Start An Online Optical Store: 10 Most Important Steps

Do you dream of starting an optical store business but are short on funds? Do you want to be your own boss and work from your home and earn money?

If “yes”, you should definitely plan to start your online optical store and save up on the money that is to be spent for rents of a physical store!

People opt for more online shopping than ever before due to the convenient nature and ease of selecting a product from the expansive variety that the online stores offer.

This is just the perfect time to start your own online optical store, some of the most important tips to be kept in mind for opening such a venture are mentioned below

Steps To Start Optical Store

What do you want to sell

Decide on the kinds of optical products that you wish to sell in your online store. Optical products can be lenses, glasses, frames, or sunglasses.

Select the category you want to sell and then delve deeper into it and try to understand the prevailing trend of the market so as to get a better idea of which niche to cater to for better results.

Product photography

Get hold of the products that you are going to sell through your online optical store. Get a professional photographer or do it yourself with a good DSLR camera to get optimum images.

Take 2-3 shots of each of the products in good lighting so that the color of the product is well represented in the photograph.

You need to take close-ups of the product for the customers to see it in greater detail and then make the purchase.

It is one of the most important parts of starting an online optical store as product representation paves the way for sales on the online platform.

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Wholesale suppliers

Try and buy products in bulk amounts and from the whole-sellers as they provide you plenty of discounts and hence leave a space for you to earn profits by selling these products.

A large amount of stock will also make sure that the customers get what they look for on the website and can be bombarded with variety and choices whenever they look for something.

You can also provide them discounts because of the fact that you have got it for a low price from the whole sellers due to your bulk order.

You need to have a proper warehouse to store the products without causing any damage to them.

Prescriptions are a must

If you seem to have decided to sell contact lenses from your website then make sure that you get a prescription of the customer through the website and then process the order.

Selling contact lenses without a proper prescription can lead to grave circumstances and can land your brand in trouble.

Even if a person wants to make glasses from your website then you must have a section in the website where the customer can input the respective powers and attach the prescription or the eye check-up report.

These things will keep your business clear from any claims that can be made by the customers after they get the products.


Your website is the ultimate branding weapon that you have and hence it is essential to get it designed by a professional web designer. The website should be based on a theme that reflects the business perfectly.

You need to ask your developer to keep it light and mobile-friendly so that people can access the website any time they want to and without any lag or delay in the loading process.

It should have a shopping cart feature to it so that people can do multiple purchases without any difficulty.

Having such an option is also intent towards encouraging the visitor to buy more and fill the cart.

Make sure that the website has proper payment gateways and accepts all major credit and debit cards so that people can pay easily. You can also enable e-wallets payment as many people are using these services to a great extent.

Having PayPal is also a good option and it will benefit you in the aspect of branding because of the fact that PayPal is a huge name in the online payments domain.

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Promote your online optical store to the optimum level so that people know about your brand and visit the website to fulfill their requirements.

Start the promotions beforehand so that people become aware of your presence and then you launch the website.

With such a strategy in place, you shall surely get sales on the very first day of the website launch.

In order to drive traffic to the website, you need to hire an SEO expert who can target keywords and regularly post blogs to bring in traffic and enhance the ranking of the website on various search engines such as Google or Bing.

Use your social media profiles to constantly communicate with the clients and solve their queries.

Remember, on an online platform if a customer is pointing out your mistakes then accept it gleefully and reply professionally so that others who see the comment can be assured of the professional conduct of your online optical store business.

Interested customers can be mailed regularly about the various offers and asked to visit the website just in case they need anything. Such strong communication will rake in loyal customers and take your business to the zenith of success!

There is huge competition in the market, however, you can take that to advantage and learn from market leaders and implement the same strategies to gain popularity.

Always try to be unique so that people have enough reasons to visit your website rather than the one which is much popular and has a top rank in the market.

You need to constantly work hard and then stay assured because online shopping is so popular these days, your optical store online will surely earn robust profits and achieve glory! Good luck.

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