How To Start Pizza Shop (10 Steps)

Do you make amazing pizzas? Are you showered with compliments every time you serve pizzas made by you? If “yes” then this is the time when you can start earning a living for yourself with your own pizza store online!

Pizza is one of the most consumed and loved food products amongst varying age groups.

There a host of pizza store that serves the people both online and in their popular physical outlets. However, this does not mean that the market is saturated and needs no more players. If you have the skills then it is the market that you should aim to conquer!

Here are some most important tips that you need to keep in mind before starting your own online Pizza Store

Steps To Start Pizza Store

Your niche

With already a host of franchises serving the market it is essential for you to select one particular niche and serve the target consumer base.

Some of the most popular niches that you can offer through your online pizza store are-

  • Thin crust pizza
  • Extra cheese or cheese burst pizza
  • Pan made pizza
  • Customised pizza
  • Single slice pizza selling

There are other niches as well but these are some of the most eminent in the market and can help you to popularise your business immensely.


If you are making the pizzas on your own then make sure that you get the best quality pizza breads and the taste of your pizza should remain the same throughout.

If people like your pizza then they shall come back for the same taste, disappointing them shall end up causing loss to you and the business.

You need to make sure that proper hygiene measures are taken for making the pizza as people shall raise alarm if its consumption leads to any health hazards.


Online pizza stores will need an efficient delivery chain so that the customers can be sent pizzas that are hot and fresh. You need to hire employees who will deliver the pizzas to the customers efficiently.

Pizza needs to be served within the duration of 30 minutes so that the freshness remains as the client opens the pack. Make sure that the delivery guys have a bike so that they can reach the customer’s place quickly.

The faster you deliver the pizza, the better impression is left on the client making sure that they will order from you again.

Understanding the market

You need to do a demographic analysis so as to understand the potential of the market and then set your pricing and menu chart accordingly.

Youngsters opt for pizzas because it is cheaper than other food products and can fill them up completely.

Families order pizza if there is a gathering and they look for discounts primarily. You need to start giving out offers on specific days when you think that the sales will be higher.

High number of sales will make up for the money that you are losing in offering the discounts.

According to the demography analysis, you can offer happy hours for people so that at hours that are otherwise dormant, people shall come to your online pizza store and order pizzas.

The website and mobile app

Your online pizza store needs to have a website that is well designed. Get the work done by a designer and make sure that you add a shopping cart feature to it so that people can order more than one pizza and in this way, your sales go up!

The website should have images that reflect the business aptly. You need to make sure that professionally clicked photographs of your products are out in the website.

Food is best sold when people see them being served in the most delightful way possible! Get photographs of your pizzas and grab attention of the customers instantly.

For your online pizza store, it is essential to have a mobile app so that people can order their favorite pizza when they are on the move.

Both the website and mobile app needs to be designed lightly so that it doesn’t take up a lot of time to load and works even on slow internet connections.

Get a professional app developer who can make you apps on Android, IOS and Windows.


Being a business that doesn’t have any physical existence, it is essential to market it properly so that more people know about it.

Hire a professional SEO who can target keywords and update food blogs on the website in order to bring in more traffic.

Digital marketing is inevitable but it is also important to make sure that you work to market the store in physical places.

Send out pamphlets and adverts in the public to make them aware of the presence of your online pizza store. You need to have a proper logo that shall be put on your food covers and also on the t-shirts of the guys who deliver the food. It will help in branding your online pizza store.

Your online presence needs to be heightened and for that, you need to get active on the social media profiles to connect with the target consumer base directly.

You can upload various offers and new items in the pizza store on social media along with content that has a call to action nature. Once a person orders from you, various offers can be sent to the mobile number or email id so that he/she comes back to your store for more!

Given the fact that the market has stiff competition from the leaders such as Domino’s or Pizza hut, the small enterprises are doing great in the market as they cater to the people who want affordable pizzas (Pizza from any of the market leaders will cost around 300 minimum, which is high given the social structure of the country).

Try and learn from the market leaders how they operate themselves and then work your way to the top with those ideas and a unique blend of your brand.

If you work hard and have patience then you are assured to get proper returns from the business in a couple of months! All the best.  

How To Start Pizza Shop

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