8 Best Ideas and Tips for Henna Designer

Are you amazing at creating various designs from henna? Do you apply henna to your friends and family members when there is any occasion or an event? If “yes”, then you are someone who is gifted with the talent of henna designing.

It is one of the most amazing talents to have and needs a lot of creativity on the part of the person to be able to create amazing designs with henna.

The work is of utmost patience and hence needs you to be calm and composed throughout so that the design is particularly genius and has no flaws whatsoever!

It is high time for you to think of being your own boss and start a home based henna designer business.

Business ideas for the henna designer

Sell henna products

There are seasons in a year, mostly around the winter, when people do not want to get a henna body art done. But that doesn’t mean that you would have zero customers and nothing to offer to the people in that period of time.

You can start a henna product store at your home and sell various henna products through it. Unlike the art, these products are popular throughout the year and regarded highly for covering grey hair and maintaining the texture of the hair strands.

The high quality of these products and the natural base that it has brings people to it even more! You can sell products such as henna powder for grey hair cover, henna bar soaps, henna cones and even henna balms.

The domain is huge and if you are skilled to prepare the henna on your own then the market just opens up in manifold ways for you.

Henna artist

This is probably the one that most of people opt to do if they are skilled in the art if henna designing. You can find out space in your home itself where you will open a henna designing shop.

The service is in high demand during the Indian wedding seasons and also people prefer to wear it as it looks trendy and at the same time gives a traditional edge to the entire look.

People shall visit your store to get the art done on their bodies. Such art is mostly done on the entire hands and also on the feet if it is demanded by the client.

You can create unique designs for each person and also hold a catalogue based on which people will make their selection and ask you for any of the designs mentioned there.

Henna workshops

There are many people who want to learn the art and progress in the field. However, they do not have much access to a person who can guide them through.

With the amount of experience and skill you have in henna designing, you definitely can start your own henna teaching classes and workshops.

You can start the class at your home itself and there will be many participants who really want to learn about henna body art and the ways to work with the various forms of it.

Teaching is always a self-satisfying experience and at the same time, you are forwarding your knowledge to people who are eager to know about henna body art.

Henna blogs

Once you are experienced and groomed enough in the domain, you can opt to start your own henna design blogs which will have a considerable amount of readers if done correctly.

Share various designs such as Arabic mehndi or bridal mehndi that are created by you write on them so as to give people an idea of the variety of work that you do.

Such blogs will have huge number of readers as and you can earn money right there sitting at the laptop from your home itself.

While these are some of the most in vogue home business ideas that can be taken up by a henna designer, there are a host of other things that are to be taken care of in order to run the business successfully.

Most important tips for Henna Designer

Get a website

Start your own website for the home business so that people can anytime check out your business on the internet. Having a website always paves way for greater client connection and sales.

Hire a professional web designer who can do the work so that the site looks clean and professional. Upload testimonials and your best designs so as to allure people into taking the service from you.

You can get cheap domain names online and these days the charges too have dropped significantly.

Charge correctly

You may have the idea that people would come to a business that provides the service at a cheaper price than others.

Well, this isn’t true all the time. Often it is seen that people do not value cheap products and the same can happen to your services.

Pricing it low will make it difficult to get a raise at a later stage when you are experienced in the business and need higher charges. People would want to get it done at a lower price. Old habits die hard!


Unless people know about your product, you cannot expect your business to shine bright and earn heft money.

You will need to promote the business through the various social media platforms regularly so that people have your business in their recall memory. Put up placards or signboards in front of your home so that people can know about the business and come to you for help.

Being a full-time henna designer needs utter dedication and patience because it is all about getting the perfect body art delivered to the customer without any fail. Keep working hard so that you can achieve success in the business.

It doesn’t get popular in a day and hence you will need to be consistent with your work in order to get noticed in the crowd of other businesses offering the same service or products in the domain of henna. All the best!

Henna is one of the parts of the Indian and Asian Country’s wedding. here is the infographic which gives you more detail about wedding Attachments.      

mehandi and wedding infographic

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