20 Easy Money-Making Mobile Business Ideas

Mobile businesses are the kinds of businesses that you can take anywhere easily and without hassle via a vehicle. These businesses can be taken from place to place according to the person’s will.  

A lot of people do not wish to sit behind a desk and conduct a business staying in one place all the time. Mobile businesses are perfect for such people and for people who like to travel around and earn at the same time. However, such type of business is not for everyone.

To be successful at a mobile business, it is important to be ambitious, hard-working and patient. Profit does not come effortlessly when conducting a mobile business, so having enough patience is very important.

Another important thing is to select the right kind of mobile business, one that appeals to you and interests you. For most people, this can be very hard at first.

To help you make that decision, we have brought together 20 mobile business ideas that will surely help you choose the right mobile business for yourself.

Easy Money-Making Mobile Business Ideas

Open a Food Truck

Food trucks are a popular business idea these days and they can be very profitable as well. If you are a chef or if you are one who loves to cook, this is the perfect business opportunity for you.

A food truck is a kind of food stall, mostly street food, which you sell from a truck. The truck or vehicle may also contain stoves, ovens, freezers, and other necessary equipment that is required for cooking or storing your food.

Opening up a food truck can be very beneficial for people who can make delicious and compact food. You can park your food truck on busy areas where a lot of people are known to gather, you may have to take the permission of the local law enforcers in some areas.

To attract more customers, be sure to make delicious and most importantly fresh food. Keep plates and forks and tissue paper in stock as many customers will ask for it.

You also have to think ahead if you are going to cook food on the truck and sell them or if you’re going to prepare your food at home.

Become a Photographer

Photographers are in huge demand in various industries as well. If you love taking photos and you love being outdoors, you can turn your passion of photography into a mobile business.

For this, at first, you will need to be properly equipped with all the camera gear, lenses, lights, tripods, etc. You need to clarify where and what type of photography you want to do. You can open up your photography page on numerous social media pages and advertise your work.

That way you will be able to get more interested customers. Be sure to meet up with your clients beforehand to properly understand what they want and how much they are willing to pay.  

This mobile business requires traveling and as a result, it is important to have a good vehicle to help you get around with your equipment.

Open a Moving Services business

Opening up a moving service business may sound boring at first but it can be quite fun if you enjoy being on the road.

There is no doubt in the fact that many people move houses every day and they require a moving service to safely move their furniture and other stuff. So, opening a moving service business can be a very successful mobile business in a short time.

If you own a truck and you’d like to open a mobile business, you can start a moving service. Be sure to let others know about your provided services and publicize your company by making ads or fliers. Leave a phone number on the fliers and that way many people can reach you and directly contact you.

You do need a few more people to help out in such businesses but the start up cost is quite low compared to the amount of profit that comes from the business later on.

Start a Cleaning service

Cleaning services are also getting quite popular these days. Many people do not get enough time to clean their residents, workplaces, garages etcetera. And this is where a cleaning service gets handy.

To open up a cleaning service, it is best to get two three people more to work with you like the work of cleaning is not easy. Like any other business, it is essential to get the word of your business out to the public.  

Be sure to buy all the cleaning equipment if you do not already own them. Stock up on brooms, cleaning detergents, glass cleaning sprays etcetera.

Also, be sure to wear protective clothing and masks to be safe from any allergic responses.

Open a Mobile Salon

There are plenty of people who wish to have the amenities of a salon at their own home. This is the reason why many companies are opening mobile salons.

The idea behind a mobile salon is that you go to the client’s house to give them salon facilities in their home sweet home. This requires a lot of traveling and skill.

You bring the necessary supplies to the client’s house and they will pay you for the facilities you provide. You can open up a page or a website to get bookings from clients.

You can make various categories like manicure, pedicure, hairstyling, makeup etcetera for the clients to choose from.

Catering Business

Are you passionate about food and love making delicious meals for events? Then catering is the best mobile business idea for you. Catering requires traveling from place to place according to the venue of the respective events.

It will take a few successful events to get the word of your catering service out and about. Once you’ve established that, your business will be blooming in no time.

Opening up a catering service may lead to needing more people to work with you. So it will be better if you start this business with a few more people to work with you.  

Mobile Florist Business

Everyone loves flowers especially when there is a special occasion in their lives. A mobile flower shop is similar to a food truck in a few ways. Just as a food truck sells food on the streets, a flower truck sells flowers; simple right?

