60 Best Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers

Gifting to your coworker can mean a lot. It doesn’t matter what you are gifting, it can be something personalized, practical, or even edible.

When you gift your coworkers, it works as a physical mechanism that shows your admiration, appreciation, and gratitude.

However, coming up with a gift idea can be hard especially now when the interaction is limited to the screens. This can be a hassle

but the general principle of what you should gift your coworkers is still the same.

You just have to gift something which can be thoughtful and fun, also don’t cost much and avoid offending anyone.  Well to strike this balance, here are some of the options that you can consider.

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What Are The Guidelines To Follow Before Gifting Your Coworkers?

Well even though it’s not mandatory, gifting lots of businesses do exchange gifts. Especially if it’s something important or a special day and holiday.

However, giving gifts to coworkers can add lots of pressure. Since it’s not your family or friends, you are dealing with people who work with you. It should be something that can be appropriate, thoughtful, and doesn’t cross the lines.

why gifting coworker good idea

Before you jump to buy the gifts for your co-workers, here are some of the points you need to consider :

Pressure From Group To Gift

Different companies have their own rules regarding gift-giving. It can be donating or charity too.

If your group in the office is planning to gift a colleague, and they are taking up the collection from everyone. Well, you might not feel too comfortable, it can be for different reasons.

Maybe you are not well finally for a moment or you are new. If you are feeling the pressure, it’s important to say it. Let them know that you can’t participate or it’s not in your budget.

Respecting The Price Limits

Well if there is a price limit to gift exchange, for example, let’s say it says the gift should cost less than $30. 

It’s important to don’t exceed the amount.  It will make other people uncomfortable when you gift something too expensive.

Not just that it can affect the spirit of exchange. So respect the price limit which is set for everyone.

Striking The Balance In Gift

One of the reasons why gifting a coworker becomes so hard for people is not knowing what to gift.

You can’t gift something like clothes, jewelry, lotion or perfume as it’s too personal. And  Gag gifts are also no-no especially when you don’t know someone that well.

It can be hit and miss, and you don’t want to take that risk in the workplace.

what gifts never give coworkers

Gifting something wine and liquor are mostly appreciated, but again it can suit someone’s taste or not.

Also pay attention when you gift alcohol to someone, for example, you can’t gift something like this to someone who is recovering from alcohol.

Gift Cash  or Cash Cards

Well, you should not gift something like this in your workplace. Giving cash is not acceptable when it’s from one colleague to another.

The only gift cash or cash cards that employees accept are from the company as a bonus.

What To Gift When You Want To Choose Something Unique?

If you are looking for ideas so you can gift something unique and something that can stand out, well here are some of the ideas that you can consider:

1.The Eco-Friendly Box

Well, the eco-friendly box is a unique gift that you can consider giving to your coworker. It contains different products which are eco-friendly. Also, it’s impressive and supports the environment.

Image source: Pinterest 

It can be a delightful gift and there are options to customize it too.

2. Modern Sprout Herb Kit

The Modern Sprout Herb Kit is an easy solution for growing edible herbs even if someone has no idea how to do it. The good thing is here you don’t have to grow the full garden.

Image source: snacknation

With this gift, your coworker can easily grow their favorite herbs on their own. It will help in enhancing their home cooking but also give an adventurous vibe.

3. The Adults & Crafts Crate

This is an ideal gift to consider if your coworkers are going through something stressful. It will help in giving relief and improving the status of the mind.  With the subscription, the adults and craft crate deliver the kit depending on the new crafting project to engraving each month.

This gift can be a nice break for your coworker from stressful work and help in relaxing. With this, they can take some non-work time and enjoy it without spending too much in front of the screen.

4. Amplify Box 

Amplify box is a unique packed snack that supports the Black people of color and brands founded by women.

Image source : snacknation

This is a guilt-free treat that your coworker will enjoy. Along with this, the sense of supporting something good is helpful too.

5. Cinema Box

Cinema Box is a  customized lightbox and its design is inspired by the old fashion movie theatre marquees.

Image source: snacknation

The cinema box can be used as a display message that can match according to the mood.  With the box, the workspace can look more creative, and it’s fun too.

6. Ember Mug

If your coworker loves drinking coffee or tea, this gift will be extremely unique and useful for them.

Ember Mug is a handy little gadget that will help in keeping coffee or tea to its perfect temperature for a long time.

