35+ Hipster Business Ideas: Unconventional Ventures for the Modern Creative

Hipster businesses are all about unique and cool ideas. They focus on things like handmade products, local goods, and vintage stuff. Think of cozy coffee shops with special coffee blends, shops selling old-fashioned clothes, or small breweries making craft beers.

These businesses are not like big chain stores. They offer special things you can’t find everywhere. People who love hipster businesses enjoy the idea of supporting local and independent creators.

Whether it’s a quirky café, a vintage store, or a small craft brewery, hipster businesses are all about standing out and doing things differently. They’re for people who want something special and original.

Hipster Business Ideas

Second-hand Book Shop

While online platforms have mostly taken over the sale of books, many people, especially hipsters, prefer to buy them physically. You must agree there is a memorable experience in browsing a bookstore, looking for that perfect book!?

Opening a second-hand book shop is a fantastic hipster business idea if you think about it. A place where that old book smell is evident everywhere, plus books at low prices, that’s a deal right there!

It requires less investment from your side, and you can start small. Make the place cozy and inviting, and there you have it! ?

Coffee Shop

A good cuppa is everyone’s guilty pleasure. A good cup in a friendly, quiet ambiance sounds like a dream come true.☕

Since you want the hipster crowd at your store, try having special flavors and different blends. Make your store unique by getting different flavors and types of coffee. 

You can easily also liven up the place by hosting regular shows by local artists to keep the crowd coming! Having art made by local artists is also a great way to attract more customers.

Tattoo Shop

Tattoos are an all-time favorite among hipsters. It’s practically their signature style, and you will only find a hipster with tattoos! So why open a tattoo shop and let your artistic side show itself??

But remember, this hipster business idea needs a lot of time before it becomes successful. If you want the hipster to knock at your doorstep, you must be exceptionally good at tattoos! It would be ideal if you become an apprentice under someone for a while before starting on your own.

Once you have the skills, you can profit significantly from even the most straightforward designs. Or start doing full tattoo sleeves for that magnificent look and big bucks!✨

Temporary Tattoo Shop

Tattoos are very cool, but only some are ready to commit to something permanent on their skin. The best solution to their problems is getting a temporary tattoo to shop off. People get to be hipsters without the doom of regretting their decision.?‍?️

Temporary tattoo shops are hard to come by, so if you open one, this hipster business idea will quickly become a successful shop! A temporary tattoo shop is a place where you can get a tattoo just for fun without worrying yourself to death.

Profits are significant, and if your clients like your designs, they will be back to try out more before getting themselves permanently inked. 

Food Truck

In my opinion, food trucks are god’s boon on Earth. I’ve tasted the best foods of different cuisines on food trucks the most! And what’s more? Starting a food truck is easy, convenient, and highly profitable if you place it in a good, crowded area.

If cooking comes to you quickly and people have come in love with the food you make, then this is the right opportunity for you!?‍?

Food trucks are trendy among hipsters for their cheap yet delicious food. You can specialize in one cuisine or have a bit of everything mixed in together.

Drinkware Shop

Hipsters love a good drink, whether it be coffee or any other kind of beverage. You can almost always find them with a cup in hand. Why don’t you make use of this chance while also helping the environment?☺️

Disposable cups are bad for the ecosystem, and opening a shop that sells different kinds of drinkware is just the right kind of hipster business idea! Having diverse and unique cups, holders, and jars will quickly make your shop popular and full of clients. 

Since you are also helping the environment, it will put you in society’s good books, and your profits will increase quickly without hindrance.?

Vintage Stationery Store

Hoarding different, unique, and stunning stationery has been an impulsion of mine. I cannot resist a good-looking notebook or a special pen. It’s the thought that I share with our beloved hipsters!?️

Everyone loves to own unique, vintage stationery at one time or another; they make you look fabulous. Journaling has been in trend for some years now, and damn, the amount of stationery, from vintage stickers to colorful handmade paper and whatnot, requires everything. 

Opening a vintage stationery shop requires a rare and unique inventory, so if you have a knack for that, go ahead and start earning those bucks!

Thrift Store

Fast fashion is out of style! Hipsters care about the planet, and one big step to reduce landfill is to thrift! Everyone prefers to thrift shop nowadays, whether it be clothes, accessories, or shoes.

