30 Best Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

A pre-Employment assessment is about finding, selecting and implementing the right strategies, tests and programs to determine the right candidate. 

It is critical for small and medium-size businesses to acknowledge its signfiiance and try to encultivate pre-employment assessment in their hiring process. 

This not only improves the quality of your human resource but also boosts the overall productivity and performance of teams. 

Remember, the competition is against other companies in your industries, so hiring top talents from hundreds of applications can bleed you a lot of resources, time and money. 

This is only going to put us behind in the competition against other companies. What you need is a technological and resourceful leverage against others. 

Here comes the pre-employment assessment tool along with the right practises to hire skilled and deserving talents for your business. 

Well, since you are new to this, we have assimilated the best pre-employement assessment tools you can check. 


TestGorilla is one of the best pre-employment assessment tools for businesses that is known for its optimized quick responses. 

It provides a best selection of tools that help you screen your candidates making your hiring process much more efficient. 

The screening tools from TestGorilla also allows you to make your hiring decision faster and better. 

The tool comprises multiple test types in a detailed assessment presenting you the best predictive value. 

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TestGorrilla have features such as programming tests, software skill sets, language test, cognitive ability test, personality tests and so much more. 

It is extremely easy to understand and use, and also comes with its built-in modules. 

For small businesses, this can really cover their concern regarding hiring quality human resources for their respective positions. 

It is extremely equipped to test the real-world job performance of any candidate using more than 125 scientifically validated tests. 

Toggl Hire 

Toggl Hire is an easy-to-use and very comprehensive platform for pre-assessemnt of candidates and talents for your business. 

This is one an ideal choice for recruiting for remote workers around the world with a specific set of skills. 

The prea-assessment tool Toggl offers provides you detailed statistics on your hiring campaigns, candidate profiling and job opening performances as well. 

Small businesses also get a question library to make their work easy and ask the right question through creating custom tests for them.  


Another employment assessment tool you need to hire is eSkill that comes with a wide range of tests for candidates. 

eSkill offers behaviour assessments, employment tests and interviewing tools to hire your top candidates in your company. 

Not just hire, it also tests the current performance of any employee to test the retention of an employee as well. 

One of the reassuring factors about getting eSkill is that it already has been used by top companies and hundreds of organizations in varied industries such education, call centre, retail, govemenment, industrial, information technology and others. 

eSkill provides you access to more than 1,000 tests in their test library where you can also use their eSkill author for customized employment test as well. 

The tool has been popular amongst the employers for many reasons : 

  • Selecting pre-prepared employment test 
  • Customized eSkill test and assessment 
  • Include stimulation questions with replication of real-life job situation
  • Ability to create an integrated Talented assessment platform 
  • Improve hiring outcomes through decreasing attrition 
  • Integration with Application Tracking System (ATS)
  • Utilizing video interviewing 
  • 24-hour support with dedicated all-time assessment expert 

Interview Mocha 

Interview Mocha provides you with a wide range of pre-employment testing skills and solutions. 

The software helps you recruit high-quality, promising, relevant and skill-focussed candidates. 

The tool focussed to reduce the hassle in recruitment in terms of its management and administration. 

One of the best highlights of this tool is their 1000+ skills templates where you can create your own test with customized questions to judge the candidate. 

Small businesses also get a wide collection of ready skill assessments to understand the candidates better. 


Criteria is similar to any pre-employment assessment tool but focusing primarily on identifying the human resource in certain metrics such as  : 

  • Personality
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Comprehensive character study
  • Professional capabilities 

It helps small businesses and enterprises to incorporate scientifically proven and professionally attested pre-employment tests into their hiring procedure. 

Criteria focusing more on empowering businesses to adapt the more qualitative and analytical 

GSE Hiring Software 

GSE Hiring software offers human resource and talent to small businesses through using their technological and strategic employee assesment. 

They conduct robotic video interviews, AI-drive pre-hire assessment, resume ranking and profiling of an ideal candidate. 

GSE Hiring is a great platform to empower management systems or managers of your business to make smarter, better hiring decisions. 

It also relies on predictive analytics, detailed tools, video, reports and various insights to assure talent success. 

GSE focuses on giving the company’s comepttieve advtnage over their competition by leading in the reserving extraordinary talent in the global marketplace. 


Plum is not just another pre-employment assessment tool but more purpose-driven to test upcoming leaders in the management to future-proof your business.


The tool is highly focussed to test and quantify human potential for its predictable leadership and administration qualities. 

You can map out the transferable nature of various talents in possible employees such as : 

  • Innovation
  • Leadership 
  • Adaptability
  • Communication 

And much more, mostly the highlighted skill that not just helps you business to grow but also the employee to take the next step towards a higher position in your company. 

Plum helps your business from the very beginning of the hiring process including all the steps like workforce planning, employee tests, employee development, leader identification and even beyond. 

What makes Plum unique is not just a hiring or pre-employment assessment tool but a tool to identify, harness and develop leadership faces in your company. 

