How to Start Landscape Design Business: 12 Steps to Follow

Do you have a flair for designing your property exteriors? Do you have a keen interest in architecture and gardening? If “yes” then you might as well consider starting your landscape designer business.

There are many people who are looking to get such services from experts and hence the market is rife.

If you have a proper idea of the business and a plan then it is assured that your landscape designer business will succeed in the market.

Steps To Start Landscape Designing Business

Grooming services

You can start your landscaping designer services through which you can offer to groom the gardens and landscapes of people. You can have an office in your home where people can come and seek the service.

You will then go to the location of the client and get their landscapes groomed so that it looks fresh and appealing.

Be it pruning, flower bed maintenance, or taking care of the driveway, your business should cater to all these requirements.

With time and the quality of your service, the business will achieve a position in the market.  


A landscape designer is a specialized domain of work and hence it will be recommended that you get properly certified before starting the business.

Certificates tend to increase the value for such services as clients want a document form of everything.

It is seen that you may have the best of skills, yet will be bereft of clients because you are not trained.

Be Positive

Being an entrepreneur at this young age is quite an achievement and if you wish to progress then stay clear of all such places that will make you feel sad! Stay happy and focused because you have a big goal and there will always be people who would want to pull you down!

Landscape architecture

There are many people who are extremely particular about the design of the property exterior they want.

You can serve as a landscape architect who shall deliver the best of designs for such projects in a property. Be it driveways, Patios, flower beds or ponds, you need to design and draw a plan that will cater to the needs of the client.

Such a business can be operated from home, you just need to make sure that you visit the location of work often so as to get a better idea of which design will suit the best and how can the existing design can be evolved over a period of time.

Promote Landscaping products

You can have a landscaping supplies store and aim to promote a particular product.

You can do this to enhance the sales of the product and this will also make sure that earn a good amount from it.

Your knowledge in the domain will bring people to the store and if you suggest them for a brand over another then it is assured that they will go with your advice as you are experienced!

Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a huge platform that enables people to make huge money while being based at homes.

There can be many people around who are looking for ideas and tips in maintaining their costly landscapes.

You can make videos where you can demonstrate various cheap and affordable techniques through which landscapes can be maintained.

Hoot professionally and post the videos. You can monetise the videos and get money after a period of time or seek for advertisements for the video.

YouTube is immensely popular and hence it is assured that the content you develop will surely reach to some of the people who are in need of such things.


Your home based landscaping designing business should have a professional website so that people can reach out to you online and know a lot more about your business.

A website is the live testimony of a service or a product and hence brings in a lot of potential customers.


Every business only becomes successful if it is well marketed to the people. The people need to be made aware of the entire business so that they can remember you whenever they will need such relevant work.

Use your social media profiles so that you can connect with the target consumer group. Post regularly through them so that you stay in the recall memory of human mind.

For such work, you can hire a social media expert who will make use of the various social media challenges and at the same time bring audience. For the website, you need a SEO expert who shall target keywords and make the most out the investment.

Such SEO will also help you to enhance the ranking of the website on various search engines such as the Google and Bing!

With all these ideas and tips, you can start a home based business for landscape design because the market is rife when it comes to such demands, your business too will reach the zenith fast.

You should make sure that each of the clients is given equal importance and always the best of the service should e delivered.


You need persistence since progress comes simply after a couple of months of its introduction and in that timeframe, you have to continue striving to support the business.

Commit yourself completely in the business and endeavor to give your best every time you manage any of the customers. Being your supervisor is dependably an enticing prospect yet it needs enough curating!

Pursue the made reference to tips and thoughts to sparkle brilliance in the field. All the best for your undertaking!  

Here is the very useful infographic about how to design your own Garden Landscape beautifully. Read More and apply same tips

How To Start Landscape Designing Business
how to design garden landscape diy

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