

Increased website loading speed further helps websites to rank higher on Google improving the chances of the purchase on their web pages. 

It offers very detailed insights and also suggestions on how to fix those errors or areas. 

Google Search Console 

Just like Google Analytics, Google Search Console is another free Google tool to retrieve useful data and optimize your websites for search engines. 

It allows you to get all required insights about your website on the basis of which you can analyze and develop SEO and marketing strategies accordingly. 

The tool also detects the health of your website in terms of any potential errors that impact your site performance. 

Google Search Console is ground-breaking in developing the right marketing strategies and managing your website for search engine relevance. 

You can review all the actions suggested in the console and see whether the problem still persists or not. 

Google Scholar 

Another less-popular but extremely useful free Google tool for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and employees to get hands-on. 

It is the tool that holds a humongous database of routine articles on particular topics such as business development. 

This is the best way to do your research to make detailed and extensive reports and studies. 

All you get is scholarly, educational and academic research papers and information, and not some pop article. 

It searches through an extensive variety of sources ranging from research papers, academic publishers, dissertations, abstracts, court opinions, articles and so much more. 

Google Drawings 

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are popularly known amongst individuals and businesses. That goes without saying! 

But there is another lesser-known ‘sibling’ known as Google Drawings which is a more recent addition to Google tools. 

Google Drawings is certainly not a detailed and feature-rich tool such as MS Paint but it is definitely a highly powerful graphical editor. 

More than that, since it is a cloud-based editor, it also allows real-time collaboration from multiple teams. 

At the basic, it is more popularly utilized as an online whiteboard amongst small businesses. 

It allows you to create diagrams, create chart flows, graphics, and much more, and further add to any Google document file. 

Google Shopping Insights 

Shopping Insights is something quite similar to Google Trends. 

The major difference is Google Shopping insights track popular search terms about the products, rather in general.  

Any small business starting an e-commerce website or have an online store can gain immense valuable information from this. 

This tool is capable of spotting the highs and lows of the popularity of products around the world over the years. 

Understanding the rising trends in the market and taking action earlier can be the winning factor. 

You can get all the information displayed visually for better understanding through graphs, charts, maps, and other ways. 

Google Data Studio

Data is becoming the currency in this information age, especially when you are running a business, it can really become a gamechanger. 

Google Data Studio is a free tool offering one of the most unique and helpful reporting insights where it is backing up all the information ever put online. 

This is such a great business intelligence tool from Google for small business owners, and all for free. 

You get this intuitive interface to explore and build insights using the available data. This is also an extended additional version of Google Analytics. 

All the data you study is easy to grasp as available in the form of data charts, graphs, geo maps, pivot tables, and whatnot. 

It also allows users to create and customize the reports and further share it with their employees or co-workers. 

Not to mention, its seamless integration with other Google products and services makes it even better for smooth usability. 

Developer Tools 

Google offers a plethora of helpful tools for developers that aid creators and designers to make better apps and software. 

These free Google developer tools are usually not known to the common internet user or are also not really relevant to all business owners. 

However, they are highly useful for any technology company to develop their application or website app. 

free google tools for small businesses

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