How To Write A Memo?: Tips and Templates (Must Check)

A memo also known as a reminder and a memorandum is an important part of the business. It’s used for internal communication regarding official business or procedure. 

It’s one of the primary ways for communicating information to the employees within the organization. Memos are fast as well as an effective option for distributing the information.

Unlike an email,  you can send a memo as a message to a large group of employees. It can be your entire department or even everyone who works in your company.

However, writing a memo can be a struggle if you are not well aware of the formats. To know how to write a memo, keep reading the article to understand more about the topic. 

How You Should Choose The Format For Writing A Memo

When it comes to choosing the right format, it’s important for you to understand that different formats have different objectives or purposes. 

It depends on what you are choosing for, for example, you can write an information memo for sharing the information with your employees, then for a request memo, you are required to focus on the convincing side. 

Well, there are different types that you can find in memos, they include confirmation, information request,  the periodic report, study results, and suggestion memos. 

However all types of memos may have a similar format but you can find some of the differences in the body of the message.

types of business memo

That’s why it’s important to focus on what kind of message you are going to write, as well as whom you are sending the memo to. 

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the objective or purpose that the memo holds.

What Are The Sections Of A Business Memo?

A business memo is divided into sections, unlike the formal business letter it doesn’t have a salutation or sender’s signature.

sections of business memo

A typical memo format includes the different sections, such as : 


Well, the heading section includes the name as well as the company’s address. However, if you have the letterhead, this information will be already printed.

Just below this section, you are required to write the word Memorandum or Memo. This will help in creating that the message is communicated via using a memo. 


This section is for identifying the recipients. 

This is where you need to mention to whom the memo is going to or belong. 

For example,  if you are writing a memo for your employees in the marketing department 

Here you need to mention “ To: All Employees of the Marketing Department “ 


The sender section is for specifying who is the person writing the memo. It includes the name, department, and designation. 

For example, If you are an assistant manager from the sales department. 

Here you need to mention your name first, then add “ Assistant Manager, Sales”

CC or Additional Recipients 

CC ( Carbon Copy ) or Additional Recipients are the sections where you mention to whom the copy of the memo is going to send for the sake of information. 

Well, the name mentioned here is not directly addressed to the memo or To section. 


It’s important that you mention the date when the memo was written. Include when you have written the memo to the Date section. 

Subject Line 

The subject line is the section where you need to write a brief and precise idea of what the memo is about. 

Here you need to mention the quick idea of content the memo contains. 

For example, if the memo is about a training session for the employees who work in the SEO department. Then here you need to write “ Subject:  Training Session for employees in the SEO department” 

Message Body 

Well, the message body is important and the section where you need to focus the most 

The message body includes what the memo is all about, information and purpose.  You can divide it into two or three paragraphs. 

The first paragraph of this body states the purpose of the memo.  Now you can move to the next paragraph to mention the Information or message. 

Well if the content is long, you can add the summary of the message. Also, you can add the CTA or clear  call to action 

This will help in understanding what action the recipient should take. 


However, adding the attachment is not important or needed. But you can add if the memo is related to the presented results,  research or need any additional data. 

Then the memo should have an attachment to substantiate the message of the memo. 

How To Write Your Business Memo?

Well, now you need to understand how you should write your memo. The writing has a few basic steps that are simple and easy to follow.

It includes : 

Step 1: List What Purpose Your Memo Hold 

The first of your introductory paragraph should mention the purpose of your memo 

The person who is reading the memo should get an instant idea of what the sender is communicating to them in the introductory paragraph. 

Also, the content of your memo should be crafted in such a way that can answer the questions. Make sure to consider what kind of question your employee or receiver might have. 

The purpose should be the first thing that needs to be clear, then you can expand the details or actions that need to take. 

Make sure to put everything in a chronological series of events. This will help in giving much more clarity to the employee, also they can take actions much easier if they have to.


Step 2:  Make It  Concise & Positive Throughout 

Since the writing of your memo is going to address the manager or coworkers. It is important that you keep the language positive while writing the memo. 

Also, it will be sent to the people whom you know and will interact with on a daily basis. Keep the language in such a way. 

Apart from this,  keep your sentences short and clear. Also, use the active voice so you can put the purpose across. 

This will help in boosting the credibility among your colleagues. 

Step 3: Communicate Message Through The Subject Line 

The next thing you should be careful in what you are writing in the subject line. This section should tell the readers about what they should be expecting while reading the memo.

Also, the subject line gives the direction regarding where they file the email folders.

For example, if it’s a budget update for the marketing department, then it will help in understanding by reading the subject of the memo as well as preview the actions that will affect the operation as well as the department. 

Step 4: Break Down The Information Using Body Paragraph And Conclusion 

Use the body paragraph for elaborating the announcement of the decision you are making. Also, add how it will affect the employees and operation onwards.

Also, this can be useful to address the questions as well as the feeling that your employees might be feeling. 

Express gratitude and navigate the changes. 

What Is The Template For Writing  A Memo?

Now, it’s important to understand the template of writing a memo. The format you should use is : 

Business Memorandum 

Date: Add current month, day and year

To:  Add the name of your employee to whom you are sending the memo 

From: Here you need to add your first and last name, along with your business title

Subject:  What is this memo for?

Body: begin with listing the reasons behind writing the memo. Keep it in one sentence but if it’s not possible, you can switch to two sentences.  Now add the detail that the person requires to share with the entry-level employees. Explain the response or follow-up that has been sent by the company, if you have any. 

Now state the conclusion. You can also use this for identifying the reaction from the reader. Mention the actions that you want your reader to take. 

Thank you, 

Your first and Last name

Your company’s email address

Your company’s phone number 

If you are adding attachments, you need to explain that in the memo. 

Tips For Writing Your Business Memo 

Well, now when you have the understanding of how to write the memo along with the right format. 

Here are some of the tips that can make your memo effective. 

  • Check if you have any kind of stylistic requirements that come with your job.  Also, look for any standard form that your company has for writing memos. Is it downloadable or not?
  • Make sure that body of the text is concise, correct, and consider. Also, keep the grammar check, so you know everything is right and easy to read. 
  • Keep your sentences simple. Do not use sentences that are long or avoid wordy phrasings. 
  • Do not use the solutions. Your memo should directly go to the subject.
  • If you have something important, use the bulleted list as well as the heading for conveying the message. 
  • Also, use the closing statements at the end of your memo. Keep it inspiring and direct so your reader knows what action they need to take. 
  • If you are adding the attachments along with your memo, mention it or use the single word ‘attachment.
  • After you complete the draft, make sure to share it with someone you know or a colleague. It will help you in catching the errors that might have slipped.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

What Are The Three Parts Of Writing A Memo?

The basic three main parts of writing a memo are divided into the heading, the subject & date, and the message. 

What Does Memo Mean In Communication?

A memo is a communication policy, short reports, procedures, reports, or business. It’s business-related and happens within the organization. 

Why Is A Memo Beneficial?

The memo has different benefits, well it’s fast and much quicker. Also, it’s a convenient medium for communication.  Not just that it’s not that expensive and can easily be maintained as written records. 

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