Even if you will face many difficulties when starting up, for example, donations, making an inventory, and setting up a shop. Thrift stores, if run properly, are highly profitable in the long run. If you stock different and out-of-the-box clothes, keep hipster fashion in mind.?

Don’t give up hope in the first few months, and let the business grow at its own pace until you see those profits increase.

Craft Beer Shop

A good beer is a precedent of good conversations! Beer is there for it all, whether it is to chill with friends or nurse a broken heart. And the hipsters know this, and they do love a good beer. ??

If you open a shop selling craft beer specifically, you will see those youngsters filtering in faster than you can say ‘welcome’! So without further ado, let’s get started!

I recommend keeping a myriad of beer types on hand if you want to see those bucks increasing at an inhuman rate.

Antique Store

Suppose you have an eye for antiques and know your pieces from one to another, like me, then opening an antique shop might be the best for you. Knowledge about heirlooms and antique pieces from the beginning keeps you ahead in this race.?

Procuring the pieces to sell should be easy enough when you know where and what to look for. But opening an antique shop requires a good chunk of money, and you would see little profits for the first few months. 

Collecting antiques is becoming quite popular among hipsters, so if you have good pieces to show, your shop will bloom! Profits will be big here, but they will be few. If you are alright with that, then go ahead!?

Instruments Shop

Anyone who doesn’t like music should not be allowed to live in this society! People who can produce music are the most talented on Earth, so if you sell instruments, you are doing this society a great favor!?

Hipsters are incredible, and so is playing an instrument, so naturally, hipsters love music, and they love playing it! Opening an instrument shop is an excellent hipster business idea, and you should try it!

Keep different kinds of instruments, from guitars to flutes, and you can have a little bit of everything. Another great idea would be focusing on one instrument and having all its types and kinds. Either way, customers will be flowing in soon enough. ?

Art Gallery

Another excellent hipster business idea is opening an art gallery. Opening an art gallery is a fantastic way to contribute to society and uplift budding artists!?

Although buying a place and converting it into an art gallery will cost you a pretty penny, after some time, you will earn back the investment in triples or more. 

Here you can showcase the work of local hipsters who need that little push to be successful! Be their guiding star and help them reach their dreams!

Best Hipster Business Ideas

Artisan Donut Shop

Sweet, small bites of deliciousness, donuts are loved by everyone. Hipsters love anything aesthetically pleasing, and if they get food alongside that, why not??

This could be your destination if you have creative instincts and love to bake different things! Take a leap and grasp this hipster business idea right now!

Open a donut shop where people can get an assortment of donuts or custom order them according to their requirements. Also, keep the original flavors around, which will make you an all-rounder and keep those bucks flowing!

Begin a Book Club

Starting a book club is a wonderful way to foster a love for reading and connect with like-minded individuals.

Gather a group of avid readers, choose a diverse selection of books, and set regular meeting dates to discuss your literary adventures. It’s an opportunity to explore different genres, share unique perspectives, and deepen your understanding of literature.

Whether you prefer classics, contemporary fiction, or non-fiction, a book club creates a supportive space to share ideas and enjoy the magic of storytelling together. So, grab your first book and embark on this enriching literary journey with friends!

Launch a Mobile Karaoke Experience

Launching a mobile karaoke experience brings the joy of singing directly to people’s doorstep. This innovative venture allows you to set up a portable karaoke station at various events, parties, and even public spaces.

With a diverse song library and high-quality sound equipment, you’ll provide a memorable and entertaining experience for your clients.

Whether it’s birthday celebrations, corporate gatherings, or community events, your mobile karaoke service will be the life of the party, making every moment a musical adventure for all to enjoy.

Create a Drinkware Brand

Creating a drinkware brand offers a unique opportunity to blend functionality with style. Whether you’re passionate about eco-friendly materials, minimalist aesthetics, or innovative designs, your brand can reflect your vision.

Start by researching market trends and consumer preferences to identify your niche. From custom coffee mugs and reusable water bottles to artisanal glassware, the options are limitless.

Focus on quality, sustainability, and appealing branding to stand out in a competitive market. With the right approach, you can quench consumers’ thirst for trendy and reliable drinkware while building a successful brand.

