How to Start A Pharmacy (In Just 10 Steps)

Starting an online pharmacy store is a good idea if you are willing to contribute to the betterment of healthcare in your country.

Online pharmacy businesses can be effective in selling prescriptions on the internet and provide the option for patients to consult a pharmacist online instead of visiting a pharmacy store physically.

Fifty percent of people around the world fail to take their prescribed medicines, the situation can improve if the pharmacy industry gets a shake-up and online pharmacy stores can cater to this need by providing different ways of accessing information related to pharmacy or medical advice online.

The main objective of Starting an online pharmacy store is, you are willing to contribute to the betterment of healthcare. here are some steps for your idea to start your own business.

Steps Start a Pharmacy Store

Step:1 Requirement Before You Start

You don’t need to be a doctor or pharmacist to start an online pharmacy business, but you need to employ a qualified, experienced, and licensed professional for distributing online.

As an owner, if you do not belong to a formal medical background then you need to be hard-working, diligent, and skilled in organizing and managing the business.

You should have a little bit of experience in working with suppliers, legal professionals, before you start this career.

#BonusTip:   Marketing is the soul of Every Business. Make  Marketing Plan, and start marketing activities online and Offline.  Start sharing your quality Services and best-rated Products through different Media mediums. You can organize a disease-wise Information Event and create a buzz for your Pharmacy Products.

How To Start A Pharmacy Store

Step:2 Potential Costs

According to estimates the average cost of setting up a pharmacy store is $14000, and the costs may be increased because of the unregulated online healthcare system.

The overall costs also include the license costs as medical professionals are required to obtain a license from the state in which they are working (selling prescriptions) and the states to which they sell. The license costs may vary depending on the particular state.

You have to hire a lawyer to be well acquainted with the rules and regulations that are affecting your business.

You also need to pay your employees a substantial salary to ensure quality healthcare services.

#BonusTip:   An Impressive website can help you to earn an impressive profit. For Pharmacy Website, you need Creative and attractive images of Medicine Items. Budget wise, disease-wise, Discount wise details help a customer find better and increase the sales. You may put different videos to Educate Customers about Medicines and its Use to get engagement from Viewers.

Step:3 The Essential Steps

The steps you need to follow in setting up an online pharmacy business are-

Planning– You need to have a clear-cut business plan to be successful as an entrepreneur. You need to consider the initial costs of your business, the target groups and how to promote your business.

Forming a Legal entity- This is important because a legal business entity (obtain license) will prevent you from being liable if your pharmacy is sued and you also need to register for the applicable taxes at the central and the state level before you start the business.

Opening a bank account linked to your business- This should be done to keep the finances organized and make the business appear professional to the customers.

Business accounting- This is another important step to keep a record of various sources of income and expenses and also to keep track of the financial performance of your business. Keeping detailed accounts also helps you to file your annual taxes, getting insurance is a must for all business owners and pharmacies are no exception.

A well-designed Website- This allows the customers to learn more about your company and the products and services that are on offer. Hence it is very important to establish a vibrant web presence.

Using social media platforms can attract a greater number of customers. The website should also provide information about common and uncommon diseases and the ways of curing it, side effects of consuming the medicines.  

#BonusTip:   Find Different ways to Expand your Customer Base. Offer existing customers a free Discount or product, a free month of any health-related service, or some other reward for referring new customers. This way you can retain your customer for a long time.

Step:4 Advertising

Customers not only seek low prices for their medicines but also effective and convenient advice regarding their prescriptions.

Advertising the services on your website is very important. Another way of promoting your services is to establish a relationship with doctors in your area, this will enable you to find ways of advertising specifically to the patients.

This can be done through a direct recommendation from the doctors or by distributing printed flyers around the hospital.

#BonusTip:   You can go offline like A local farmers market, Blood Camp, summer carnival or health fair is a great place to set up a booth for your pharmacy. You can meet potential new patients and Customers, and increase awareness about the products and services your pharmacy offers.

Step:5 Providing Quality Services

The next important step is to deliver safe and reliable drugs with an equally reliable treatment plan.

The doctors and the pharmacists should have effective communication skills and the ability to develop a rapport with the patients, they should have the requisite knowledge of responding to the queries of the patients positively.

You will need to build a team to ensure excellent customer service and convenience of the patients, it depends on the quantity of the products are services you are offering.

#BonusTip:   Be Professional Marketer and design some collateral for your brand. Wear shirts or T-shirts with your pharmacy’s name and logo to promote your business. Doing so can subtly show people that you’re dedicated your Business and helping your community. Spending just a few hours supporting a local cause or organization can raise awareness

Step:6 Add Premium Subscriptions

You can make your pharmacy business profitable by including premium subscription packs as the business grows gradually.

Patients subscribing to such packs should be entitled to special benefits of availing direct pharmaceutical care from a licensed doctor, personalized treatment plans etc.

Step:5 Discounts and Sales

Offering discounts and clearance sales will boost your business revenues. You need to have a stock of essential pharmaceutical products all throughout the year to hold on to your customers.

Step:5 Stocks of Medicines

Stocks of medicines that are in demand in particular seasons when people are prone to cough and cold, viral fever, chickenpox should be maintained. Products should range from essential products to life-saving drugs for that are not easily available in the market.

Your target group can include diabetic patients, patients with cardiac diseases, customers requiring baby products who require medicines throughout the year to keep themselves healthy.    

At the end you should keep in mind that when you are starting a pharmacy business whether online or offline, you have to ensure quality, this is one thing you cannot compromise with.

Profit earning is essential for the flourishing of any business but when it comes to a pharmacy, the lives of millions of people are at stake.

Step:5 Speedy Delivery

Ensuring speedy delivery to the customers is a crucial factor as medicines are necessary and emergency products, services should remain uninterrupted.

The vision, belief, and motto of your company should be clearly mentioned on the website and the promotional platforms to build trust and confidence among the customers.

The online pharmacy business is getting competitive day by day and you need to compete with popular companies like Netmeds, Medlife, Practo, to stay in the market.

Step:5 Explore Online Options

Hence if you are willing and confident of setting up an online pharmacy store then it is worth an avenue to explore considering the growing demand for quality pharmaceutical products and online services can spare precious time and energy for the patients and their family members.

It will help not only in curing but also prevention of diseases by spreading awareness among the customers. At the end of the day we should always remember the saying that ‘Health is Wealth’. Here is the Infographic for your to know more about the Pharmacy Seller Business. Read below

pharmacy seller business infographic

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