How To Start a Floral Business Perfectly: 12 Steps to Start

A florist is one of the few retail stores that you can open in your home successfully. You can contact a vast majority of your customers over the phone or through your website.

If you are interested in starting a flower shop, the first step is to learn more about floristry business.

You should be skilled in making floral designs, have strong interpersonal skills and a good business sense to start a florist business from home. Before starting the business develop your business plan, mission, and structure.

Steps To Start A Florist Business Perfectly

Learning more About Floristry Business

You should possess the natural skills of a florist. Florists not only love working with flowers and plants but also possess a keen eye for detail and creative flair. You need to be physically fit and good with your hands.

You also need to have good interpersonal skills, you will have to deal with your customers efficiently when they come in to shop for flowers.

You should also be able to deal with high-stress situations like flowers arrangements for weddings and funerals where emotions are close to the surface. You have to be diplomatic, helpful and practical in difficult situations.

Learn the Trade of a Florist

You can learn the trade of a florist by going through a community college program or apprenticing with a florist. Some community colleges have programs in floral design that are certified.

You can work with a florist while you are attending college and get the most out of your training.

You will learn most efficiently while working as a florist because you will learn how to deal with the pressures first-hand, you will also learn cost-saving measures and secrets of floral designs that you won’t find in college community programs.

If you are working in floral design, you will stay updated on the latest trends in the flower industry as opposed to someone whose involvement has been limited to the academic sphere.


You need to set up an area in your home to start the business. There should be an entrance which is separate from your home’s main entrance. It should have easy access to a water source like a large sink or bathtub.

There should be enough space to accommodate the counter-height work table and a cooler.

There should also be a small area to display silk pieces and photos of your work. You also need to store your flower inventory at a fixed temperature, your flowers may wilt or shrivel if the temperature is too high or low.

Tasks you have to Perform in the Business

If you are owning a flower business that is operated from home, you need to start work as early in the morning at 4:30 a.m. and work until the end of the day, 5:00-5:30 and your shop will remain open for at least 6 days in a week.

You need to plan ahead for busy seasons like the months around Valentine’s day and Mother’s Day and also for slow seasons from January to August.

You also need to hire employees who are well-trained because customer service is essential in running a successful business. Other jobs include sourcing the essential equipment required for your florist business, receiving and delivering orders and managing your staff.

Research the Market   

You need to research the market and find out who will be your likely customers, the habits of their flower-buying and the products that they are most likely to purchase. Try to gather as much information as possible regarding your customers.

Think about what role flowers are likely to play in the lives of your customers. Are they likely to purchase flowers for people who are sick or dying?

Or for community events, celebrations or birthdays. Think about the role flowers will have in the operation of businesses in your community, whether industry leaders in your area regularly include floral arrangements in their lobbies or conferences.

The research will also help you to know more about your competitors that include both online and offline floral retailers. Identify the ways your competitors are reaching their target markets and think about ways you can either reach different customers or compete directly with the existing stores.

Find out the gaps in the market, the ways your competitors are not able to meet the needs of the local market base and think of a way in which your business can meet those needs.

Find out the wholesalers from whom you can buy the equipment and other supplies required in bulk and at a cheaper rate.

Business Plan

Write a business plan before you start. Write down the operational requirements for your business and prepare a timeline.

A business plan will also help you in applying for a loan, the clearer you are about your business’s mission, the more accurately you will be able to target your marketing, inventory, and design.

Also, do the cost analysis based on your budget while planning the business. Decide the business structure whether it will be a sole-proprietorship or a limited-liability partnership or a corporation.


Devise effective marketing strategies to make your business successful. Post ads in local newspapers, distribute pamphlets in your area before the business gets launched to increase the excitement among your potential client base.

Use word of the mouth technique to spread positive reviews about your business.

Spend on marketing in popular social media platforms and also create a website to maximize your interaction with the customers and also reach out to the online crowd. You can also utilize the site for displaying your floral designs, this will help in attracting customers.

Hence a florist business from home can turn out to be a successful venture if you follow the above-mentioned steps. Flowers are in demand all throughout the year, they are required for decoration in households, different occasions, hotels and restaurants, gardens in educational institutions etc.

Buy the essential equipment like scissors, floral tape, florist wire at a cheap rate to make your business profitable.

Your business should provide high-standard customer service and also create unique floral designs to stand out from the rest in the market.

Go through all the legal requirements while starting the business and obtain all the permits and licenses. Start slow and build your business gradually with patience.

Here is the very lucrative and related infographic about Florist Business. Hope this will help you to get more ideas on this Business.Read Below.

How To Start A Florist Business
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