This can help for day-to-day life in the workplace or home. Your coworker can enjoy their favorite cup of coffee or tea in the middle of a busy day.

7. Destination

Well, if your coworker does a lot of traveling or requires a suit ready for important events. This will help.

It’s a garment bag that comes with a duffle. It’s useful and keeps the suit ready as well as protected from any kind of wrinkles.

The coworker can keep their items here that they might need along with their suit.

8. Virtual Clue Murder Mystery   

If you met your coworkers during a zoom meeting or you are interacting more like this since the office is closed.  This unique gift will make things fun online.

Virtual Clue Murder Mystrystrious is an online game that requires finding the culprit of my murder of a billionaire Neil Davidson.

Image source: outbackteambuilding

To add more fun, it’s time-limited so the culprits should be found before the clock expires.

With this gift, the other coworkers can also participate and have fun together.

What To Gift When You Are Looking For Something Sentimental?

Gifting something sentimental to your coworker can also be a good idea. It can boost the relationship between both as you are considerate towards their feelings.

9. Glass Desk Frame

Gift something like a Glass Desk Frame, it’s a minimalistic frame that can be used for displaying the best photos such as team meetings or company treats.

The design is 100% transparent that will blend with the color of your coworker’s existing décor.

This makes it perfect and looks amazing without worrying about where they should display it.

10. Main Street Mail

Main Street Mail is quite a sentimental gift as perfect for conjuring tons of memories. The box contains the different items giving Disney nostalgia and dreams from childhood.

It will help your coworker to enjoy their forgotten memories. This can be a sweet and reconnecting moment for them.

11. Creativity, Inc by Ed Catmull

Creativity, Inc is written by Ed Catmull and it can be your ideal gift.  This inspirational book is helpful to learn about the leaders at Pixar Animation Studios and their team as well as creative ideas.

Image source: amazon.in

This book will help your coworker to understand things, and they will get inspiration which can be used in real life regardless of which industry it is.

What To Gift When You Are Looking For Something Edible?

Well, gifting something that a coworker can enjoy eating is one of the best ideas. It can be in your budget but also make your coworker equally happy.

11. Grill Master Club

To those coworkers who enjoy the BBQ and have skills both, the Grill Master Club subscription is best for them.

Image source: thegadgeteer

Also, you can say thank you and appreciate their skills. This contains all the spices and needed items that the coworker can enjoy more with their skills.

The hand-selected goods and supplies collection directly handpicked at certified PitMaster is the ideal one to give it a try.

12. Chocolates

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Well, gift something like a 10 piece truffle box to your coworker.  It contains 10 pieces of chocolate goodness that will suit anyone who has a sweet tooth. It’s all presented in a really pretty box which makes it perfect for a gift.

The box also features different flavors such as coffee, hazelnuts, tiramisu, raspberry, etc. Also, chocolates are good for reducing stress and boosting happy feelings during a bad day.

13. Boozy Popcorns

Popcorns are comforting snacks and everyone loves to grab that crunchiness during pass time or enjoying something.

Image source: midnitesnax

Well, you can gift the Boozy Popcorns as it’s a new and grown-up way to enjoy the popcorn.  The gourmet popcorn has different flavors in it, such as amaretto, champagne, and bourbon.

14. Saltwater Taffy Jar

To enjoy the fresh from the beach flavors, the Saltwater taffy jar has such flavors and it comes with a classic candy jar.

The tangy and chewy bite of this taffy will also make them nostalgic about their childhood vacations. 

Image source: coolestthingmadeinutah

The gift is not just good for giving a trip to memory lane but also they will enjoy it during stressful situations or when they want the power boost.

15. Sips +Snack Box

Sips + Snack Box is a perfect gift box if you are looking for something edible. This comes with a wine bar experience that includes snacks that are inspired by charcuterie.

The long ding down with a bottle of vino perfectly pairs up with the snacks, and it’s perfect for health. The balance is ideal and your coworker will enjoy both.

16.Olive Box

Subscription from Olive Box has a set of gourmet olive oil which are filled with big and bold culinary flavors. Also, it has zippy balsamic vinegar.

With the great pair combination of oil and vinegar, the coworker can create a time-tested flavor for their dishes.

Also adding the combination to pasta dishes, salad dressing, etc can enhance the flavors.

What To Gift When You Are Looking For Something Funny?

