How To Hire A Nanny: A Comprehensive Guide For Parents

A nanny can be a perfect addition to your little family and help make the transition back to work seamless and easy, especially if you are a new parent. 

While finding and hiring a nanny might sound challenging, it does not have to be. Depending on your time, budget, and comfort level, you can do some legwork all by yourself, or if you need some help, you can also employ an agency. It is no secret that kids do not come with directions, a shame considering that is exactly what new parents want today. 

Everybody needs a chapter on hiring childcare regarding getting back to work or health. Defining precisely what characteristics to look out for in the person spending several hours around the child is challenging. 

All bets are off on unearthing the perfect candidate. Once you decide what type of nanny you are looking forward to hiring, you can make the ideal decision.

Is A Nanny Better Than Daycare? Nanny Vs Daycare

You would wonder whether you should send your child to a daycare or hire a nanny. Well, you need to understand the difference between both of them. 

Decisions about childcare are deeply personal, and what works for your sister or friend might not work for you. At the same time, licensed daycare centers and in-home facilities are great options for some families who prefer customized attention for the baby the nanny gives. 

Additionally, one-to-one care is essential for several families, and they hire a nanny because the arrangement is more convenient.

At the same time, nannies work as per your schedule, meaning you do not have to drop your child at a daycare, or you have to pick them up at a particular time, or leave work when your little one is sick.

Having a nanny in your house also helps you easily get out the door in the morning as you do not have to pack extra clothes, shoes, lunch, and snacks for the daycare. Everything your baby needs is at home. 

On the other side, there are some downsides here. Also, for example, if your nanny is sick or does not come to work, you must take a day off and stay home. You might also have to adjust to having a non-family member living in the house.

Finally, it depends on where you live, and nanny care is generally more expensive for your child. But if you have made up your mind to hire a nanny, then you need to look no further, as under this guide, you will have a complete understanding of how to hire a nanny and what they can do for you.

Different Types Of Nannies

While several nannies are keen on finding full-time work, several arrangements come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate your family’s budget and schedule.

Some types of nannies are mentioned here.

Full time

With hours ranging between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily, full-time nannies work regular shifts and receive pay besides paid time off, depending on the situation.


A part-time nanny might watch your kids for a few hours, like after school or a few days a week. This arrangement provides minimum childcare coverage but a lot of flexibility for families.

Nanny shares or splits.

A nanny share split typically provides a nanny with full-time work, except their hours are split between two or more families, or the nanny simultaneously looks after children from more than one household. 

In some scenarios, a nanny will spend mornings with one family and afternoons with another family, alternate between houses where both families bring their kids or alternate days of the week.

For instance, they might spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with one family and Tuesday and Thursday with the other family. In any case, the families will share the bill, making the arrangement economically smart.

Live in nanny

The most comprehensive help you can get is hiring a live-in nanny. Here you would provide accommodations for a nanny to live at your place. This is perfect for families where parents work unconventional hours or even travel a lot of time.

Au pair

This nanny is live a live-in nanny, and the au pair mainly lives with the family. These are generally students from overseas and are more integrated into family life for a mutual cultural exchange. 

While they are not full-time caregivers, they receive room and board and sometimes a stipend for pitching in with the childcare and household work.

What Should You Look For When Hiring A Nanny?

Some of the most common things you would look for in a nanny include reliability, trustworthiness, and responsibility. 

But what qualities and qualifications should you focus on? It all depends on what you want, which is the most crucial part. You should always create a list of must-haves that serve your family’s needs. 

In addition, you have to consider some questions like certifications, CPR training, and whether the educational background in childcare will help with extra household responsibilities.

Some things you should look for in a nanny are mentioned here.

The role

Some nanny roles involve watching the kids at home, changing diapers, and feeding prepared meals. But some families prefer a nanny who would plan a play date and activities, pitch in with the grocery shopping, and help with family meal preparations. 

The nanny should also take care of the pets or conduct other household management duties like laundry and cleaning. When help is needed in these departments, you must look for somebody with household work experience. 

Also, it would help if you researched age-appropriate networking classes with other nannies to foster a social circle for your children or at least somebody willing to learn.

Desired temperament

Understanding what type of person your child is would benefit from being around and can help you find the best nanny for your lil one. Do you want somebody who is disciplined or calm or high energy type? 

