15+ Business Ideas and Tips for Hair Stylists

Do you love styling hair to get the perfect look? Are you an enthusiast when it comes to applying new hairstyles on people and it works like magic? If “yes” then you should start considering on starting a home business on the same.

Your skills and passion will drive you a long way in earning a respectable living from the business.

Dong what you have a flair for is always a better option rather than pursuing someone else’s goals.

Amazing Business ideas and tips for hairstylists

Product distributor

You can become a product distributor as people will trust you because of your knowledge in the domain.  

A hairstylist is the most trusted source when it comes to choosing the right product for use on hair. You can render your advice to people and promote a particular brand of products. This will help you to earn a substantial amount of money.

The brand shall pay you directly as you are responsible for promoting the products and incurring sales!

Start your saloon

With the huge base of knowledge that you hold in hairstyling, it won’t be any trouble for you to start your own salon. You can use a space in your house where you can set up the salon.

Properly arrange the setup that is needed to run a parlor and make sure that it has all the amenities that will enhance the customer experience in the salon.

You can also take sponsorship from various brands and offer their products to the clients who will visit your saloon for getting their hair done.

This will also make sure that you earn in both ways, one from the customer and second from the brand whom you will be promoting at your home-based hair salon!

Makeover business

You can start your makeover business at home as there is a huge market for such a business. There are people who want to look their best and also get a new look for any upcoming event.

Hair is one of the foremost things that need to be set in order to achieve a fresh new look and do a makeover on a person.

Your makeover business will find many takers from various corners of the town and mostly during the wedding season. Such a service will include haircuts, colorings, intricate braids, and updos.  

Alliance with photographers

Photographers have a host of shoots that are to be done based on a particular theme. Each photoshoot is planned well in advance and starting from the costume to the look, everything is finalised.

However, the photographers do not have much of access to such hair stylists. You can alliance with these photographers and work to get the perfect look to those who are getting the shoot done.

You can work to get the perfect look and set their hair in the way it is required for the shoot to be perfect.

Even wedding and pre-wedding shoots are done in which the bride and groom need to have perfect-looking hair.

You can render your services to such cases and make a good earning from it at the comfort of your home.

home business ideas for hair stylist

While these are some of the business ideas, it is essential that you couple them up with proper marketing and essential tips for it to be a success. Essential tips and measures for such hairstylists who want to endeavor in a business are mentioned below-

Tips for Hairstylist Business

1.Cause marketing

Associate your hairstylist business with a social cause or any cause that is of significance to the greater part of society. For example- you can donate a share of the fees you charge for salon or advisory services to an orphanage or in the cause of buying food for the poor.

These will increase your appeal in the market and people will feel proud to be associated with your home business because through you they too are contributing to the needs of society!

#BonusTip:     There is no Specific rule to Promote your Business but Deal have a huge impact on customers. Start promoting your Styling Business, by a daily deal. Daily Deals are when you partner up with another website such as Groupon that can promote your offer for you on a large scale.

2.Loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs always work and tend to bring in a lot of customers at regular intervals because of the benefits they are about to receive due to their regular visits to the salon!

Provide them with cards and membership ID so that each time they spend money in your salon, it gets accumulated in the form of points and after a certain stage, these points can be redeemed into free services from the salon.

It enhances customer loyalty towards your home-based hairstylist business.

#BonusTip:    Website helps you to achieve more awareness. Having a great website is what your customers expect. Additionally, if you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on the best source of free advertising: appearing in Google search results adnd showcase of your Products.


Your home-based hairstylist business will need a proper professional website that will represent it to the people who want to know about it over the internet.

In this age of digital media, it is quintessential to have a website that has all the information and details regarding the service and the various parts of it that are being offered from your end.

You can hire a professional web designer to get the website done and also make sure that it has safe and secured payment methods if you choose to take advance for service bookings.

Accept all the major credit and debit cards along with e-wallets such as PayPal!

#BonusTip:    As a hairstylist, consider getting involved in your community by sponsoring a local Beauty or hair Cutting shows. Offer your Work to a local runway show in exchange for advertisements in the brochure. Through this, you can get more Awareness.

4. Marketing

Market your business to the people in the best way because people can only get to know about the business if it is visible to them over some of the media.

Social media remains one of the most convenient platforms to get promotions done. Create a page on Facebook and post regularly so that people are aware of your home-based hairstylist business.

You can also send direct mails to communicate with them!

#BonusTip:    Be Flexible in terms of pricing and Promotion. Don’t be afraid to create full-priced promotions to bring awareness to exciting services that go well beyond your regular haircut, hairstyle, and other services. Through this, you can make space in the mind of Your Loving Customers

Dedicate yourself entirely to pursuing such a goal because being an entrepreneur is never an easy task.

You have the skills as a hairstylist; it just needs to be directed in the right way so as to get you a life full of rewards!

Keep working hard and achieve the highest degree of success through your home-based business at the lowest investments!    

There are certain things we need to learn before starting this Hair stylist Business. There are different types of equipment and style to learn. There is no Undo Feature in this work so we need to care about hair cutting styles. here is the Useful infographic for your inspiration to start this business.

start a hair salon from home infographic

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