How To Start A Wedding Planning Business: 12 Steps to Follow

One of the most emotionally charged events that we have are known a Weddings.

Two different people come together, fall in love and take vows of spending the rest of their lives with each other in the presence of their friends and family members.

If you are someone who is good at planning and coordinating events then this wedding industry happens to be one of the most lucrative one for you to choose.

If you are willing to start your wedding coordinator business then pack your bags as this is right time for you to start with the proceedings.

Steps To Start A Wedding Coordinator Business

Wedding planner

You can become a full-fledged wedding planner and make a name for yourself in the business.

A wedding planner is someone who takes charge of everything that takes place in a wedding. Be it catering, music, lights, location, makeup or dresses, the wedding planner has solution for all of them and is primarily the person who arranges for these based on the demand and budget that has been allotted by the client.

You can have the office right at your home itself. Take any place out from your home which can be used as office and then arrange it accordingly.

It will also help you to save up on a cost of a separate office space and at the same time allow you to work from the comfort of your home.

Wedding caterer

If you are an amazing wedding coordinator then why not start your own wedding caterer service! You can launch the service at any of the weddings that you are working on and win over each of the guests with the amazing taste of your food.

A creative and hardworking person will always succeed in becoming a star in wedding catering business as they will always thrive towards perfection and work hard to bring out the best in them.

Weddings demand variety in the food menu and hence it is recommended that you remain creative and make delicious dishes and serve the best of the cocktails to keep the audience wooed with your service.

Wedding blogger

You can start your own wedding blog where you will be talking about all the recent trends and fashion that is popular in the wedding industry. A lot of unmarried females are extremely excited about such topics and would even trend your blog if it made a connection with them.

Such trending blogs do get a huge reputation and payouts too in the form of ads on your blog page.

Come up with new ideas to help those people make their special worth remembering for varied reasons other than just the love and vow!

Once your blogs are successful, you can move a step ahead and plan your magazine. If it hits bull eye then rest assured to get more than 100% profit on the magazine.

Event centre

One of the most challenging tasks for people is to get a good venue where they can host their wedding. You can give out your property as an event centre for weddings.

If you have a property in an exotic location and it looks great and is well fitted with all the modern amenities then be assured that there will be many people who would want to take the property as their event centre.

You can also render your experienced wedding coordinating advice for the clients when they book your event centre.

As more people are opting for theme weddings, you need to make sure that the property is aligned to cater to such needs if requested by the client for the wedding.

One day coordinator

Couple taking the vows have mane plans for their wedding and want them to be implanted in the best way possible.

However, on the day of the wedding, they are too busy to look into each and every detail and hence often it is seen that many a thing goes out of their hands and against their plans.

A day off coordinator or One day coordinator is someone who takes charge of overseeing all the work in the wedding day to make sure that they are done according to the plan.

With the experience you have in the domain, such a work will be something that you can be comfortable with and at the same time be of immense help of the client.

Get a website

The home-based business will reach out to the world and for the same reason you should have a website that represents the business perfectly. You should get the website done with the help of a professional web designer.

Upload images of your successful events along with the testimonials of your clients so as to gather the trust of the visitors on your website.


Your business needs to be promoted in the best of the ways. Create social media profiles in your business name so as to make people aware of your home based wedding coordinator business.

Post regularly so that they keep you in mind whenever they have any requirement related to the domain. Put up posters and send flyers across the area to get attention of all those around you who are looking for such service and assistance.

Your reputation in and around your area will pave the way for more customers to come and get services from you. Also, you can send direct email to interested people in order to promote the business.

When you take responsibility of a day as important, make sure that you give your best into it so that the clients are delighted and send more people to you as references.

Keep working hard and do not compromise with the quality of service. Understand the emotions and deliver accordingly to provide the best services. Your wedding coordinator services will get successful, all you need to do is hold patience and keep progressing through thick and thin!  

Starting a wedding-related business has very good potentiality. Here is the infographic which gives you more ideas on wedding industry stats.

How To Start Wedding Coordinator Business
wedding industry stats

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