It all boils down to understanding what your child is. For example, a warm and patient nanny would be your best bet if your child is shy and has separation issues. 

At the same time, your son might be an extrovert who struggles with boundaries, and respecting the word then tough love might be the thing that the child needs to thrive.


A candidate with professional nanny experience is your best bet as they might be experienced with sleep training and potty training taking care of more than one child at once. These nannies are entirely prepared to fulfill all your family’s needs. But if you go for a candidate with no professional experience, you can save on your budget as they might charge less.


Even asking million interview questions would not help, which can and should cover a candidate’s background, experience, work style, and how they manage challenging childcare situations would not guarantee a perfect nanny match. 

So, check in with your gut when you chat or meet with the candidate and ask whether this person would profoundly influence your child. 

As you explore your options, it is also worth noting that there are questions parents cannot legally ask a candidate, like race, age, background, sexual orientation, disability, or arrest records.

Things You Need To Consider While Hiring A Nanny For Your Little One.

Firstly, write a job description.

 You must begin your search for a nanny and consider what is essential for you and your family. Then you have to write all your needs in the form of a job description to detail the hours that you would expect the nanny to work, like start or end times. 

How much experience does the caregiver to has? Do you want somebody who is a nanny ready to empty the diaper genie or perform non-childcare-related tasks like grocery shopping? You need to determine what you are looking for and ensure that all those needs are completely specified.

Locate the candidates.

There are plenty of ways to connect with your nannies. Word of mouth from other moms is about as good as it gets. You have to ask parents you see at the playground baby classes or during the group meetups. 

Stop often. Somebody will know of a nanny who has aged out another family meaning the kids are old now enough to be in school all day or are self-sufficient and not required as much supervision as they did.

 If you want to widen the pool of potential candidates or do not have time to track down the leads from your loved ones, you have to reach out to a nanny placement service for extra help and find the right candidate. 

You have to call some local agencies and get a feel for the perfect placement style besides methodology. You have to ask about the process and how they make the recommendations. You will also need to consider the budget; every agency has its policies, fee structure, and replacement guarantee timelines.

Some websites also allow you to add various filters to match you with the nanny was the experience for eliminating a lot of back and forth. Some recommendations from social media platforms are to ensure you do some pretty heavy prescreening for the potential candidates before you meet up with anyone in person. 

It is also enjoyable to point out that meeting anyone from the Internet should be done in public before you invite them home, or you would want to meet your baby.

Schedule an interview

Once you have shortlisted a few candidates for your little one as a nanny, you need to schedule interviews better to understand their personalities, caregiving styles, and expectations. It would be best if you asked various questions like topics of education and training besides in-depth questions. 

Some questions that will help you screen your nannies include why you want to become a nanny, what you see yourself doing in the future, and how flexible your schedule is. 

These questions will clarify the candidate’s professional knowledge, personality, and commitment to the job. 

You will also want to ask about caregiving styles, like how they will approach screen time or discipline and if they are comfortable taking on the household work, like preparing food for children or doing the proper cleaning.

Call the references.

One of the crucial steps in the hiring process for your nanny would be ensuring the candidate’s experience and top ratings from their previous employers. 

You have to request for contact information of past employers when you make your calls, and you have to ask specific questions about how long they were with your family and why they left what you liked and disliked about this nanny.

 Were they reliable and honest?

 If the previous employer does not return your call or has no time to say, you should conclude that this is a sign to move on to the next applicant on the list.

Do some background checks.

Before extending the offer, you should call the potential references and run a thorough background check, even if it is an agency or a website you use to find the nanny. To do this, you will need the candidates written permission to check their full name, Social Security number, and driver’s license. 

Tell them that you would use the information for decisions about their employment. If the candidate doesn’t fall under the category of U.S. citizen, you will need the visa or work permit number and password, and you have to choose a background check pilot with a fair credit report.

Do a trial session.

For some, it is a crucial step in the entire process. This is when the theoretical becomes a reality, and you can evaluate the chemistry and the chemistry between your potential nanny and child. 

Some applicants might look great on paper, but you would feel that something is missing when they are in your house during the actual job. 

Having a trial term will allow you to see if there are any warning signs of laziness, lateness, or some personality traits that might not work well with your loved ones. It is best to do this if you need help choosing between two seemingly equal candidates. Doing the trial run usually makes a choice very clear for you. 

