The Benefits of On-Site Childcare for Working Parents

Employees who work in an office may have kids at home. If there are options like on-site child care, it is reported to enhance employees’ productivity. Many offices and employers want their employees to work in a stress-free environment. 

Companies with on-site childcare facilities provide these opportunities to the employees to show their best potential without the stress that the child is alone at home. Employers must invest in on-site childcare solutions at work, but this investment is worth it. 

The results that the companies will get might outsmart the affordability factor. Employers must consider this option a lucrative investment with a good ROI. The daycare costs are generally relatively high. 

The employees who have to keep their kids at daycare facilities are often left with less money at their resort. If the employer provides on-site childcare facilities, it will help the employee save a good chunk of money and stay motivated to work better. 

There are several benefits of on-site childcare, and these include the following.

Benefits Of On-Site Childcare.

Reduction in childcare costs.

Employees’ most significant challenge is the high cost of childcare when they have to keep them at a daycare facility.

When the employer has on-site childcare facilities, it can help in reducing the employees’ costs.

Employees come to the office on time.

If employees have to leave their kids at daycare facilities or any place where their child will be taken care of, they might get late to the workplace. 

But when the employees bring along kids at work, they will be on time. The time to commute to that other place for childcare is removed, which will help the employee reach the office on time.

Employees work with good productivity.

Employees with employer-sponsored childcare facilities on the site show better productivity. They do not have any stress related to the whereabouts of their children. 

Thus, they would have a stress-free mind which would fetch better productivity levels.

Employees can also stay longer at work if needed.

Employees who have to finish work or a project by the deadline can stay longer at work if they have kids at the childcare facility on-site.

Most of the employees want to go home early because they have to reach home and take care of their kids. 

Employees work with better morale.

When there is an employer-sponsored on-site childcare facility then, this will make the employees feel valued.

They will work with better morale and motivation. This kind of attitude will fetch good returns for employers. 

Fewer cases of absenteeism.

There are fewer cases of absenteeism when there are on-site childcare facilities at the workplace. If your child is not well, you can still bring him to the workplace when there are good on-site facilities for childcare.

 At least you can check the child between work, which will help reduce the stress. Employers who do not provide such facilities will have higher cases of absenteeism.

New parents can start work quickly.

When new parents wish to return after the maternal and paternal leave, the on-site childcare facilities provide a better option to give them the liberty to return to work.

 Many new parents who have great talents have to stay at home just because there is no one to look after their children, and hence they have to stay back themselves. 

Those who have worked with the company in the past know the value system of the company. Hence, rather than spending money on training new people for work, those on leave or those with childcare responsibilities can be brought back to the office with an on-site childcare facility.

The employer can get a tax credit.

In the US, there is a scheme wherein if the employer has on-site childcare facilities and has sponsored them for the employees, he can get a tax credit. 

This facility is, therefore, a win-win situation for the employer and the employee. Employees can be more motivated when they see their kids during lunch breaks. There will be no juggling needed between kids and work. 

When children are allowed at work and special facilities are available on-site, it will work as a productivity enhancer for the employees.

Challenges That Prevail With On-Site Childcare Facilities

On-site childcare provides suitable solutions for employees because they get flexibility in work. They can bring kids to the facility, which gives them freedom from stress about how their children would be doing at home. 

Even though the facility looks quite helpful, there are some challenges that you will see with these types of facilities. Read on, and you will get an idea.

High cost to the employer

The biggest challenge revolves around the employers because organizing an on-site childcare facility can be expensive. 

There will be costs as in the space dedicated for such facilities, the exceptional tutors or caretakers for handling the kids, and much more.

There is one fit program for every child.

Every child is different. But the on-site childcare facilities categorize them all in one basket, and there is one git program for all the children who come to the facility.

Parents want their children to develop unique skills, and when there is a general program, there is nothing much that kids can learn.

No facility for newborn care

The best age group that would benefit from on-site childcare is the age group between 1 to 3 years. These toddlers are neither too small nor too big.

These on-site childcare facilities do not have any unique solutions for newborn children. Thus, it might only work for some parents.

Problems coordinating timings for the school-going children

Children have to go to school, so dropping kids at school and collecting them becomes a tough duty for parents. 

Thus, employer-sponsored childcare facilities are not friendly for school-going children. These children have particular educational commitments, and there are no exceptional tutors to help them in their studies.

Not suitable for remote employees

The employees who work from home or remotely will only benefit from this facility if they prevail at the main office.

Even though on-site childcare facilities have a few challenges, the benefits outsmart the negatives. 

Employers must check how these facilities help to enhance the workforce’s productivity. They can take up comparing the outcomes before such facilities and after the initiation of such facilities. 

Looking into the pros and cons of on-site childcare, the employer may have to think once more if he still needs to add this facility to the workplace. 

The employee who is also a parent might want to join the company that provides such facilities. Checking your case and finding whether it will enhance flexibility and productivity will provide an idea of what things will work for you.


Employees find childcare costs too high, so when there are employer-sponsored facilities, the costs will be reduced, and the employees will have better flexibility and productivity. With these solutions, parents who find it tough to juggle their kids’ responsibilities and work can attain a better work-life balance. 

Companies that have on-site childcare facilities make the work environment stress-free. Also, there are some tax-related benefits available for the employer. Many talented individuals who have to sit at home to care for their children can make it to the office with facilities like on-site childcare. 

Parents with toddlers aged 1 to 3 years can fetch maximum benefits. Training new employees will cost you more. It is vital to compare the same with the cost of setting up the on-site childcare facility. 

If the facility is a better option than hiring new employees, the company can get back the talents sitting at home just because they have kids.

Everyone should get an opportunity to show their talent. This attitude will help the company to create a talent pool. When employees feel that their talent is being looked upon and valued as part of the organization, they feel great. 

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