Establish a Handmade Goods Business

Starting a handmade goods business is a delightful journey of creativity and entrepreneurship. This venture allows you to turn your passion for crafting into a profitable endeavor.

Whether you specialize in handcrafted jewelry, textiles, ceramics, or any other artisanal products, the market for unique, personalized items is thriving.

By establishing your handmade goods business, you can showcase your artistic skills, offer customers one-of-a-kind creations, and tap into a growing niche market that values authenticity and craftsmanship.

With dedication and a keen eye for quality, your handmade goods can find a special place in the hearts of customers looking for something truly unique.

Initiate a Food Delivery Service

Starting a food delivery service can be a lucrative entrepreneurial venture in today’s fast-paced world. With the growing demand for convenient dining options, launching your own service could be a promising endeavor.

You’ll need a well-thought-out business plan, a reliable network of restaurants, efficient delivery logistics, and a user-friendly app or website.

By offering a diverse menu selection and ensuring timely deliveries, you can carve a niche in this competitive industry, satisfying the appetites of busy individuals and food enthusiasts alike while reaping the rewards of a flourishing business.

Set up An Art Business

Setting up an art business is an exciting endeavor for creative individuals with a passion for art and entrepreneurship.

Whether you’re an artist looking to sell your own creations or someone interested in curating and promoting art from various talents, it’s a journey filled with endless possibilities.

Key steps include defining your niche, building an online presence, sourcing quality materials, and establishing a marketing strategy. Success in the art business not only offers financial rewards but also the satisfaction of sharing your artistic vision with a broader audience.

Pursue Temporary Tattoo Artistry

Embrace the world of temporary tattoo artistry as a unique and expressive creative pursuit. Temporary tattoos offer a canvas for artists to experiment with various styles, from minimalist designs to intricate masterpieces, without the lifelong commitment of permanent ink.

Dive into this trendy and ever-evolving art form to showcase your talent, explore diverse clientele, and even turn it into a thriving business.

With the freedom to change designs regularly, both artists and enthusiasts can enjoy the dynamic, ever-changing world of temporary tattoo artistry.

Open a Coffee Shop

Opening a coffee shop can be a rewarding venture for those passionate about coffee and community.

This business opportunity offers a platform to showcase artisanal brews, cozy ambiance, and friendly service. From sourcing high-quality beans to crafting unique, Instagram-worthy drinks, a coffee shop allows for creativity and personalization.

Moreover, it fosters a sense of belonging among regulars, making it a hub for social interaction.

While it demands careful planning and dedication, a well-executed coffee shop can become a beloved neighborhood institution and a dream come true for coffee enthusiasts turned entrepreneurs.

Operate a Used Book Store

Operating a used book store is a charming and rewarding venture. It’s a haven for book lovers and provides a sustainable way to share the joy of reading.

You’ll curate a collection of pre-loved books, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for customers to browse and discover hidden literary gems.

Building a loyal community of readers is key, and events like author readings and book clubs can add vibrancy to your store. With the right passion and dedication, a used book store can be both financially viable and a haven for bibliophiles.

Venture Into Vintage Reselling

“Venture Into Vintage Reselling” offers a captivating journey into the world of timeless treasures. Embracing the charm of bygone eras, this business endeavor involves curating and selling vintage items, from clothing to collectibles.

Whether you’re passionate about retro fashion, antique furniture, or classic vinyl records, vintage reselling provides a unique opportunity to turn your love for the past into a profitable venture.

Explore the allure of nostalgia and sustainability as you uncover hidden gems and connect with a community of fellow enthusiasts while earning a sustainable income.

Establish a Record Store

Establishing a record store can be a rewarding venture for music enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike. With the resurgence of vinyl records and a growing appreciation for physical music formats, it’s an opportune time to dive into this niche market.

To succeed, you’ll need a passion for music, a carefully curated selection of records, and a welcoming atmosphere that draws in both audiophiles and casual shoppers.

Building a community around your store, hosting events, and embracing the hipster culture of music exploration can set your record store apart and create a thriving business.

Catchy Hipster Business Ideas

Create a Hipster Clothing Brand

Creating a hipster clothing brand is an exciting venture that allows you to blend fashion with individuality and creativity. Start by defining your unique style, drawing inspiration from vintage aesthetics, indie culture, and contemporary trends.

