How To Hire A Maid? Keeping Your Home Tidy

Do you require a housekeeper? Do you feel stressed out? You are not alone, so calm down. Hiring maids and domestic workers are much more complex than hiring, say, for an office. You permit this maid to enter your home and communicate with your loved ones, which is the purpose.

Therefore, the procedure should include some required checks. Read the guide to know the factors needed while hiring a maid.

How To Hire A Maid?

Draft a Job Description (JD)

Making a job profile and description for the housekeeper or other unorganized worker should be the first step in the hiring process. Why? A job description or a JD can assist you in gaining clarity on a variety of issues. Among them are:

How would you like the helper to behave? According to this:

  • What purpose would the helper be required for?
  • What age would be optimal for the position?
  • Can you take a look at both the male and female applicants?
  • What may the anticipated salary outlay be?

Getting ready for the interview

Make sure the helper can meet the JD requirements by preparing for the interview. List possible questions to ask, tasks you might like a trial run for, etc., for this.

The following could serve as a list of primary responsibilities for a domestic helper:

  • Attend everyday cleaning duties such as sweeping, dusting, and mopping.
  • Clean up the kitchen, wash the dishes and utensils.
  • Clothes cleaning, drying, folding, and ironing
  • Cleaning cabinets and making beds
  • Preparing meals, including ethnic food, buying groceries, etc.
  • Caring for children and the elderly
  • Bringing children to and from school, taking them to the playground, and assisting them with their homework

Once you’ve listed all the duties you want the maid to complete, you can use that list to determine several things, including when you need to hire the maid and the wage you’re willing to pay.

What Are The Best Work Timings For A Housemaid?

The charges are drastically different if you hire a live-in or full-time maid rather than a cleaning agency.

Live-in maids

If you decide to hire a maid who lives with you, they also typically offer the broadest range of services and job responsibilities, including babysitting, cooking, cleaning, running errands, food shopping, and so on.

However, a live-in maid often costs between $25,000 and $50,000 a year. It’s comparable to having a personal employee.

The drawbacks include your obligation to withhold taxes, pay for any damages caused by the cleaner, adhere to state employment laws, and pay workers’ compensation.

In addition, depending on how comfortable you are with the idea, you may have to house and staff someone else.

Full-time maids

Similar to “Live-in maids,” a full-time maid’s responsibilities are substantially broader. They can also assist with cleaning, errands, babysitting, cooking, and much more. The only difference is that they follow an 8-hour schedule and return home at the end of the day.

The typical monthly cost would range from $1,500 to 3,000. All other hiring and management procedures and compliance with employer state regulations and tax withholding are subject to the exact requirements.

Your needs will determine whether you need a live-in or daytime maid.

You can employ a housekeeper for a few hours (part-time), a whole day (morning to night), 24 hours, or live in.

For each hour of work every week. Therefore, she can anticipate earning about $2,000 per month if she works two hours daily.

This is based on the study of data from the previous five years. You can also view the trend in the average income for helpers. Choose the appropriate worker category, then look for salary trends at the bottom of the page.

What Are The Ideal Work Timings?

The typical workday for full-time maids is 8 to 10 hours. Employers occasionally try to hire a nanny, cook, or housekeeper for 12 hours. However, nobody can work efficiently for 12 hours straight without breaks in between, just like professionals.

Therefore, instead of attempting to lengthen the time, consider how you may assist the domestic helper in effectively managing her workload in 8 hours.

Maids typically charge more for a full day. You should also give them access to meals and a private area to rest.

Live-in maids will reside in your home but will work on a specific schedule. She can only be expected to be available at some times.

This type of maid has fees ranging from 12,000 to 25,000. The ability to speak a language, usually English or your mother tongue, cook according to your cuisine, have experience, manage a home on your own, and other skills are all factors that affect salary.

What To Know Before You Choose The Work Hours?

Your needs will ultimately determine the optimal housekeeper’s work hours. Again, the previous job description and work list will assist you in making a choice.

Do a trial run

Verify that the housekeeper you are considering can perform the required tasks before confirming any hire. Will she arrive when you need her, will she wash your clothing by hand if necessary, can she dust as necessary, etc.?

Furthermore, is whatever she needs to be more teachable? You can teach her to chop vegetables differently than you prefer, but you might need help promptly changing her loud talking. Paying for the trip in advance if you decide not to hire a maid is a good idea.

Check her essential grooming & hygiene

You want someone to clean your house. It is about basic hygiene and clean clothes rather than expensive clothing.

If the applicant chews tobacco, spits, or tosses trash outside the window or behind furniture while being evaluated, do not hire them. Just ignore them.

During an interview, ensure she wears clean clothes and that her nails are not too long (particularly for a cooking and babysitting job). Someone will only be adequately groomed later if they are well-groomed during the interview. You can show your grooming assistants this video regarding grooming training.

Think of time management & punctuality

Consider employing the maid if she shows up late for an interview for no apparent reason. She will likely be late for work if she is late for the interview. Ask her about it and tell her how crucial it is to you.

Punctuality is vital whether you have a job or if your family needs to go with a lunch box that the maid must prepare.

You might be more forgiving of it if you stay at home. You must decide where punctuality falls on your list of priorities.

Check for any significant illness

Any chronic condition, notably tuberculosis, should be screened for. This disease is contagious and common among slum inhabitants. Additionally, it is simple to test for and treat.

Since the health of the helper’s family is at risk, many businesses cover the cost of a primary health examination for their employees. Additionally, your helper will be appreciative that you completed her test as a result.

If the person you hire to help you is only partially fit, you want to avoid hiring her. Moreover, forcing her to work is not the best action if she has a chronic condition. So, inquire about this and set up a test.