Remember that most trials would be paid, but it is usually money worth spending. They are generally only for a week or two.

The nanny contracts.

Once you have found the person you are the most excited about feeling comfortable with and whose background checks and references cleared beautifully, you should make the job offer official by putting it down on paper. 

While creating a nanny contract is not legally needed, it can go a long way in preventing confusion. The basics of the contract should include the standard work hours, childcare duties, wages and pay schedule benefits, additional payments reimbursements, and emergency plans.

Reasons You Should Hire A Nanny.

You would be wondering whether you should hire a nanny or not. This is totally on you, but hiring a nanny has some benefits.

You can focus on yourself.

Raising your family and managing your household leaves little time for you. We always tell them that family comes first, but taking better care of themselves by hiring help if they think you need it is essential.

And nanny can take some time off that pressure you put on yourself so you can spend some time all by yourself. Recharging and taking breaks from time to time will make you a better mom to manage all the daily parenting challenges that come your way.

You do not have to do everything alone.

In ancient civilizations, multiple generations lived under one roof to help raise kids. But today, all the families have become nuclear, and moms are Juggling between worlds. They have to work in the office and at Home too. Well-being a mom, you do not have to struggle with everything; you can always hire a nanny to help you with everything.

It would be best if you had stress relief.

For some people having a nanny who is a stranger, at least initially, seems like too much stress besides raising kids and managing every element of the home. For others having a nanny can help in reducing those stress levels. 

A nanny can fill all the gaps to help your household run smoothly, and instead of having any list that includes the laundry, cooking dishes and picking up the kids from school, and running to children in opposite directions at the same time to soccer practice and dance lessons, you can allow the nanny to step in and take charge of the tasks which cannot be in two places at once.

Key Takeaways

  • Determine your nanny requirements: Start by assessing your family’s needs and what type of nanny you require. Consider factors such as the nanny’s experience, education, and availability.
  • Conduct a background check: Verify the nanny’s identity and check their criminal record. It’s also essential to check their references and work history.
  • Conduct a face-to-face interview: Meet the nanny in person to assess their personality, communication skills, and ability to work with children.
  • Check their certifications: Ensure that the nanny has the necessary certifications, such as CPR and first-aid training.
  • Discuss the nanny’s responsibilities: Make sure to discuss the nanny’s responsibilities, such as duties related to childcare and housekeeping.
  • Set clear expectations: Clearly communicate your expectations to the nanny regarding working hours, salary, time off, and other relevant matters.
  • Sign a contract: Put everything in writing and sign a contract with the nanny that includes details such as job duties, salary, vacation time, sick leave, and other relevant terms.
  • Maintain communication: Keep the communication channels open with your nanny to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and any issues are resolved promptly.


Above all, having a nanny is convenient, and when it comes to hiring a nanny, you can follow the list given above to have the best one at home for your little one. At the same time, check out the agencies that might help you choose the right nanny.

You should always consider hiring because it will make it very easy for you to step out of the house and care for your little one simultaneously. You can run your house without help, as your little one will always be safe. 

You can be stress-free whenever you are at work because you don’t have to worry about your child alone at home. In short, you will be focusing on where you are instead of Jacqueline between a variety of things at the same time.

What qualifications or experience should I look for in a nanny?

When hiring a nanny, it’s important to look for someone who has experience working with children, as well as any relevant qualifications such as a childcare degree or certification.

Look for candidates who have good references and experience caring for children of similar ages to your own.

How do I conduct a background check on a potential nanny?

You can conduct a background check on a potential nanny by using a reputable agency or online service that specializes in background checks.

You can also ask the candidate for references and follow up with each one to confirm their experience and reliability.

How should I evaluate a potential nanny’s personality and communication skills?

During the interview process, ask the candidate open-ended questions that allow them to demonstrate their personality and communication skills.

You can also observe how they interact with your children during a trial period or interview where the candidate spends time with your children.

How do I determine a fair salary for a nanny?

When determining a fair salary for a nanny, consider factors such as the nanny’s experience and qualifications, the number of children they will be caring for, and the duties involved in the job.

Research industry standards and consult with other parents or nanny agencies to determine a fair rate.

How should I manage the nanny’s schedule and duties?

Establish clear expectations and boundaries for the nanny’s schedule and duties from the beginning of the job.

Communicate regularly with the nanny about their responsibilities and make adjustments as needed to ensure a successful working relationship.

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