Craft a brand identity that resonates with the hipster ethos, emphasizing sustainability, authenticity, and a DIY spirit. Curate a collection of clothing that reflects your vision, using eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods.

Engage with your target audience through social media and local events, building a loyal following of like-minded individuals who appreciate your distinctive fashion sensibilities.

Start a Second-Hand Shoe and Bag Shop

Starting a second-hand shoe and bag shop can be a rewarding venture that appeals to fashion-conscious consumers while promoting sustainability.

By curating a collection of gently-used footwear and bags, you offer customers a budget-friendly way to access quality fashion items. Thrifting is on the rise, and your shop can tap into this growing trend.

Additionally, repurposing and reselling these items reduces waste, contributing positively to the environment. With a keen eye for stylish pieces and a passion for eco-conscious retail, you can create a unique shopping experience while building a profitable business.

Launch a Paper Craft Design Enterprise

Embarking on a journey to launch a paper craft design enterprise is an exciting venture that allows you to transform your passion for creativity into a thriving business.

In this niche industry, you’ll craft intricate paper creations, from greeting cards to intricate decorations, offering customers a unique, handmade touch. Success in this field hinges on impeccable design, attention to detail, and marketing prowess.

With the right blend of creativity and business acumen, your paper craft design enterprise can flourish, catering to a growing demand for personalized, artisanal products in the market.

Establish a Gift Basket Business

Establishing a gift basket business offers a rewarding entrepreneurial opportunity. Crafting unique, personalized gift baskets allows you to showcase creativity and cater to diverse occasions.

You can curate baskets for birthdays, weddings, corporate events, or holidays, making it a versatile venture. Sourcing high-quality products and creating visually appealing arrangements are key.

Moreover, marketing and an online presence can help you reach a broader audience. As the gift-giving tradition never goes out of style, a well-executed gift basket business can thrive while bringing joy to others.

Begin a Throw Pillow Design Company

Embark on a creative journey by starting your own Throw Pillow Design Company. This venture allows you to channel your artistic flair into unique home decor items.

Dive into the world of fabrics, colors, and patterns, creating cozy cushions that reflect your distinctive style. Whether you prefer minimalistic elegance or bold, eclectic designs, there’s a market for personalized throw pillows.

With the rise of online marketplaces and customization trends, your business can flourish, offering customers the perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics for their homes.

Dive Into the Craft Beer Market

Diving into the craft beer market is an exhilarating journey for beer enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike.

This booming industry thrives on innovation and quality, attracting consumers seeking unique flavors and authentic experiences. Craft breweries, with their artisanal approach to brewing, offer a diverse range of beer styles, from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts.

As a business venture, the craft beer market promises opportunities for creativity and community engagement. With the right recipe and branding, you can tap into this dynamic market and quench the thirst of beer connoisseurs.

Offer Cocktail Classes

Unlock the art of mixology with our engaging cocktail classes! Whether you’re a seasoned bartender looking to refine your skills or a complete novice eager to shake things up, our classes cater to all levels of expertise.

Led by our talented mixologists, you’ll learn the secrets behind crafting exquisite cocktails, from classic favorites to trendy concoctions.

Join us for a fun and interactive experience that will leave you with the knowledge and confidence to impress your friends at your next gathering. Cheers to new adventures in cocktail craftsmanship!

Start an Antique Instrument Store

Starting an antique instrument store can be a rewarding venture for music enthusiasts and collectors alike.

By curating a unique selection of vintage guitars, pianos, violins, and other musical artifacts, you can cater to a niche market of connoisseurs and musicians seeking a touch of history in their instruments.

Building relationships with local musicians and promoting your store’s authenticity can set you apart in this specialized field. With a passion for music and an appreciation for the past, your antique instrument store can strike a harmonious chord with customers and collectors.

Start a Coffee Shop

Starting a coffee shop can be a rewarding entrepreneurial venture. Beyond serving your favorite brews, it offers a cozy space for people to socialize, work, or unwind.

To succeed, you’ll need a well-thought-out business plan, prime location, and a unique selling proposition, whether it’s artisanal coffee blends, a serene ambiance, or exceptional customer service.

