How To Start A Life Coaching Business: 10 Steps to Follow

Every person at some point r the other in life gets distracted from their goals and tends to behave in an indifferent manner.

If you are someone who knows how to motivate people and help them achieve a clearer perspective about life then you should start thinking of starting your home-based life coach business.

A life coach is someone who assists a person to get ahead in life with proper motivation and making clearer choices in personal and professional life.

Such a kind of business is in high demand as people are all in tatters about their life and need someone to guide them through their woes.

Here are Steps to start a Life Coach business


Before you start the business it is essential that you select a niche that will be catered to by the business. Selecting a niche will allow your home-based business to get hold of a target audience group.

It is always recommended to start small and later spread out into another niche as well.

Some of the popular niches for the life coach business are mentioned below-

  • Career coaching
  • Health coaching
  • Financial training
  • Executive coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Self development

If you have any other unique idea then it is recommended that you take it up as your niche and start the business.

Consultancy service

You can start your own life coaching consultancy service at home. There are people who need such services but do not get options where they can go for it.

You can create a space in your home and start your consultancy service where you will be able to serve such people from the comfort of your home.

A consultancy in this domain will necessarily mean that you will be referring people to places that will help them to get success, you shall be their advisors for life.

For each and every case, go through the background and perform a thorough research before suggesting the clients regarding anything.


You can conduct motivational sessions right at your home. People shall visit such sessions in folks because there is lack of positive in the air people thrive to get motivated so that they can perform well in their life.

You can start these sessions at various times throughout the day and they can be conducted on multiple days of the week. Mostly, people would prefer to get such sessions on the weekends so that they can be all set to work and perform in a better way when the week starts.

You duty will be to imbibe the people with positivity regarding their lives and assist them to clearly make choices that will change the course of their life towards a brighter side.

YouTube videos

YouTube is such a platform that has an audience for each and every type of content. Motivational and inspirational content will always find takers and has chances of being viral!

You can be at your home and shoot videos of your own and speak regarding the various aspects of life and problems with their solutions.

Such videos can be a great source of income because you can monetize the videos and also opt to add advertisements.

Both the ways, you are going to get paid a hefty amount from YouTube itself!

home business ideas for life coach


The website will be a representation of the business over Internet and people will come to know more about your life coach services from the website.

Hire a professional web designer who will design the website and make it appealing for the people. An attractive and appropriately themed website will always find more takers than others.

You should provide complete information about the services along with testimonials so that people who will visit the website will have reasons to trust you.

Finance and Business plan

Your home-based business won’t have a huge financial investment to be made. For the same reason, you need to have a proper business plan.

The business plan document will have the goals and objectives of the business along with the investments that are to be made and the recovery strategies. You have to present the business to financial organizations if you are opting for a loan.

Based on your plan, a loan shall be sanctioned to you according to the conditions of the bank or organization.

Some of the other means through which you can finance the business are mentioned below-

  • Use your savings
  • Ask money from your acquaintances or family. Explain them the idea in detail so that they have trust in it and then invest their hard earned money.
  • You can opt for mortgage loans too if there is a paucity of funds!


At the end of the day, what really matters is how well you can sell the business to people! Your life coach services may be high in demand, but if you do not actively promote it then you cannot conquer the market.

Hire an SEO who will assist you in driving traffic into the website with the help of keyword targeting and link building. Promote the business on social media platforms so that it reaches people beyond the geographical market you are dealing in.

Put up flyers in the streets so that people can connect with you when they are in need of it.

Proper promotion strategies will make sure that the home-based life coach business achieves success!

You need to dedicate yourself entirely to the business so as to achieve the objectives.

You can become a self-made entrepreneur with the right skills at work but make sure that the quality of the service is always reaching new heights so that every client is happy and comes back to you again when they or any of their acquaintances need such life coach services.

Stay focused and work hard, success is ensured! All the best for the endeavor.  

To be a life Coach is a really Great endeavor to start your career. You are nothing but diverting Peoples’ Minds and lives on the Right Track. Starting the same you need to understand different techniques and things that come under life coaching. Here is a very Useful Infographic which is full of insight and gives you more ideas about Life Coaching. Read Below

How To Start A Life Coaching Business
how life coaching works infographic

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