Choosing Something that can make your coworker laugh, it’s also good. Well with these gifts you can cheer up when their days are not so good.

17. Season Of The Stich

Season Of The Stitch will release the creative side but in a fun and hilarious way.  There are different themes included, it can be a funny and random holiday depending on each month.

This can be fun for the coworkers, they can enjoy their free time doing this. Also, it will help in reducing stress and boosting the creative side.

18. Custom Magnets

Custom magnets are a cute, funny, and adorable gift that you can consider for your coworker.

With classic magnets, you can print awkward or hilarious photos of your entire team or coworker.

Image source: pinterest 

This will make the memories funny, and give a good nostalgic chuckle every time the coworker sees those custom magnets.

19. Unicorn Dream Box

To channel the inner child, Unicorn Dream Box is perfect. This includes all the unicorn items which your grown-up coworker might need.

This can be a way to rekindle the memories and love for the unicorns. With this, they will get the desk accessories too.

20. Quirky Crate

This can be cute and funny, the box comes with 100% quirky, silly goodies. This includes a different kind of stationery, accessories, and socks.

With each different subscription, the coworker will never know what they will get this time. It can be exciting and different that they will enjoy.

What To Gift When You Are Looking For A Birthday?

Planning a gift for a birthday? Well, it depends on whom you’re gifting. Also to know what you can gift, here are some of the ideas.

21. Cozy Blanket

You might have someone in your team who always feels cold. Well, you can gift the cozy blanket to them as it will keep them warm and relax.

Cozy blankets can depend on whom you are gifting as there are several types you will get in the market.  You can purchase the customized throw blankets too.

22. Petite Zebra Plant

Petite Zebra Plant is adorable and sized 4”,  it comes with haworthia succulent nestled beautifully in this planter. It’s perfect for desktop display.

Image source: giftagram 

Not just the cower will elevate the look of their desktop décor without much effort but also the greenery also helps in giving freshness to a tiring day.

23.Desk Stationery Organizer

To those coworkers whose desks are always messy because they don’t know where to put their stationery, you can give a desk stationery organizer.

This will help them in saving their time in finding what they want but also keep their desk clean.

24. Magnetic Hourglass

Desktop Magnetic Hourglass is modern and also a perfect gift for your coworker.  This adds elegance to the desk and improves the overall look.

The hourglass is a reinvention of the traditional one. However, instead of sand, you get the magnetic iron filings that also form artistic and interstice patterns.

25. Wrist Support Pads

Working on a laptop or in front of screens is too tiring. However, the most overlooked thing is the wrist and it causes problems in the future.

Image source: Aliexpress

There are different kinds of wrist support pads in the market, you can choose any of them. Not only does it show consideration of yours but also it will keep the coworker’s wrist pain-free when they work.

28. Stationery Set

There are different places where you will get the customized stationery set. This can also be a different birthday gift for your coworker.

You can order one, depending on whom you are gifting.  The stationary set looks pretty and also goes perfectly with the coworker.

29. Birthday Candles

Candles can be perfect for anyone, no matter if your coworker is a man or a woman.  You can purchase budget-friendly candles, and this will keep their desk or apartment smells great for a time being.

Also, it’s not too personal so you can gift it to someone whom you don’t know. It can be someone who recently joined or someone who didn’t have the chance to talk.

30. Makeup Pouch

If your coworker is a female, you can gift them a pretty make-up pouch. For lots of coworkers, bringing makeup in their bag can be messy and also damages the product.

With the makeup pouch, they can separate and keep their makeup safe.

31. Personalized Starbucks Cup

Well to those coworkers who are huge fans of Starbucks, you can consider gifting personalized Starbuck cups.

Image source: pinterest 

These cups can be reused. Also, they will never get their name produced wrong or misspelled when they visit their coffee joint.

32. Flavored Lip Balm

The set of cute lip balms in different flavors can be a useful and pretty gift for your female coworkers.

There are different stores from where you can purchase lip balms and get the customized option.  You can easily get the brands that offer natural ingredients in their lip balms, Also these ones have the better quality and will smell heavenly.

You can purchase the set and gift it to your female coworkers as it can be one of the pretty gifts. 

33. MoodyCards

Well if your coworker is someone who loves making another laugh, then you can consider Moodycards.

Image source: pinterest 

The mood cards are for fun and they can be useful for writing down the mood of the day. This makes the desk look much better and more fun.