With a strong focus on quality, branding, and community engagement, you can create a thriving coffee haven that not only satisfies caffeine cravings but also fosters a loyal customer base.

Profitable Hipster Business Ideas

Establish a Used Book Store

Establishing a used book store is a rewarding venture for book lovers and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

By offering a curated selection of pre-loved books, you can create a cozy and inviting space for avid readers to browse and discover literary gems. The charm of a used book store lies in its unique character, as each book carries its own history.

You’ll not only foster a sense of nostalgia but also contribute to sustainable consumption by giving old books new life. With careful curation and a welcoming atmosphere, your used book store can become a beloved community hub for book enthusiasts.

Launch a Vintage Record Store

Embark on a nostalgic journey and immerse yourself in the world of music by launching your very own vintage record store.

With vinyl’s resurgence in popularity, a vintage record store offers a unique and timeless experience for music enthusiasts. Curate a collection of classic albums, rare gems, and limited-edition releases to cater to a diverse clientele.

Create an inviting atmosphere where customers can browse, listen, and connect with the rich history of music. Your vintage record store will not only sell music but also preserve a cherished era of analog sound.

Found an Old Fashioned Paper Goods Store

Discovering an old-fashioned paper goods store is like stepping into a time capsule of vintage charm.

The tactile pleasure of flipping through handcrafted stationery, parchment paper, and leather-bound journals evokes nostalgia for a bygone era.

These quaint stores offer an escape from the digital age, celebrating the art of letter writing and thoughtful gifting.

Whether you’re seeking elegant wedding invitations, unique gifts, or simply the joy of holding a beautifully crafted piece of paper, these stores transport you to a world where tradition and craftsmanship reign supreme.

Create an Artisan Donut Shop

Creating an artisan donut shop is a delectable venture that combines culinary creativity with a trendy and hipster twist. These establishments prioritize crafting unique, handcrafted donuts that break away from the ordinary.

To excel in this business, one must experiment with flavors, textures, and designs, offering customers an unforgettable experience.

With the rising demand for artisanal and gourmet treats, such a business can become a local favorite, attracting donut enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of aesthetics and taste.

Open a Tattoo Business

Opening a tattoo business is an exciting and creative venture that allows you to turn your passion for art into a thriving career.

To start, you’ll need to gain expertise in tattooing techniques, acquire the necessary licenses and permits, and set up a safe and sterile studio space. Building a strong portfolio and establishing a unique artistic style will help you attract clients.

Effective marketing, excellent customer service, and a commitment to health and safety are crucial for success in this unique and dynamic industry.

Operate a Second Hand Shop

Operating a second-hand shop can be a rewarding venture. It involves curating a collection of pre-loved items, from clothing and furniture to electronics and vintage finds, and offering them to a thrifty, eco-conscious customer base.

This business not only promotes sustainability by reducing waste but also allows you to tap into the charm of nostalgia and unique finds.

Success in this industry depends on your ability to source quality items, create an appealing shopping experience, and connect with a community of bargain hunters and collectors.

Rolling out a food truck is an exciting venture that has taken the culinary world by storm. This mobile kitchen on wheels offers aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts a unique opportunity to showcase their culinary skills and creativity.

With lower startup costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants, food trucks are a flexible and trendy way to bring delicious cuisine to diverse locations. From gourmet burgers to gourmet desserts, the possibilities are endless.

So, if you’re passionate about food and eager to hit the road, consider rolling out a food truck to serve up culinary delights wherever your wheels may take you.

Look Into a Foodie Franchise

“Unlock your culinary dreams and explore the delectable world of franchising with a foodie franchise.

From gourmet burger joints to artisanal ice cream shops, food franchises offer a tantalizing opportunity for entrepreneurs who are passionate about good food.

Dive into a thriving industry, benefit from established branding, and savor the sweet taste of success. Whether you’re an experienced restaurateur or a novice in the food business, a foodie franchise is a savory way to turn your passion for flavors into a profitable venture.”


Hipster business ideas are all about thinking differently and pursuing your passions. They thrive on uniqueness and cater to specific tastes. Whether it’s making handcrafted items or serving artisanal food, these ideas offer a chance to stand out and succeed in your own way. so, if you’re ready to embrace your creativity, hipster business ideas could be the way to go.

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