You can also drive your truck around and deliver flowers to customers. Be sure to maintain the flowers and keep them fresh.

Park your truck on busy roads and you will surely be able to sell a bunch. This is surely a very fun and lively business to start.

Personal Trainer Business

Personal trainers are also very much in demand. Many people would like to change their lifestyle and become fitter but they have no idea how to do it alone. This is where a personal trainer can help.

If you are skilled at it or have worked as a trainer before, you can try this business opportunity. Becoming a personal trainer will require you to travel to your client’s residence or gyms as per their request.

You can set up an appointment with them according to your schedule.

Courier delivery services 

Opening up a delivery service requires moving around quite a bit. There are many successful courier delivery services out there that you can gain inspiration from. This kind of a business can be very beneficial once it’s set up properly.

You can start a local, small business courier service, at your Convenience with minimal equipment, beyond a basic office setup and reliable transportation


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Food delivery services

Food ordering and delivery is not a new online business idea as there are many firms in this business; however, it has evolved with technology coming into the forefront.

This kind of service is getting very well-liked these days too. Open up a website where people can order food and after confirmation, you will deliver the food at their doorsteps. Getting food from your favorite restaurants during the work week can often become a hassle


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Party transportation Business

Start a transportation business for events or parties. You will need a big enough car or microbus to accommodate a number of people.you only need a space to park your truck when it’s not in use. If successful, all it takes to expand is a second truck and a few more helpers

Tutoring Business

If you have expertise at a specific skill or subject and you love teaching it to others, tutoring might be the perfect mobile business for you.

Many tutors are hired every day to teach on various subjects and skills like music, dance, and art etcetera.

While many tutors are successful and earning good on a part-time basis, supplementing their regular income,  tutoring can also make a great small business if you have passion.

Auto Dealing Business

Auto dealing has turned into a very successful mobile business over the years. In mobile auto dealing, you bring the necessary pieces of equipment to fix any vehicle problems to your customer.

it easy and doesn’t require huge training or up-front investment to start. But it can help to get an expert perspective so you’ll have a roadmap for getting started.


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Professional Organizer Business

This is a fairly new business idea but is gaining much popularity in a short time. People hire professional organizers to organize their homes or workspace.

This business requires traveling to the customer’s offices or residents.

Locksmith Business

Locksmiths must travel to the customer’s required venue, as a result, it falls into a mobile business category and is also one of the most common ones.

Locksmiths do most of their work outside of their business Location. Its very demanding Business and also helping others to Locked out or installing and repairing the same. 


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Junk Removal Business

Working in a junk removal service will involve traveling to places. It is best to start this business only when you have a good enough vehicle and a few people to work with you.

But in order for your junk removal business to be successful fast, you need to build a good repo, maintain a busy work schedule, and the important thing is to find clients who can help you increase the awareness.

Packing and unpacking services

The description of this business is in its name itself. This mobile business helps people pack and unpack while they are moving.

Lots of people have trouble doing it which is why this kind of business is a great opportunity to make use of that and help them.

Travel Guide Business

Opening up a travel company and becoming a travel guide is a fantastic mobile business idea for people who love traveling and have much knowledge about the outdoors. This requires a lot of patience and stamina as well.

You must have a steady flow of tourists, interesting local landmarks, and a decent climate. you need to do research before starting a business

Pool Services Business

Pool services are much in need and can be quite profitable once you get the hang of it. It’s a very Demanding Business as most of the homes where there is a Pool and frequent Services of such Pools.

Pool cleaners visit Customers’ homes and check and adjust the water’s chemical balance and Clean the same.

Lawn services

Just like pool services, lawn services can also be very profitable. If you are good at maintaining and mowing lawns, you must use that and open up this easy mobile business and you’ll be earning bucks in no time.

You’re master of your own destiny, and you can devote as much or as little time to the business as you want.

This is the Full demanded Business and you can get more works on it.

To wrap up

These are the most practiced mobile business ideas for you. Choose any one or two of them and start experimenting with them.

One thing to keep in mind though- if you don’t see progress with any of these ideas, never let yourself feel disheartened. Because the sooner you’ll switch to the next idea, the faster you can set your business up for its speedy growth and benefit.

Therefore, take these 20 money-making mobile business ideas as a treat from us so that you never go out of ideas when it comes to trying something new.

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