Plum offers every candidate or employee personalised, customized and an accurate view of their inert talents. 

It also focussed the leaders to take a better, unbiased, practical and rational approach towards the best opportunities available at the table. 


Berke is a qualitative tool that falls on a simpler yet highly effective solution for testing and quantifying human resource talent and abilities. 

It is a hiring and employment assessment tool primarily focused on the data and insights. It uses the previous information and tons of other data to predict the success rate of particular hiring. 

The software comes with customizable assessment measuring the talent scales, behavioural patterns, personality traits and problem-solving skills of the candidate. 

The tool helps small businesses to understand who will be the best candidate in all aspects for their company and work culture. 

Berke simply works in various metrics to identify the compatibility level between the employee and candidate, not only their skill level and professional capabilities. 

Skeeled Software 

Skeeled software is a cloud-based candidate or application tracking system helping businesses of all sizes in recruitment.

They are highly skilled in candidate profiling and pre-assesment of the recruitment quality. 

Skeeled offers various key features including process automation, collaboration, progress tracking, talent assessment and candidate management as well. 

It empowers teams to automate their hiring workflow using an AI-powered engine that offes the shortlist of candidates based on their merit indicators. 

This pre-assessement tool goes even further with their collaborative features allowing team members to connect over the platform, leave comments on candidates, rate their profiles and provide their own assessment as well. 

Then there is a centralized portal where stakeholders can easily track the progress of candidates receiving real time feedback. 

Thomas International 

Thomas International is a well-known and credible talent assessment platform in the niche of pre-employment assessment, talent acquisition and recruitment optimization. 

The brand offers their 40 years of trusted scientific, data-driven insights along with their optimization strategy and assessment for decision making in the market. 

You can certainly put a lot of trust in their assessment program for hiring employment for your business. 

It offers tools that help you reduce the guesswork in the recruitment process and focus more on the development, advancement and retention of the employees. 

One of the best features of their tool is to build candidate profiles extensive in nature that allows you to find the right person for your business specifically. 

The tool also eliminates any kind of biases from the hiring process to make a more resilient workforce. 

You will also be able to provide customized and tailored onboarding guidance to recently joined employees as well. 

The tool is very capable of identifying the leadership potential and development required to bring the best out the people. 

Thomas International isn’t just a pre-employment assessment tool but an overall recruitment solution to identify and develop quality human resource and talent. 


Adaface is an AI-facilitated pre-employment assessment tool featuring automation of the first round tech interviews. 

The tool also evaluates candidates on the basis of their assessment on skills and other personality traits.  


Crystical is basically a DISC-based personality platform for small businesses and large enterprises that are growing. 

DISC is a trusted, well-programmed and well-established behavioural framework that helps organizations to optimize, communicate and develop teams. 

It helps those growing companies of all sizes to integrate DISC personality insights into their hiring, training and sales processes as well. 

Their tool called Integrated DISC works for teams, sales and hiring departments differently with providing the respective support technology. 

It offers personality assessment for team building, personality development, training and working culture. 

DISC sales on other hand helps companies to provide deeper and apprehensive insights to every prospect and accounts towards a potential to be sold. 


Vervoe is a bit different from other pre-employment assessments as it focuses on merit, not the background. 

Most of these tools work on the data-driven insights, profiles, background study and other behavioural patterns of the candidate. 

Vervoe helps companies to see how well the candidates can excel in the job, how good or bad they can be providing their skill set and experience. 

Another reason why Vervoe is full-proof with their hiring accuracy is they do not rely on the paperwork of the candidate. 

No matter how good a candidate appears to be on the paper, they examine the candidate assessment on the basis of the test on their job-related tasks. 

Vervoe uses the technology of machine learning that automatically ranks the potential candidates based on their performance levels. 

So even with hundreds of candidates to hire from, the list will be sorted in a performance-driven order to pick your ideal employee. 


McQuaig offers their Pschycometric system which is easy to use for small businesses even with no prior knowledge or experience in pre-employment assessment. 

It provides a profiling system allowing business owners to benchmark candidate profiling and role internally. 

This set benchmark or ideal candidate profiling will help you test the potential candidates for the role and also the requirements you have. 


Bryq is a talent intelligence platform aimed to eliminate all types of biases, inefficiency in decision making, time constraints and other issues found in traditional workforce management.  

This tool is primarily designed to find and nurture talents. The objective of the tool is to avoid overlooking amazing talents. 

Bryq tool helps companies to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace in terms of optimal hiring.

It is an AI-assisted platform enabling employers to develop an ideal candidate profile. 

The tool further screens all the required candidates on the basis of their personality traits, cognitive abilities and professional credibility as well. 

At the end of the day, you as a small business owner get a pool of highly talented, hand-picked, filtered professional and skilled candidates to easily pick your employees. 

The application also helps you create your hiring process workflow and management efficiently and smoothly. 

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