How to Find a Hiring Manager? A Guide to Finding the Right Person

Hiring managers decide to hire a candidate for a specific job offer. He closely works with the recruiters to fill the job position with the best candidate.

Throughout the process, the hiring manager needs the help of the human resource department. But whether to hire a person for a job role or not, this decision will come from the hiring
manager’s desk.

Because of the hiring manager’s authority has an important role to play. Job seekers who want to apply directly might search for the hiring manager of a specific company.

There are two ways in which the candidate can send the job application, one is the normal job round, and the other is through the direct approach.

Who Searches For A Hiring Manager?

A job seeker who wants to apply directly to the company for a job role may need to find a hiring manager in that firm.

When the candidate can locate the hiring manager, he would also find the contact details like an email address so that he can send a resume, a cover letter, and a formal mail regarding his interest in a job role.

But the tricky thing is to find the hiring manager. Read the details and find the right way to hire a hiring manager.

How To Find Hiring Manager?

Even though it is a task to find the hiring manager of a specific company, you can use the methods given below.

Check on popular social media platforms.

Most people are there on social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin. You can search on the platform keeping the search words as the company name and the person’s job title.

You may get the name and profile of the hiring manager.

Once you get the name and profile, you can contact the person via personal message. Keep the conversation formal and include your resume and a cover letter with the same.

Example: Your conversation should be something like this:

Hi John, I am Kevin, an IT manager at Rambo International, USA. I came across the job listing for Network Specialist with your company Saay Software. I have always considered your company one of the best players in the industry. Hence, I couldn’t wait and applied right away. My experience and expertise will suit the said job, so I am introducing myself directly and waiting to hear from you.

Call up the company to get in touch with the hiring manager.

You are looking forward to getting in touch with the hiring manager of a specific company. So, you can directly call up the main office of the company. You can talk to the receptionist or the secretary who picks up the call. Tell the person immediately why you want to connect with the hiring manager.

The secretary may either pass on your call to the hiring manager or they will contact you later with your contact detail. At least try to get the hiring manager’s email address so that you can send the resume for the relevant job listing.

If the person is not ready to give you details about the hiring manager, you should send an email and resume to the secretary.

Here’s what you must write in your email:

I am Kevin, an IT manager with Rambo International, USA. I came across a job listing for a Network specialist in your company. I would like to apply for the role. I have attached herewith my resume for the same. Please provide me with the hiring manager’s name and contact details here or at least direct my mail and resume to your human resource department.

Get in touch with the employee of the company.

If you find an employee of the company with whom you are willing to work, you should get the contact of the hiring manager.

You can’t contact a random employee as he will never revert. It would help if you found a common connection, like sharing the same group or having some common friends.

Here’s how your communication with the employee will be:

Hi. Let me introduce myself. I am Kevin, and I am working at Rambo International as an IT manager. It is nice to connect with you because we both are members of the Coding technology Association, USA. I want to apply for your company’s job listing for the Network Specialist requirement. They need assistance from you in getting the name and contact of the hiring manager in your company. I would be obliged if you could help me with the same.

Connect with a professional in your network.

Suppose you are still looking for the contact of the hiring manager. In that case, your next try can be connecting with a professional in the Human Resources field and asking him about the hiring manager of a specific company. The network needs to communicate comfortably with you, and then he can discuss other things.

Here’s how you need to communicate

Hi Stephen, I know you have been working as an HR manager with Collaterals. Last time you discussed that you had a connection with Saay Software. I just remembered that while I was applying for that company’s Network Specialist position.

Please update me with the contact details of the hiring manager so that my resume and cover letter will go to the right person—many thanks for considering my request.

Go through the job listing again and see if you can find the contact details.

Sometimes, in the hassle of applying quickly, you might still need to check the contact details like the HR department’s phone number, email address, or hiring manager. You must check the listing once again to confirm whether or not any contact details are given there.

Go through other job listing websites.

If the job listing you come across needs the contact details of the hiring manager, then you can check the other job listing sites.

Sometimes, the same job might be listed on the other website but with updated details. If you successfully find the relevant details, you must immediately apply.

Go through trade publications.

Sometimes, you can find names of leading employees of a particular company in trade publications.

If you find the name of the hiring manager of the specific company, then searching on social media platforms will become pretty easy.

Check the official website of the company.

The website of the company is often the information mine. You will be able to get a lot of vital information about the company.

Sometimes, you can also find the details of their team, HR department and other recruiter details. If you can find the email address for a specific job listing, you are near the hiring manager.
One or more of the above exercises can help you find the contact of the hiring manager in the company you have been looking for.

Once you reach him, be ready to communicate clearly. It would help if you kept some things in mind while directly approaching him for communication.

Mailing is a formal way, and you have to write an introduction about yourself along with your resume and cover letter. But, if you have to approach him on a phone call, here’s what you must bear in mind.

Things To Keep In Mind While Having A Phone Conversation With The Hiring Manager

  • Be clear about the job role that you wish to apply for. When you talk with the hiring manager about the listing, you should clarify what you are talking about.

  • It would help if you gave your prompt yet brief introduction while talking to him for the first time.

  • The little conversation may turn out to be an interview. Thus, you should be prepared even for that.

  • Sometimes, there may be multiple hiring managers in a company. You may want to reach one, but you may reach another. Still, you should stand by your word and tell the hiring manager about your wish to apply for the relevant job.

  • Sometimes, you may not find any specific job listing, but you still want to apply to a particular company. You can find the contact of the hiring manager and talk to him about your passion for working in their company. Tell him that you wish to send him your resume and that they can consider it later when the job is available.

  • If the hiring manager is busy and says he will call you later, then politely ask for the email address so that you can send the resume.

  • Even though the conversation that you do with the hiring manager is small, it should be productive enough. While talking, you should be confident and sound confident.

Is Taking One Step Forward Worth It?

Most people only make extra efforts to find the name and contact of the hiring manager of the company.

They are reluctant to talk to the manager about the job listing and role. But, it is important to note that curious and enthusiastic candidates always tend to impress the hiring manager.

Thus, you should take one step ahead, either by a call or an email. If the hiring manager gets interested, he would want to know more about you. He may call you for an interview.

Remember, when you get an opportunity, it is time to show your communication skills and enthusiasm. Taking one step may give way to the other; hence, it is worth it!


Finding a hiring manager is not just a day’s task; it is a research process for your bright future. You will get your dream job if you hit the cord right. If you go through the normal online job application process, it may take time.

But if you are willing to take up a job and think that your skills match the job profile, you must find a hiring manager responsible for recruiting job seekers. It will help you in taking up the process with speed.

Following the protocols will be a time-consuming process. and if you wish to reduce time then finding the hiring manager and quickening the process will be a prudent way to get on with the useful options.

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