40+ HR Admin Interview Questions And Answers

An interview is a crucial phase of the selection process. There are many job interviews, but they all have one thing in common: They test your skills and how well you fit into the role or company. 

If you want to work in an HR role, you can expect the interviewer to ask you major questions during the interview. The interviewer asks these questions to assess your qualifications, skills, and experience.  

Here, we have mentioned some of the most common questions (Category -wise) an interviewer might ask you, along with some sample interview answers. 

Thus, keep reading for more insights about what to expect during an interview and helpful tips to ace your next one!

13 HR Admin Interview General Questions

At the beginning of the interview, the recruiter may ask you general questions to get to know you. Below are some general questions asked during the HR administrator interviews.

  • What are your strengths scores?
  • What are your weaknesses? 
  • Do you have any plans to improve them?
  • What makes you interested in this role?
  • Why do you want to become an HR specialist?
  • What interests you about this industry?
  • How did you learn about this job?
  • What are your plans for the future?
  • What is your vision for yourself in the next five years?
  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • Why did you leave your previous role?
  • Why are you the most qualified person for this role?
  • Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

These are the expected questions that you might be facing during the interview. Make sure to prepare these very well. 

After the introduction, the interviewer will likely ask you certain questions to learn about your professional background and work history. Below are the examples of expected questions:

10 Experienced HR Admin Interview Questions

After asking the general question, the interviewer can go ahead to ask some questions to know about your experience & background. Below are some major questions that will help you to tackle the questions – 

  • Do you have experience in preparing the payroll?
  • What skills do you think are the most important for an HR role?
  • What is your approach to managing the competing demands of employees and management?
  • How do you plan your day?
  • Do you know how to use any human resources software? If yes, then which do you like most and why?
  • What do you enjoy most about human resources management and why?
  • How long have you been working as a human resource?
  • What are the core duties and responsibilities of an HR administrator?
  • Are you familiar with determining compensation for senior management positions?
  • Do you love to keep a fair relationship with employees?

4 Behavioral Questions

The interviewer may ask you these questions to judge how proficiently you handled situations in the past, reflecting your skills, capacity, and personality. 

Below are 5 major questions with sample answers. Go through each to learn more.

Tell Me About The Time. What Was Your Reaction While You Were Happy With Your Work?

Sample Answer

In my previous company, I was handling a project related to digital marketing, which is now an attractive sector for most people. There I made a strategy to attract a massive number of clients. 

I researched the approach, what people would love to see, and what would help them get what they want.

I also had a survey with my colleagues which I shared with my friends, neighbors, and relatives to know more about the people. 

When we implemented our strategies, the results were amazing. The people liked it, and it attracted 90% of sales of our products. 

I was very happy with my work as I did my best for what I did there and contributed to company profits.

Tell Me About The Moment When You Were Not Satisfied With The Performance.

Sample Answer

There was a time when I was regularly dependent on the team members to get work done. But honestly, I was not happy with what I was doing. I did not like this, as I wanted to carry out my responsibilities independently.

Therefore, I did not waste any second and quickly learned the working techniques of the project and obtained miscellaneous assignments about the project. 

I was becoming more confident as I handled it independently with the least help. I felt more independent and was praised multiple times for my hard work, my sense of ownership, and how quickly I adjusted to the project.

Tell Me What You Would Do If A Project’s Priorities Changed At The Last Minute.

The interviewer may ask specific questions to know how you handled the situations when the priorities are changed. 

This will also show the candidate’s capability to handle and solve problems.

Sample Answer

I understand there could be urgent situations when a company needs to change its priority for valid reasons. Due to the distinct scenarios, the project’s goal will have a different vision at that time. 

If any time, the If the priority of the task gets changed, I will first understand the reasons and put effort into comprehending the core reasons. 

Rather than crib about it, I will begin working on the new task of a higher priority since it is in the company’s best interest. The ultimate goal is to achieve big things by putting in my best efforts.

Tell Me About The Time When The Time You Made A Mistake In Your Career.

This is another type of tricky question that the interviewer may ask you to understand what types of mistakes you made in your career. 

What was your approach & how did you handle the situation in case you got hired by the company? Try to tackle this question carefully. Below is a sample example to answer this question-

Sample Answer

I recall an instance when I joined my first company after my graduation. I was offered two projects and worked on two projects simultaneously, even though I knew I could not complete them within the deadline. 

Thus, I was not ready to tell my manager to inform them, “I can not handle it. I was under strict instructions not to disclose to either that I was working on a different project, which doubled my stress levels and prevented me from completing the tasks by the deadline.

But I realized that I should have communicated this with my manager, and I did that. 

Thankfully, my manager understood the situation and provided a new resource to complete the project delivery. During all of this, I learned the importance of being open to them and letting them know about updated tasks.

