How To Hire A Bodyguard? Hire the Right Person for Your Protection Needs

Many crimes and mishaps happen in the world these days. People who face high risks must hire bodyguards. Additional security and bodyguards can relieve traditional and non-traditional forms of danger.

For those who are going to hire a bodyguard for the first time, some handy information can provide better results. But the question is, how much must you pay the bodyguard when you hire them? The answer to this is subjective.

Those with higher security risks or different natures of risk may have to pay slightly higher than the regular ones. One must consider many points of care while hiring a bodyguard. Read on the information and get light on the same.

Who Needs A Bodyguard?

Whether you need a bodyguard or not depends upon who you are. Bodyguards are ideal for:

  • People with a lot of wealth and assets need a bodyguard to safeguard them, their assets, and their families.
  • Business people and VIPs must travel to different destinations and face security risks.
  • Famous celebrities and famous politicians need safety and security so that the mob does not bother them.
  • People who have been involved in disputes may also need bodyguards.

What Can Be The Potential Risks?

There can be many risks that we face in everyday life. Some thieves and burglars can create issues for your assets and finances.

The other risks involve personal threats that you may have from a competitor or someone who wants to take revenge or damage you due to jealousy.

Celebrities have a risk of the fans getting into their home space or trying to intrude wherever they go. These risks may hamper the everyday life of an individual. Thus, hiring a bodyguard in such cases will be a prudent decision.

How To Hire A Bodyguard?

Check the options available.

When you post an advertisement about the need for a bodyguard, many options will come in front of you.

You must decide on a decent budget in your mind and also think of the tasks that you will allot to the candidate. You may even check out the security agencies which provide you access to bodyguards. Consider the options available to you and decide which option is the best.

Decide what will be the timings for the bodyguard.

It depends upon the nature of work and the need for security that you need a bodyguard. You may need him round the clock or a guard for specific hours while you are out or traveling. Depending on most of these things, you will know about the cost.

Choose professional agencies to find reliable bodyguards.

Selecting professional agencies for bodyguards and security guards will be a good decision. The bodyguards should have a good personality and build.

Those who are strong and have good training to combat dangers are ideal candidates for a bodyguard job. Professional bodyguards also have training certifications that will help you trust the person in dire times when some danger strikes.

While interviewing, try to understand the person and conduct a background check.

When you like the resumes of a few candidates, then you must call them for an interview. It would help if you stayed agile while taking an interview. Ask for past references and also take up a background check.

These things will reveal better information about the candidate. Ask them if they have any special certifications and physical training. It will be an addition to their skills and talents.

Most people are concerned about what is going to be the cost of hiring a bodyguard. The cost of hiring a bodyguard will depend on many other factors. But if you want to know the average cost of hiring a bodyguard.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Bodyguard?

As per the available information, the average cost of an armed bodyguard in the USA is approximately USD 750 to USD 850. But if the person has unique security requirements, the cost will increase.

If you hire someone for a month, then in the USA, an armed and well-trained bodyguard will charge somewhere around USD 80000 for a month.

In the USA, if you hire a bodyguard, his duty should be at least 6 hours daily.

If you hire a 24×7 armed bodyguard who is skillful and well-trained, then the charges for the year will go to approximately USD 815000.

But, the costs will differ per the unique security needs, travel schedule, timings, and other things. To understand this in detail, go through the factors that affect the cost of hiring a bodyguard.

Despite this, getting in touch with the best security agencies that provide bodyguards is essential. You can discuss your security needs, budget, and concerns with them. They will provide the perfect and trustworthy person suitable for the bodyguard job.

Factors That Affect The Rates For Hiring A Bodyguard

Your lifestyle

The two critical questions determining your security needs are who you are and what you do. You might not even need a bodyguard if you are a layman with a routine. But, if you are a wealthy person or a celebrity, there might be special security needs. The cost will differ if you need a usual bodyguard to accompany you.

Also, when you want a special armed bodyguard who is well-trained for any danger, the cost here, too, will be different. VIPs and celebrities need 24×7 security, so the cost of hiring a bodyguard will be high.

Where do you live, or where is your office?

The location of your home and your office also makes a difference in the costs of hiring a bodyguard.

You will need unique security solutions if you live or work in a high-risk area. If you want a bodyguard for safety, live in a low-risk area, and work at a low-risk office, then the money you will pay to the bodyguard will be less.

Whether you need a bodyguard who is trained in using weapons?

It makes a considerable difference whether you need a bodyguard who knows how to use weapons and has been trained specially.

If yes, you will have to pay a higher price. It is essential to understand that different people have different security needs. Thus, the costs involved will also vary.

Are you encountering personal threats?

If you are encountering personal threats, then you will need a bodyguard. Since your life is at risk, there will be a need for a particular security guard with armed weapons. Again, this will elevate the cost of hiring a bodyguard.

Where To Find The Best Bodyguards For Your Security Needs?

You must search the newspapers and find some advertisements showing the best security solutions and bodyguards. It will help you in making the task simple.

You can ask your friends about the bodyguards they have and the agency they belong to. This kind of inquiry will give you an idea about good security agencies.

You can check the local directories online and find security solutions that provide various types of bodyguards for your security needs.

Once you have a few names of the best security agencies, you can request the agencies to provide the quotation.

The security companies will provide you with different security plans, and you may select the one that is the best of all. Choose the package mindfully, and while you are approving a bodyguard, you may take an interview to find out more about him.

If you choose a reputed security company, you will get quality service and the best bodyguards for your unique security needs.


People who face risks of getting intruded or invaded must hire bodyguards. The cost of hiring will depend upon many factors, including the need for particular security solutions.

But, more than anything, the safety and security of the person make a difference. If VIPs or wealthy people have bodyguards, the person who wants to attack may get scared and will not take any adverse action.

Choosing reputed security agencies will be the first step to finding the best bodyguard. Making a list of security solutions you are looking for is vital. Also, set a realistic budget in mind. When ready with these things, you will quickly hire a bodyguard to enhance your safety and security.

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