How To Start Computer Repair Business: Unlock The Ultimate Guide

Personal and business computers have become commonplace. However, the knowledge of repairing computers when things go wrong with them is not as widespread.

Starting a computer repair business allows you to make a living while providing a valuable service to businesses and private clients who cannot repair their PC problems on their own.

Certification is not explicitly required to start a computer repair business, but it grants you credibility that can be difficult to attain otherwise.

As computers become more important to different types of businesses around the world, the service industry growing up around computers is becoming a tempting place for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

It is not cost-effective for small businesses to have a computer technician on the payroll. Determine the best way to start a computer repair business and then take advantage of a growing part of the service industry.

Start Computer Repair Business


You can gain experience and a professional reputation by working as a repair tech for an existing computer repair company. You can offer assistance to repair your friends and family members’ computers as well.

Working for another company not only helps you gain important repair experience but it also helps you understand how to run a computer repair business and its advantages and disadvantages.

When you are ready to open your own business, you can strike out on your own.

Fixing Rates   

You must analyze the competition in your area to find out what they are charging per hour. Base your per-hour cost on what the competition is doing.

Avoid setting a special low rate to try and get new business because charging a low rate might undercut your competition but you will have to work significantly more hours to break even, and your clients will expect that low rate permanently.

You should start with a rate that is in the same area as your competition to look and be competitive.

Type of Services

Consider the repair services that you want to provide. Decide whether you will offer general hardware repair and upgrade services, virus removal, data recovery, and other services.

You should also think about the operating systems that you will be working with, as there are considerable differences between computers running different operating systems.


Find a suitable location for your business. You will want some easily accessible storefront where people can drop off and pick up equipment, where you can sell equipment for additional income and where clients can come and discuss business with you.

Your business will look more professional if you invest in renting a storefront space.

Keep a room in your home that can accommodate all the equipment and office space from which you can do the management and administrative tasks.

Choosing Customers

You need to choose the type of customers that you would prefer to work with. Some computer repair businesses focus on helping clients manage their computers, while others focus on residential customers.

If you are looking to sell and service computers within your local community and remain a one-person operation, residential clients may suit you best. They are generally more responsive to advertising and marketing than small-business owners are.

Moreover, residential work is less demanding, and the market is huge. But residential clients will be more budget-conscious than business owners.

Identifying your customers beforehand will help you to target your advertising and marketing towards those customers.  


Advertise your business, and create a website with information on your services, rates, and certifications. Create fliers and take out ads in local newspapers and magazines.

Offer discounts for first visits to encourage potential customers to come to you with problems related to their computers.

Create a promotional flyer and business cards designed to reach your target audience. Distribute your flyers by going door-to-door to homes or businesses and in other places where you can target potential customers like schools, colleges, coaching classes etc.

Use word-of-mouth techniques to successfully promote your business in your locality. Use popular social media platforms to reach out to a large number of customers.

Keeping Record of Customers

Create a spreadsheet or database with customer information so that you can easily refer to repeat customers’ past computer problems to find an underlying cause.

Make notes about your customers so that you can easily remember them if they return.

Keep Your Skills Current

Techies can easily fall into the trap of believing they can quickly pick up new skills on the fly or after reading a manual. But your knowledge base may become obsolete if you fail to partake in continued education and training.

You have to find time to see what’s new in the market. Remain updated about the new technologies, software, and their advantages and disadvantages.

You will not be able to get new customers if your knowledge and skills become obsolete; it is the nature of this business.

Customize Your Workspace   

Organize your home office with commitment. You will need a clean, dedicated workspace with room for a repair bench area for your tools and easily accessible storage shelves and bins.

The area need not be too big to start with, but it should be able to accommodate at least two tower PCs and monitors. A converted garage is a favorite area for a lot of techies.

Hiring Employees

You must be smart with hiring. Your first hire is going to make the main impression of your company with your customers and screen your candidates based on their technical skills and certifications.

Your employee should be well-versed in both technical expertise and interpersonal skills. Check their background before hiring.

To sum up, these are the steps that you need to follow to start a computer repair business. You have a large market to target in this business. Obtain all the licenses and permits before starting the business.

Formulate a business plan that will help you to organize the business effectively. Provide quality customer service, start slowly, and build the business gradually with patience.

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How To Start Computer Repair Business

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