7 Best Invoicing Software Alternatives For Small Businesses

Whether you are running the business for years or just started, there are lots of things that being an owner you need to look after. 

For small business owners, it’s a hassle to make sure everything is happening at a fixed time, it can include ordering supplies for managing the inventory. 

However the most important task is to get paid and for that, you need an invoice to send. Collecting payments on time might be challenging. 

That’s why In the Us,  more than 39% of invoices get paid late and 61% of late payment happens because of incorrect invoices. 

This work can be done by invoicing software.  Today’s technology helps you in tracking time, managing different expenses, and running your business smoothly. 

Best Alternatives For Invoice Softwares In 2021 

There are lots of famous invoice software in the business. Not just they can serve the purpose but also help as a great tool for personal as well as business work. 

However, if you are looking for alternatives to the current software, here is what you can try. 

I/c Best Invoicing Software Alternatives In 2021 

  • Invoicera 
  • Brightpearl
  • Lockstep Collection 
  • Harvest 
  • The Invoice Machine 
  • Stripe 
  • Wave 

1. Invoicera 

An alternative option to Freshbook, Invoicera is a great tool that can be used for financing as well as accounting software. It works for businessmen and freelancers.

With this, not just you can get a much faster billing process done but it comes with time tracking and easy payments like options too. 

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The software has features that let you customize as per the size and scope of your business. Invoicera is an ideal alternative that you choose if you are looking to replace Freshbook software. 

Invoicevera has some standout features that include – 

  • The apps are suitable for both Android and iOs. 
  • It supports 30+ payment channels that make a much faster collection of payment dues. 
  • Al Enabled forecasting related to finance for easy and effective expense management. 
  • An instituted dashboard that comes with multi-lingual and supports different kinds of currencies. 
  • Additional features to offer better staff and clients management 

Takeaway: Invoicera offers its trial pack for 15 days.

In case of having more than three clients, you can easily register and get the licenses for a lifetime free.  

Or if you have more numbers in clients, you can use their paid plans too. 

2. Brightpearl 

Brightpearl is designed for offering invoice management and it’s an omnichannel; retail software for companies that have inventory. 

Image source: mothercloud 

It helps in keeping the accounts for keeping the entries in bookkeeping for orders, payments, and invoices,  With this,  you can secure the data as well as use it for reporting purposes. 

The important features that Brightpearl includes are – 

  • The inventory management is centralized which keeps all data updated and real-time changed.
  • Reduce the manual effort for bookkeeping with automated accounting.
  • Comes with powerful integration and one location management with Spotify and Amazon.
  • Center hub for the information that helps in managing the business. 

Takeaway: Brighteral is ideal for retail channels or the retail-related business. 

The pricing of the invoice software is based on monthly and yearly subscriptions. 

3. Lockstep Collect 

An alternative option for Zoho, the Lockstep collect helps in boosting the flow of the cash. 

Also, the app includes automated communication that can be used for personalizing the communication for initiating the right as well as to guide every customer to pay on time. 

The collections activity management helps the team to be more proactive along with following the intelligent rules. 

Image source: lockstep

This also prioritizes those activities which contribute to preventing the invoices from going due or have more reduction.

With this,  you can increase the cash from the operation and lower the cost of credit in business.

Lockstep collect can help in reducing DSO for boosting liquidity. Also, increasing the working capital so you can invest in the business better. 

There are some features that the software includes such as – 

  • It comes with CRM integration that makes sure to align your collection, sales, and account management. Including the customer activities for the enhancing team. 
  • The dashboard and reporting allow keeping stakeholders updated and automate reports regarding your receivable status. 
  • The dashboard helps you in getting an insight into your operations and receivables. 
  • It has ERP integrations for on-premises or cloud-based. 
  • Set up the profile and maintain a trusted accounting relationship. 

4.  Harvest 

An alternative option if you are looking for Invoice Ninja, Harvest was launched in 2006. The aim was to offer the best for time tracking.  