The owner can write down what they are feeling and it would be a fun task to do every day.

What To Gift When You Want To Say Thank You?

Well If you are looking for gifts to show your appreciation and thanking your coworkers for their offers. Or maybe to uplift your mood when you are having a bad day in the office.

Here are some of the gifts that you can consider :

34. The Plant Club

If your coworker loves green, this can be an option to choose from. The Plant Club comes with a subscription box and is filled with tools, pots, and plants.

This will also boost the house plant idea. They can grow their plants in their own home.  There are different options and they can make their little garden too.

35. Petite Bliss Plant

Petite Bliss Plant is an attractive echeveria succulent that is perfect for upgrading the display look and admiration. Also, this comes with a planter.

Image source: pinterest 

The planters look lovely for everyday use. It gives a thank you vibe every day to them.

36. The California  Wine Mixer Flight

The California Wine Mixer Flight comes with 8 mini bottles, and all filled with incredible wines.

It will take them on a tour of golden vineyards and sun-drenched coast.

Image source: pinterest 

The wine collection has different ranges, it includes whites, reds, rose, etc.

If your coworker loves wines and has a habit of discovering new wines, this will be the best gift to consider.

37. Dwell Relaxation Set

Dwell Relaxation Set comes with a wool blanket which is extra warm and soft. It also includes a set of cedar and lavender.

The set will keep them enjoying their work when they want to disconnect from technology for a while. The incense cones are made using sandalwood and essential oils. Also, it includes smoke, lavender, etc that is perfect for a relaxed evening.

38. Purple Vertigo Candle Club

With the monthly subscription of Purple Vertigo Candles, the coworker will get the carefully curated selection of seasonal collections in scented candles to them every month.

Image source: Pinterest 

With these scented candles,  they can use them to de-stress,  relax and also find their zen after doing their work.

It also helps in slowing down the time, so they can find a comfortable spot and relax their me-time.

What To Gift Your Coworkers For Christmas?

Christmas is a day for receiving gifts, and the same goes for the workplace too. Well if you are considering what to gift on Christmas that make your coworker feel happy and here are few suggestions for you :

39. Fully Custom Scarf

Why not gift a cozy and fully customized scarf to your coworker? Well, it can be the perfect gift that they can use during the cold season.

You can make it more customized by adding what you think will suit their taste. Also, everyone needs a soft and warm scarf every year when the cold wind starts to freeze the bones.

40. Comfortable Socks Sets

Keeping feet comfortable and warm during the winter season, well gift a comfortable set of socks to your coworker.

Image source: Pinterest

You can choose different patterns, or find something funny.  If you know their dislikes or likes, you can get more personalized with the option.

41. Sassy Plant And Succulent

Adding the plant to the workspace can add more life to it. Also by gifting the sassy plant and succulent, it will look fun and pretty.

It will draw laughs from your coworker whenever they see the punny lines written on these pots.

42. Sticky Notes

Well, if you have a coworker who is obsessed with sticky notes, then why not gift one to them?

There is a different kind of sticky note that can help your coworker stay organized and keep their day planned.

This can be useful and also it can be a perfect gift when you are not sure what else you should gift your coworker.

43. Personalized Journal

Journaling has its own benefits and you can encourage your coworker by gifting the personalized journal to them.

If they are already doing this,  then they can use it for the future as well. The personalized journal looks pretty and you can get their name printed on it too.

44. Allay Diffuser

You can gift the Allay Diffuser to the coworker who enjoys the fragrance of essential oil around them.

Image source: bombayelectronics

Not only is it helpful for soothing the mind but also boosts the mood. There are several health benefits that coworkers can enjoy. 

45. Modern Water Bottle

Modern water bottles are good as they are reusable and look trendy. There are different sizes i.e. 14 to 84 ounces.

You can gift the reusable water bottle to your coworker as a Christmas gift. This will be a gentle reminder to keep themselves hydrated and this can be used.

Also, there are different types and designs you get, you can choose that suit your coworker.

What To Gift For Your Coworkers That Are Working Remotely?

During the pandemic, most of the companies worked remotely. If you are looking for gifts that you can send to your coworkers who are working remotely here are some of the options to consider :

46. Workday Wellness Pack

During the pandemic and home office setting, people tend not to focus on their health. Also even if they want to, it becomes difficult.

With a workday wellness pack, you can gift the different wellness materials. It includes a reusable water bottle and face mask

Also, they will get all the needed items for staying well.

47. Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet coffee is an ideal option for those who want to change their coffee style. Well, gourmet coffee is also similar to regular coffee, however, it has the texture of raw coffee, taste, and aroma. Also, it includes a hint of flavors, it can be caramel, vanilla, mint, etc.

Image source: forbes

Gifting gourmet coffee to your coworker can be a good option, as everyone needs the coffee to carry out the stressful work. Maybe they don’t have enough time to go and get their coffee. This will be helpful and they will appreciate it.

48. Ebooks

Ebooks can be a gift to consider if your coworker has an interest in reading.  There are different platforms you will get, it’s convenient for those who find traditional ways too bothersome or inconvenient.

However, to enjoy the ebooks, the person should have a subscription.  You can gift the favorite books or recommendations to the coworker based on what they like.

You can send the kindle subscription as a gift, also it will help them in getting more books to read.

50. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are perfect for getting some good relaxation and personal care.  The scrumptiously scented candles will help in bringing a calm and soothing atmosphere to the room or home office.

This can help in getting through a hard day or stressful time. Also, it can improve the mood and brighten up the place where they work.

You can pick different colors too as there are some great options available.

51. Unplugged Box

Unplugged Box includes different yummy treats and relaxing items. it can be a great way to make your coworker feel fresh after a hard day.

This will be a good reminder of taking a break and practicing self-care. Also, they will enjoy their time away from work and screen.

52. Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs are one of those gifts which are suitable for everyone on every occasion. Also, it’s a common gift but still, it’s relevant which makes it perfect.

Image source: vantagecircleblog

Working from home can be tiring, and who doesn’t drink tea or coffee? Especially when they are working for long hours.  Coffee mugs can be used for this and also for other beverages.

53. Home Office Essential Box

Since the employees have to work from their homes, chances are that they don’t have all the essential items.

You can gift them the home official essential box so they can work properly and set up their work corner.

You can customize it according to what you can add, it includes desk lamps, desk organizers, calendars,  pens, water bottles, etc.

54. Neck Pillow

Working too long might hurt the neck, and you can gift the neck pillow to solve that issue.

When someone sits and works for 8 hours straight, it’s obvious to have back pain and create stress.

A neck pillow will help in getting some relaxation.

Even if they are working from home,  they will still be required to work for hours. Not just that it includes handling a lot of house chores too.

What To Gift When You Are Looking For Something Inexpensive?

Maybe you don’t have much of a budget to gift something to your coworker. However not gifting something can consider as rude

But here are some of the options that are not just inexpensive but also something that your coworkers will love.

55. Mind Trap 3D Puzzle

Mind Trap 3D Puzzle is another idea you can consider, it will keep the curious mind busy for several hours.

With this the coworker can play when they are free, also it helps in boosting concentration too. The classic wooden puzzle also adds character to their desk space.

It’s the perfect excuse to take a  break which can be quick as well as enriching as well.

56. Screen Cleaner And Microfiber Cloth

Well, it’s one of the most needed things that everyone needs, including your coworker.  The screen gets dirty and gifting the screen cleaner might help them.

Also using microfiber cloth will keep the screen protected. It will clean germs and grease better.

57. Mini Cactus Humidifier

You can also gift the mini cactus humidifier, The adorable humidifier looks cute and perks up the décor of the desk.

Image source: NBCnews

Also, it comes with a USB port, and with this little humidifier, it will help in avoiding dry or stuffy air.

It prevents the germs from transferring on the skin, lipped or chapped hands too.

58. Reusable Drinking Straw

There are lots of places where you can get reusable straws. These are good for the environment but it looks good too.

You can purchase stainless steel and reusable straw. Pack it nicely and gift it to your coworker and they will love it.

59. Classic Notebooks

Give the classic notebooks to your colleague who has a lot to write. With the classic notebook where they can jot down their ideas,  big ideas, and quotes that inspire them.

Also, it will keep their desk clean from sticky notes. Also, the notebook will be safe and handy.

60. Ladybug Desktop Vacuum

Well, you can gift the ladybug desktop vacuum which not just looks cute but it works too. This is not just for decoration as it cleans the dust buster, crumb clean and vacuum cleaner all in one.

Image source: Amazon

For those coworkers who spill what they eat and drink on the desk frequently, this little desktop vacuum will help in keeping their desk clean.

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