How To Start A Flower Shop Online (10 Steps)

Have you noticed how easily flowers deliver a message which words can’t? Did you see the demand that surges in the market for flowers during Valentine’s Day period? Have you ever arranged flowers and got compliments for the work?

If you respond with a “yes” to all these questions then you are someone who is already aware of the demand for flowers in the market and also has skills related to the domain.

With these qualities, you can plan and start your own flower shop business online and make a living out of it! With online shopping becoming the dominant form of shopping by the customers, the internet is one heck of a launchpad for you to start off your online flower shop.

Steps To Start Online Flower Shop Perfectly

Proper knowledge

Your flower shop should have most of the categories of flowers so that people can get whatever they want.

Your online store will work in retailing loose flowers, floral arrangements, artificial flowers, and cut flowers. Processing of these products will need you to have proper knowledge in the domain so that you can work for your clients according to their demand.

Starting from the price to the period of delivery, everything needs to be well calculated and for this proper knowledge in the subject is inevitable.

Demography and market research

People in different areas have a demand for different kinds of flowers. You need to understand the demand of your target consumer base and then stock your online flower shop accordingly.

Also, you need to understand the kinds of events and the flowers used in them so that you can stay ready with flowers according to the event that is approaching.


You need to determine a niche for your online flower shop business. You need to start small with the particular niche and later on expand the business according to the demands of the customers.

You can work on flower arrangements or flower decoration for events or maybe you could come up with a concept of bespoke flower bouquets.

Due to high competition on both online and offline markets, it is essential that you stand out from the others and create a unique brand identity for yourself.

It will help people in recalling your brand name when they have the need for any service similar to the niche you cater to in your online flower shop.

Home delivery

People love fresh flowers. This one line has to be always on your mind when you think of planning for an online flower shop. You should make sure that the flower that you either send from your physical store or get it from a distributor and send to the customer, should reach the customer on time.

You need to have proper delivery partners to make sure that the flowers reach the clients when they are fresh.

The freshness of the flower will decide your credibility as an online flower shop.

Refrain from getting any negative reviews for withered-out flowers, get a proper courier service to partner with the business so that your flowers reach fresh to the clients and bring a smile on their faces!

Web hosting

Your website will be the face of your business and hence utmost importance should be given on making it look perfect and thematically appealing. Get a perfect theme for the store from the various online sites where you can buy such themes for your website.

Make sure that you have added a shopping cart feature to the site so that people can buy more than one product at a time.

Make the website professional in appearance and focus on making it safe for your clients as they will make online payments on it and any mishap on that aspect can ruin your reputation forever. Get hold of proper and reputed payment gateways and also arrange for accepting e-wallets as it will be convenient for people.

The fact that online shopping is growing so rapidly, you need to make sure that the website is light and mobile-friendly because many people will buy from your website or browse through the categories when they are on the go!

Join hands with allied products

Flowers are perishable in nature and for this reason, there can be many people who would want to gift something more along with a bouquet of flowers to their beloved person.

Allied products such as chocolates, Diary, Soft toys, perfumes and scented candles can attract people to your website.

People love such combinations and hence it is essential that you team up your products with these allied products. It shall also help in raking in more profits than just the flowers.


You need to go out and distribute adverts of your online store to various event management agencies so that you can order from them when they seek for flowers for weddings, birthdays or any traditional ritual.

You need to have a proper SEO expert for the work who will target keywords and bring in traffic to the website. The more people visit your website, the more the chances of getting a sale from them!

Try and market your online flower shop on days such as Valentine’s Day rigorously with attractive offers as people tend to buy gifts in plenty in that one particular Valentines week.

Use social media effectively to promote your brand and reach out to customers. Reach out to the customers with posts that have a call to action nature so that when people read it they are intrigued to visit your website and place an order to make their loved ones feel special and cared for!

Flowers are versatile in nature and charm every person alike with their beauty and fragrance. Chocolates can cause diabetes, perfumes can end up causing allergy but flowers have no such effects and hence it is immensely popular.

Just you need to constantly work hard to serve the need of the market and maintain a unique touch so that people have reasons enough to buy from your online flower shop.

Have patience and work hard, after the initial set up is done your online flower shop will start reaping profits soon enough. With the popularity of online shopping, you can just make plenty of money from the business! Follow the tips and we wish you all the best!

Every occasion or festival, Flower is must use things. People love to share their feelings with others through Flower. Here we Collected one Infographic which contains the stats about flower usage on Valentine day. Read more.

How To Start A Flower Shop Online
flower demand in valentine day


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