Housekeeping Staffing: How to Hire the Right Housekeeper for Your Home

Undoubtedly hiring a housekeeper can bring you a lot of relief, but only if you have done your research well.

First of all, you need to find somebody who is trustworthy, particularly if they will be cleaning your space while you are at work or running around and will take their time to do the job correctly.

You have to check out for the referrals and consider the Ins and outs of using the sole proprietor or just hiring a huge cleaning company before you commit to the house worker.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Housekeeper?

The need for new staff can affect your existing team and, of course, the bottom line. The perfect housekeeper hire can help your business.

They can provide all the housekeeping services, including laundry cleaning and dusting. They can regularly provide fresh bedding, towels, and amenities for all guests or residents.

At the same time, they will prepare the rooms as per the hotel standards for the incoming guests.

Understanding Whether You Need A Full-Time Or A Freelance Housekeeper

There are several reasons a business might need to hire a full-time housekeeper or a freelancer. Companies in the hospitality industry, like hotels, motels, and resorts, might look for freelance housekeepers if they have a sudden shortage of housekeeping staff.

At the same time, they would hire a freelancer if there were a huge event coming up that was expected to require more help as compared to the full-time staff available.

Companies, especially in the hospitality industry, must hire enough full-time housekeepers to keep all their available rooms clean for new guests and linens regular laundry.

The Different Types Of Housekeepers

Some types of housekeepers fill different roles in the industry and the jobs mentioned here.


A maid is a formal housekeeper, typically hired to care for giant homes and occasionally the family inside.

Besides cleaning, the maids can be tasked with preparing food and cleaning up the vessels after meals.


The only task of a housekeeper is to keep the client’s home clean and sanitary, and they are different from maids.

Some of the significant responsibilities of housekeepers include scrubbing the toilets, wiping down the walls in the shower, testing all the furniture and floors besides cleaning the windows.

Commercial housekeeper

Commercial housekeepers have similar duties to housekeepers, except they are hired to carry commercial properties like hotels, office buildings, and cruise ships.

Housing manager

A housing manager mainly takes on the supervisory role, and they must manage the housekeepers in the business and ensure all the work is done promptly.

Where Can You Find A Perfect Housekeeper?

To find the perfect housekeeper for your business, you have to consider trying out a few different recruiting strategies, which are mentioned here.

Post help wanted Flyers in the business and around the neighborhood.

You have to hang up notices in the area, let the community know there is an open position, and encourage people to begin the application process.

Ask other questions in the area.

There are likely at least a few other hospitality companies in your area, and you have to ask these questions if they have any leads regarding housekeepers looking for work.

Hire from within

You can also ask around the current staff, and there might be some employees, like dishwashers or bellhops, looking to move to the new department.

Post your job online

Try posting her housekeeper job on online websites to find and attract suitable housekeeper candidates.

How Can You Hire The Best Housekeeper?

Understand what to look for

While hiring a housekeeper for the first time, you have to look for someone who has experience and seems open to feedback and direction.

Because the cleaner will be in your house it is essential for you to choose somebody who is reliable and of course trustworthy.

You’ll also want to ensure the cleaner’s schedule matches up with the times that work perfectly for you. You may not want them to come during the times you are busy.

Get referrals and check out reviews.

You have to ask her friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors for some recommendations.

You can also use online resources to look up reviews from past clients. You have to talk with at least three different house cleaning services or individual cleaners to get a feel for who is the best fit for your needs.

Interview the Housekeeper

It is good to chat with the individual who would be cleaning the space. But with substantial cleaning companies, you would likely talk with a representative who handles the clients.

No matter which path you choose, you have to prepare a list of questions that you have to ask the housekeeper, like who would be responsible for the cleaning supplies, what type of cleaning supplies are used, and what guarantees they offer.

You can take your time to review the CVs and resumes and then enter with the perfect candidates. You have to like your housekeeper.

Housekeeper recruitment options

Self-recruitment is an option as you can look for someone yourself and have your wedding or ask for some recommendations from your network and friends.

Have to enlist the housekeeping employment agency to match you with the perfect housekeeper for the situation, after which you pay the housekeeper directly.

Have to also make a contract with the cleaning company that you paid to send in a team of staff.

Hire a housekeeper for a trial term

Hiring a housekeeper is not the same thing as just hiring somebody for a corporate role where you make a long-term offer after the interview, and when hiring a housekeeper, always hire them for a trial term before committing to long-term employment.

The trial term is a no-pressure test where you pay the housekeeper or company only for the time during the trial term. This gives you a chance to see the housekeeper in action.

Make a formal offer.

If you like your housekeeper after a trial term, you can make an offer of long-term work; even if you have already discussed a deal, now is an excellent time to review and clarify the terms of payment and expectations on both sides.

A part-time housekeeper would typically charge a little less, while a live-in housekeeper would charge a little extra. You have to keep a tab on the rates, which vary from place to place.

A cleaning company might charge higher rates because they have more overheads and running expenses.

Always maintain good communication and boundaries.

Good relationships are formed through positive encouragement and communication. Even though the housekeeper keeps working in a private home, the association should remain a professional arrangement.


There are several reasons why you need a housekeeper, but before you hire a housekeeper, ensure that you come up with a thoughtful description that will help you find a housekeeper well. It must include a detailed list of duties and responsibilities and preferred skills for the position.

When you are hiring for the housekeeper job description, you have to consider including some of the following keywords like housekeeping, housekeeper cleaning, hotel, or cleaner. Above all, you should always interview them.

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