9 Essential In-Depth Questions

The interviewer may ask these types of questions to you in-depth questions to test your response and the approach in different work situations. Below are similar examples:

  • What strategies would you use to identify the most suitable candidate for the job?
  • When is the right time to ask questions about age and marital status when interviewing a candidate?
  • What background checks will you run when recruiting a financial or treasury manager?
  • Have you ever been in a case where an employee shared patented details with a third party? How did you manage the situation?
  • What would be your response if your friend violated their employment terms?
  • What strategies can you recommend to us to make our organization more inclusive?
  • How would you deal with an employee who shares sensitive information with you?
  • Have you ever suggested the termination of an employee? If yes, then why is it so?
  • How can you solve a workplace dispute between a senior manager and junior employees?

HR Administrator Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Below are the four types of interview questions with their sample answers you can use to learn how to communicate your answers while attending a similar situation with a recruiter:

What Are The Most Important Qualities Or Traits To Blossom As Human Resources Administrator?

This question can be asked to determine the core skills required for the role. The answer to this question will show the hiring manager your experience & professional qualities in a similar job.

You can include a list of the specific talents that business qualities are essential to the position of HR administrator in your response.

Sample Answer: 

‘In my opinion, the essential qualities for the role of human resource are excellent communication skills, planning, organization, and empathy. 

These qualities will help to have clear communication and understanding with my team and create a comfortable environment where everybody can share their thoughts. 

These essential skills are vital in identifying a suitable candidate and understanding their employer’s business model. 

Tell Me About How You Would Deal With An Employee Who Consistently Comes Late To The Office.

This question seems simple but the most tricky. In this question, an interviewer wants to know your experience with disciplining employees and your knowledge of labor laws. 

A perfect answer to this question can be given by highlighting the specific points that human resources consider are good to help the employee become more punctual. 

You can showcase knowledge that can make the employee punctual without changing their behavior toward you. Below is a sample answer to this question.

Sample Answer: 

‘In my previous company, an employee used to come late every day, and their leader was so stressed about this routine & asked the human resources department to help in this case.

Then I had a word with the employee. During our discussion, I asked him why he comes late every day and how it will help to grow the company. 

Moreover, I reminded the employee of the management’s policy for coming in late to work. Afterward, I met with employees and managers to encourage them to set weekly productivity motives. 

With these words, there was a huge change after that. Employees broke the routine of coming late and becoming valuable team members while the joint goal-setting manager’s regular check-ins and the joint goal-setting.

What Will You Do in Case An Employee Complains About Their Supervisor?

An interviewer may put this question before you to know whether you have the relevant skills & experience to handle such situations. We know that these types of issues are common complaints to human resources.

Your answer should be evolved around conflict management-related strategies to ensure effective collaboration of both parties. You can modify your answer in a way that should demonstrate your conflict-resolution approach.

Sample Answer

‘In my previous company, an employee came to me and made a complaint about their supervisor’s leadership. The employee stated that the supervisor does not let the team members contribute to project implementation. 

This was a problem in their view. Although some employees had greater experience in certain areas of the project than the supervisor, they did not have the same authority.

I further asked the employee whether any of the team members had also discussed the issue with the supervisor. The employee answered ‘none of them had a word with the supervisor about this as they did not know how the supervisor would react. 

At this moment, I advised the employee to have a discussion on this issue with the supervisor first before coming to human resources. The employee did the same, and the supervisor apologized for his mistake. 

Later, the employee returned to inform me that the supervisor was now more ready to hear our views about project planning and implementation.

What inspired you to pursue a career in HR administration?

I’ve always been interested in working with people and helping them reach their full potential.

HR administration allows me to do just that by creating a positive work environment and ensuring that employees have the support they need to succeed.

How do you stay up-to-date on HR laws and regulations?

I regularly attend seminars and workshops, read industry publications, and participate in professional development opportunities.

I also make sure to stay informed of any updates or changes to HR laws and regulations.

What do you consider to be the most important responsibilities of an HR administrator?

As an HR administrator, I believe that one of the most important responsibilities is ensuring that the company complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

Additionally, HR administrators play a critical role in recruiting and retaining top talent, promoting employee engagement and development, and fostering a positive company culture.

How do you handle difficult employee relations situations?

I believe that communication is key when it comes to handling difficult employee relations situations.

I always take the time to listen to employees’ concerns and work with them to find mutually beneficial solutions.

I will escalate the situation to higher management or HR leadership.”

Can you tell me about a time when you had to handle a sensitive HR issue?

In my previous role, an employee came to me with allegations of workplace harassment.

I immediately took the situation seriously and conducted a thorough investigation, working closely with the employee and the accused party.

I also ensured that the company was in compliance with all relevant HR laws and regulations throughout the process.

How do you prioritize your HR responsibilities?

I prioritize my HR responsibilities by identifying the most urgent and important tasks and addressing them first.

I also make sure to communicate regularly with other departments to ensure that HR is aligned with the company’s overall goals and objectives.

What do you think is the most important aspect of employee engagement?

I believe that the most important aspect of employee engagement is creating a positive work environment where employees feel valued and supported.

This includes providing opportunities for growth and development, recognizing employees’ achievements, and promoting open communication and collaboration.


Summing up, human resource administrators oversee the overall operation of the HR department, such as the management of employee files, the processing of new employee paperwork, and onboarding.

Spend time preparing and practicing answers to common interview questions before your actual appointment. It will make your experience more enjoyable and give you a better chance of getting hired.

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