Even though the invoicing feature is limited but with time tracking, Harvest evaluated it to suit the small business. 

The basic invoice and tools for project management that makes Harvest especially for project-based or service-based business. 

Image source: Harvest

You can create the invoices and send them, along with setting the reminders and managing employees. 

It offers the basic expense track. With this, you can do project management like assigning projects,  tracking your time, expenses, and setting the budgets. 

There are basic features on which you can use the Harvest for the business, such as – 

  • It offers unlimited invoices. 
  • You get the cloud-based  and unlimited clients 
  • Good customer support for helping the customers to pay the money on time.
  • Features that keep the security on tight. 

 Takeaway:  Harvest comes with two plans, first is free of cost. You can use it to manage more than two but accessible features. 

If you want more to manage, you can sign up for the pro version. You can plan unlimited projects and have many more options in features. 

5. Stripe 

Strips are one of the reliable solutions that you can get in invoicing the business. You can easily wire the payments without making your bank details reveal while transferring.

Image source: stripe

With this, you can easily reduce the payment and boost the revenue from their basics. 

There are features on which you can use the Stripe for the business, such as –

  • You can create a virtual account and use it for accepting business payments without revealing your sensitive information related to account details. 
  • It comes with one time invoices that are automatically billed to the customers. Also accept the payment in wire transfer, ACH, or card. 
  • It has integration with a mobile app, CRM systems, web applications to keep it reliable. 
  • It offers different pricing plans including usage-based,  per seat, flat rate, etc to meet specified requirements of the business. 

Takeaway:  Stripe is ideal for businesses that require to accept wire transfers on regular terms. Also, it’s a great tool for keeping your bank account information safe. 

The pricing plans are much more accessible and based on what you require, you can choose from them. 

6. The Invoice Machine 

Another alternative you can consider is the invoice machine, it offers the basic features that you can get for online tools to create the invoice. 

With this, you can simplify the bookkeeping process and also make the invoice generation hassle-free.  

Here you can use the API as its an open-source, and you can easily modify it by doing some basics HTTP POST calls, 

This allows for much better customization and makes the user experience easier. 

Here are some features including – 

  • The billing timer keeps the tickling as well as recording all the efforts when you slog away. 
  • You can set options like currency, language,  discounts, notes, and also create the invoices.
  • It also has an auto generator to keep the payment reminder emails to keep the cash flow maintained. 
  • The interface is simple and features packed to keep the account much easier to access.

Takeaway:  The license is divided by the price range that goes with the number of users and clients.

If you have a small organization then you can use the free versions to keep it a great pick. 

7. Wave 

If you want more options for using something alternative to Freshbooks, then you can start with Wave. 

It keeps the bank account,  balance sheet, expense statement, etc.  You can use this software solution to have a jargon-free dashboard.

Image source: waveaccounting

 Also, it comes with a layout that is not uncluttered that keeps the business straight. 

There are some important features that you get, which includes : 

  • To save time and effort, it has recurring invoices for those clients who are repeating. 
  • Comparison reports based on months and years to help in taking wise steps.
  • You get a clear idea of in-hand income with the book balancing and tax reductions. 
  • You get instant alerts when invoices get delivered, viewed or you get payments. 
  • The processing charge is only 1% and the credit card has fees of  2.9% + 30¢.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should small businesses consider invoicing software?

Using invoicing software offers a simple and hassle-free way to keep the information correct. Also, it keeps the process error-free. For small businesses, it can help in saving time and maintain the cash flow as well. 

What is some best invoice software for small business? 

The best are Quickbooks, Zoho, Freshbooks,  Kashflow, and Invoicebeerrt for small business invoice software solutions. 

What are the best alternatives to Freshbooks for small businesses?

Freshbooks are the most professional tool but it’s not affordable. Instead of this, you can use alternatives like Invoicera and Wave. 

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