How to Start Online Content Writing Business

It is said that a person who knows to write is capable enough to bring bread and butter into his home, even if he is not associated with a regular office job like his other friends or relatives.

It is not easy to become a writer; rather it is one of the toughest. However, this is undoubtedly a profession for those people who love the flexibility in their work and the method in which they are working.

If you have been a content writer for years, it is probably time to shift to your own writing business.

Setting up the business from a scratch will not be easy, but if you go systematically in the right direction, you will be a gainer.

Steps To Start Online Content Writing Business

Step:1 Selecting a Niche

It is true that you can write about a variety of subjects that include health, medical, travel, and much more. You also have the option of considering academic writing services, in which you have to accept the assignment of students and complete them as per your expertise.

Nowadays, it is extremely important for the writer to have authority on a particular subject, rather than focusing on a number of subjects. It is important that whatever you write should be capable of reflecting expertise and individuality.

Therefore, you should be smart enough and choose a subject in an industry about which you have proper knowledge, or you can show your sample work done when clients start picking you up for their work.

#Bonus Tip: Seo Is not good but best. SEO is driven off of links from other websites to your website. By building more authoritative links back to your website, You can more visitors.

Step:2 Creating a Blog

When you are interested in writing, you must create a blog, as this will be your first step towards highlighting the writing skills that you have. Your blog should have an appropriate name and the name should be able to depict the niche that you have selected.

This is important because, later on, when you have created your website; your clients will know the kinds of niches that you are working on. In addition, a blog is the best way of showing off your portfolio.

You should tailor your blog in accordance with the content that you would like to receive in the future. If you are interested in getting jobs related to travel writing, do not write a review on the latest Mac that has been released by Apple.

Your blog should not look confused, or your potential clients will go away even before they give a chance you.

#Bonus Tip: Create a digital version of your Sample Works and make a brochure of your skill. You can make a responsive design for the writing service and keep sharing your Works.

Step:3 Budget

No matter what business you start, you need to keep a proper budget in mind. You must be thinking that since you are starting an online writing business, you will not require money. Well, you are wrong.

You need important software for judging the quality of your writing or see if you have accidentally copied lines from another website.

You need to invest money in purchasing the complete paid versions of grammar checkers and plagiarism checkers, and they cost a lot. Moreover, you cannot just have a free blog; you have to create a website as well, to make your business look professional. Without a budget, it will be impossible to make your business stand.

#Bonus Tip: Write an elevator pitch. Your Introduction Speech matters a lot for your Writing Service. You can write or Register for a conference to show your skill in front of world.

Step:4 Creating a Website

This is one of the trickiest parts of your business, especially if you have no idea how you can create your website. You need to hire website designers and ask them to design on the website in such a manner, that the clients are attracted to the website.

Link your blog with your website, and create a section for portfolio, so that if clients ask for your previous work samples, you can redirect them to the portfolio within your website.

#Bonus Tip: Use Email Marketing and start targeting Small Busines Entrepreneurs. Use tear cards, inserts, props, and attention-getting envelopes to make an impact with your Target mailers.

Step:5 Crafting a Bio

Keep in mind that your bio is an important part of your website. A proper and good bio should list the experience that you have and it should make you look credible in the niches that you have decided to cover.

State relevant jobs, educational qualification, the time since which you are blogging, any internship experience that you have, etc.

Your clients will also want information if you are genuinely passionate about the topics that you have selected to write. This allows them to offer you jobs within the niche that you prefer. You can also list all the relevant interests that you have, which will allow your potential employers to connect with you on a professional level.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that the same bio should be there on your blog as well as the website because two different bios can make you look less credible.

#Bonus Tip: First you need to Start a Personal blog. Write blog posts on a regular basis. You can also share the same on different Social Media Accounts.

Step:6 Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best way to display the expertise that you have to potential clients. You should spare a little time and fill out the LinkedIn profile, thoroughly. The three main fields that should be filled out include experience, summary, and expertise.

