12 Business Ideas for Drone Trainer

Current technology in the world has reached a point where small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS), essentially hobby-sized remote-controlled airplanes and helicopters, are more accessible now than ever before, both in terms of their relatively low prices and ease of flight control.

It is probably also obvious to those paying attention that these camera-equipped unnamed aerial vehicles (UAVs) which are most often referred to as “drones” would also fundamentally change a number of industries and become the basis of the “ next great land rush in tech”.

So, do you love flying drones? If so, nothing could be better than starting a business that’s based on your favorite activity. Various start-ups have already made use of the technology, incorporating unmanned aircraft in their everyday corporate activities.

The commercial drone industry is booming and still in its infancy, now is a good a time as any to get into the business of drones.

The more time spent on due diligence and advance preparation, the greater your odds of starting a successful business – and that applies to starting a drone business.

Do some preliminary market research — survey businesses and potential clients in your locale that might benefit from drone services. Find out if there are any competitors — is the target market already saturated or not.

There are so many areas you can start a drone business, from simple aerial photography to inspecting construction sites, creating mapping software or even a drone repair service. As more and more people look to fly drones as a professional, the need for legitimate training courses will increase.

Have a business plan – A lot of small businesses fail because they are not well thought out and have no plan, don’t be one these failures. Have a plan in hand so that you have a clear vision of where you would like your business to be within a certain time period. Also having a plan means you will have procedures to follow for if/when things go wrong.

If you are a qualified drone instructor and have experience in teaching others, you can turn this knowledge into a business. You can offer training courses to help people pass the necessary tests to become a qualified UAV pilot.

home business ideas for drone trainer

Business ideas for starting your own Drone-training business:

Offer training courses to help people learn how fly a drone: More and more people are interested in learning how to fly a drone. If you have experience with the technology and you’re a certified pilot, launching a course-based business will certainly be a great idea.

Offer theoretical and practical sessions: The drone flying courses usually involve theoretical and practical sessions. Students spend one-on-one time with the instructor, learning the basic maneuvers and the safe use of drones to take pictures or capture footage.

Teach how to use the simulator: If you’re planning to offer drone flying courses, you’ll need the UAV itself and a simulation program. Students will usually start using the simulator first to master the basics and reduce the risk of accidents while flying an actual drone.

This is the only type of investment you’ll have to make in order to get your drone school started.

Offer license and certification to the students: It’s also possible to offer students licenses and certifications. For this purpose, check out which organizations are responsible for handing such certificates in your country and what it takes to become one of their authorized instructors.

Drone regulation: As with any new technology that may affect public safety or privacy, governments are scrambling to establish regulations for the use of drones.

Checking the current regulations will be the first thing you want to do when you’re thinking of starting a drone business.

There several more ideas for you such as:

Customized Training

  • Recreational training
  • Training to Government Agencies
  • UAV Mapping and Modelling
  • Broadcast Media
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Teach others  about Starting a Drone Business
  • Offer training to Fire Departments
  • Offer training to Police Departments
  • Aerial Photography
  • Real Estates

Other than the above-mentioned business, ideas,  you can also consider offer courses to people who are willing to become a drone pilot about various drone operations such as:

Various Drone Flight Operations

  • Hazardous Flight Operations
  • Emergency Operations
  • Lost Link Procedures
  • LiPo Batteries
  • Aeronautical Decision-Making (ADM)
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • 5 Hazardous Attitudes
  • Radio Communications
  • UAS Loading and Performance
  • UAS maintenance and inspection
  • Pre flight checklist

You can also provide people with some additional lectures followed by the training courses and earn extra good amount of money.

You can offer some bonus lectures as:

  • Flight Simulator and Basic Proficiency Training
  • How to Conduct Airspace Research
  • Guidance regarding Airspace Authorization and Waivers
  • Guidance Drone Liability and Hull Insurance
  • Guidance Pricing Your Drone Services
  • Teach Using Drones to do Real Estate / Property Marketing
  • Give ideas about Key Legal Considerations for Starting a Drone Business

However, drone Entrepreneurs suffer losses, as they refuse to make any modifications in the existing production methods. These entrepreneurs are conservative or orthodox in outlook. They never like to get rid of their traditional business and traditional machinery or systems of the business. Running a business is not easy.

Running an offline business will be a lot harder. That is why you should thoroughly research and plan what kind of drone business you want to start and proceed from there.

If you are serious about starting a drone business, you will have to do a lot of research. Do your own market analysis and see if what other resources will be required to start your own drone business.

After you have estimated the costs and the work that will be required, you will be in a better position to make a decision whether this is a good business opportunity for you.

Personally, I think if you are interested in drones and how to make money with them (you wouldn’t be reading this if you were not), there is an opportunity for everyone. You will just have to pick which one best suits your needs and go forward with it.

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