Discuss Salary & Leaves In Detail

Be prepared to pay more if you require a multi-tasker. It will be rewarding.

Domestic Helpers typically receive an annual bonus at the end of the year or a critical festival (Id for Muslims, Diwali for Hindus, and so on). Usually, an entire month’s pay is involved. So before hiring, be sure to discuss this thoroughly with the maid or agency.

In addition to the annual bonus, you might have to buy them food, clothing, toiletries, and other necessities, especially if they live with maids. Verify each of these before hiring.

Similar to this, 2 days of paid time off per month and holidays are typical. The helper will also require a more extended period to depart once a year.

This time frame can fall around the summer (when children are off school and everyone travels to their hometown), festivals (when people receive visitors or return to their homes to be with their families), or the harvest season (especially for male helpers as they work as extra hands on the farms).

You shouldn’t decline this leave, but you should discuss it beforehand. When s/he takes a leave of absence, you can even request to be given a substitute. You will have to pay for the replacement, but your task will be completed by someone your existing helper knows.

A flexible schedule

A 1,000-square-foot property will take an average cleaning firm about an hour and a half to complete. If your house is more significant, you should increase that time.

When the cleaning service comes, some people like to be at home, while others prefer to be elsewhere. When you know it will work for you, you’ll want to know that your cleaning business can do the task.

Before choosing a cleaning company, inquire about their availability times with potential candidates. You should engage a service for a specific task, such as cleaning up before a party. Alternatively, you might search for weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning.

Whatever your needs are, make sure your company is available as often as you need them.

The right supplies

Before hiring any cleaning services, you should inquire about the tools and resources they employ. Be wary of businesses that appear to be utilizing outmoded or old technology. A seasoned company will know the proper tools on various surfaces, including carpet, marble, or tile.

Ask about hypoallergenic options if you or someone in your home has allergies. You should know in advance whether your cleaning service requires any supplies from you. Everybody can breathe a little easier if your cleaner uses allergy-friendly materials, which they may do!

Get it in writing

To ensure that your agreement is understood, the ideal cleaning business will be willing to put all of its services in writing.

The number of times they are anticipated to visit, the expected benefits, and the price should be very plain.

A reputable business will also be happy to explain any fees you need help comprehending. They ought to be eager and prepared to respond to your inquiries and reassure you of the caliber of their work.

References and reviews

You can find the ideal maid service by asking your friends and relatives for suggestions. Never hesitate to ask questions.

Was the work consistently completed effectively and thoroughly? Was the service always prompt and professional? Were there any unplanned expenses?

If numerous previous clients share great experiences, you can tell if a business offers exceptional service. Read internet testimonials and consider other people’s thoughts.
You can note that several previous customers are making the same claim.

They might have enjoyed the way the house looked after cleaning it or the staff’ pleasant demeanor. You can predict how your experience will go.

If you need help getting personal recommendations, ask prospective companies for the names of at least three references. Call them up and ask for a candid description of their experience.

A license

The licensing requirements for cleaning services vary by state. For instance, Georgia mandates businesses register with the Department of Revenue and the Secretary of State’s office.

Before making a hiring decision, request the license numbers of potential employers.


It would help to verify that a cleaner has the necessary insurance before hiring them. They will require liability insurance to protect you from being held responsible if a maid damages your property.

They should also have worker’s compensation insurance, which guarantees that the insurance provider will be liable if a cleaning staff member is wounded on your property and requires medical attention. Otherwise, you might be held accountable!

Before hiring a cleaning firm, request the details of their insurance coverage. To be extra sure, phone the insurance providers and ask them to confirm the figures.

What To Look For In A Maid?

When hiring a maid, you should keep an eye out for traits other than theft and lying. Stealing and lying typically result from external reasons; if the maid can meet her own needs, these negative traits will disappear.

So what characteristics should a maid acquire?


You want a maid that will treat each family member with respect, no matter their age. The maid should also respect the privacy of each family member and the house laws.

She should therefore keep her schedule flexible to accommodate your needs and refrain from spying on you while you’re away.


For the maid to truly earn the money you are paying her, she should be responsible and feel obligated to complete the tasks you set for her.

She shouldn’t avoid doing her chores and instead spend time watching TV or chatting with the neighbors and other maids.

Thankfully, you won’t need to worry. The professional organization ensures that the maids have comprehensive training to be trustworthy and guarantee that you get value for your money.


Housework is not simple, and a lazy maid won’t get anything done. She shouldn’t be afraid to work long hours and engage in strenuous activity without complaining.

She will finish the daily tasks this way, keeping your house operating like a well-oiled machine.


Every household operates uniquely. There will be no conflicts between you and a maid in your area if she is prepared to learn and adapt to your working style.

A teachable maid will be proactive, ask you questions, and provide some of her suggestions that you can accept or reject.

It is a good idea to remember that maids are not stupid; when they work for someone, they try to fit in with that home, which is precisely what you want in a maid.


Most households need a maid to run smoothly. She is your pillar of support, so you should look for a maid who will be devoted to you and act in your best interests.

She shouldn’t be influenced by what other maids and neighbors say about her. She should be dedicated to you instead, so she will only consider leaving by giving you a fair warning.


Know why you want to recruit a maid, select your hiring method, conduct a thorough interview, check for hygiene, and negotiate pay and timing in advance.

Following steps for hiring domestic help:

Once everything has been discussed, remember to write it all in writing and give your maid, cook, driver, or nanny a copy. A written contract functions more effectively than an oral one and are helpful in the event of a dispute.

Everything you have discussed on JD, leaves, pay, etc., should be included in the contract. It need not be difficult because it is a simple paper.

Look at other blogs to learn how to end employment with a suitable arrangement.

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