Do not forget to mention the topics that you normally cover, and use more words related to writing. If you are specific enough, you will start receiving invitations from prospective clients.

Also, paste your blog link on LinkedIn, to give a detailed idea about your writing skills to your connections. Through LinkedIn, you can get plenty of referrals as well.

#Bonus Tip: Be Alert on the LinkedIn. The More Alert means more works. More and MOre people are searching for skilled freelancer on the Linkedin. You can also search with proper hashtags and contact the person directly.

Step:7 Decide the Rates

You should have a clear idea as to how much you are going to charge for every word. You can also charge on basis of the projects that are handed over to you.

Be specific regarding the rates and the payment terms, so that there is no hassle after the work has been awarded to you.

#Bonus Tip: You can Offer a free download E Book or free gift to make people willing to add their email address to your list. You can target different Small Entrepreneurs through your work and Offers them good Works.

Step:8 Posting Regularly

You should post on a regular basis. No matter how big or small your piece is, you should publish it on your blog regularly.

There are chances that your blog will attract the attention of a target client, but if he visits the blog and sees that you last posted months ago; he will immediately leave your website. It is not necessary to post daily, but do not allow the blog to remain silent for huge stretches.

#Bonus Tip: You can use the Fivestar Plugins. FiveStars is a cool tool that businesses can use to reward their most frequent customers.

Step:9 Publishing Content on Other Blogs: Marketing

The best way to market your business is by being a guest writer on reputed blogs. You can always add a link back to your profile at the end of your guest posts.

If prospective clients are interested in your writing quality, they will contact you through the link that you have provided.

Furthermore being a guest writer on numerous reputed blogs help in boosting your portfolio as well. When clients see that your articles have been accepted by the reputed blogs, they will get an assurance that you will provide quality work for them.

#Bonus Tip: Share interesting infographics related your Work. Infographics are insanely powerful and interesting marketing tools. They’re visual eye candy, they’re easy to learn, digest, and people love to share them freely.

Step:10 Connecting Your Blogs with Your Social Media Profiles

This is another way of marketing, which is referred to as social media marketing. You should ensure that whenever you are publishing a blog post, it should appear on your social media profiles as well.

Social media’s outreach cannot be compared with any other platform, and you never know who comes across your writing skills, and refers you to a client who is looking for someone like you. If this happens, this will be a great turning point for your business.

#Bonus Tip: If you find the Email Marketing Works then add a Perfect your email signature. You can also add audio, video and social sharing functionality to your emails.

Step:11 Responding to All the Comments

When your blog starts getting famous, you have to respond to the comments that other bloggers are giving. Whether the comments are negative or positive, you should take them sportingly.

Reply with a “Thank You” for positive comments, and ask how you can improve to those bloggers who have left negative comments. When you get advice from fellow bloggers and imbibe the qualities that they have, you will turn out to be more successful in your profession.

In addition, when potential clients see that you take both the negative as well as the positive feedbacks in the best possible way, they will be impressed with you.

When you engage with others, you are showing that you are dedicated to the work that you are doing, and you are extremely passionate about the niche that you have selected.

#Bonus Tip: If your Writing Business marketing budget it tight, you might not be able to always afford content writers to whip up content for your blog or Works then you may take help of already written articles to get more ideas.

Step:12 Making Yourself Easy to Connect

You should make it simple and easy for prospective clients to reach you. Always mention your phone number and email id on your website so that they can contact you directly for writing projects.

With these tips in mind, you will find it easy to get clients and take your business to the next level. Request your clients to leave reviews when the work has been completed successfully by you so that other clients are drawn in by these positive reviews. With time, you will see your business flourishing, and you will gain a lot of success.

#Bonus Tip: Pinterest can help you more in terms of a showcase of your Skill. Start off by creating a Pinterest account and give creative name, creating a few boards from doing some keyword research, and build from there.

How To Start Online Content Writing Business

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