21+ Pros and Cons of Doing a Business in Argentina (Explained)

The eighth biggest country of the world is Argentina, in South America and has a vast majority of Latin Americans. The nation is packed with different destinations and beautiful sceneries such as backwoods, deserts, mountains, and kilometers of sea shoreline. 

The culture is a mix of European and Latin American traditions. Argentina is very glad for the mixed legacy they have. They are proud of their abilities in numerous fields. Argentina has five Nobel Laureates in the fields of Peace, Chemistry, and Medicine.

Having a desire to open up a business venture or company in Argentina will bring you profits like no other! 

Benefits of Doing Business in ArgentinaThe drawback of Doing Business in Argentina
Support from family at all timesIdentity is very complex and confusing
The majority lives in urban areasThe colonial impact is still visible
Rural population take pride in daily work Rural population is slightly conservative

Advantages of Doing a Business in Argentina

  • Punctuality

It is important to make an appointment roughly one or three weeks before the date of the business meeting or gathering. Showing up on time is valued. Argentines are very formal and punctual with regard to business commitments. 

In a business setting, individuals for the most part welcome each other with a strong handshake and a grin holding direct eye contact.

  • Proper Greetings

Titles and educational achievements are extremely respected in Argentina. Prior to meeting somebody, make sure you know something about their training. This will help you in building trustworthy relations for your business.

Business owners or executives are welcomed and accompanied to their assigned seats. The senior-most of the particular company or business seated on the other side of their counterpart or business partner.

  • Building Relationships is Valued

For building personal and extended relationships so that your business is also smooth and steady, try to be interested and straightforward. Argentines love to listen and be inspired by family. 

This social setting empowers colleagues to become acquainted with one another. Business associates and company bosses are often tended to by their first name. 

Argentine organizations believe in hierarchy. Choices are normally made among the senior-most business or company members. Then it is passed down to workers or regular staff of the company or business.  

  • Extensive Decision Making

A smooth and successful business always needs a thorough plan and proper discussions. This implies that a business deal or decision on a particular business matter can take a few days or a few hours since Argentines prefer to have an extensive decision. This process will genuinely help your business to grow in leaps and bounds.

  • Educational Value is Respected

Argentines are proud of the different skills and intelligence that they possess. It is an amazing advantage to your business because you will find job seekers in various fields.

They highly respect and value the educational degrees and achievements. Educational awards and degrees may include Science, Peace, Medicine, and more.

  • Respectable Appearance/Dress Code

When you are having a business meeting, keep in mind Argentines believe in proper formal attire. The dress code is similar to European and Western culture. The men wear normal dark-colored suits with ties.

The business dress code for women is formal skirts and formal dresses. You shall be neatly dressed since it impresses the business partner or shareholder you want to make a deal with.

  • Communication is the Key

A lot of regards are given to individuals who speak freely and voice out their opinions on the various decisions for a business. It is perfectly alright to have a disagreement with individuals regarding a particular topic or event. They also think constructive criticism helps in the growth of a person’s thoughts and ideas. 

Even then, remaining good friends or maintaining a strong bond is extremely important and valuable.

  • Very Strong Investment Sector

Argentina has consistently had a huge range of strong investment sectors for businesses, which has helped the nation enormously during times of financial battle. Also, the Argentine government has vowed to create inexhaustible area projects ranging from little to huge in an assortment of divisions.

The nation is more alluring than it has even been to foreign investors and this pattern is just set to proceed over the coming years.

  • A Top Media Market

Argentina is a top media market in Central and South America. It has a distribution of 150 daily papers and many business radios and TV stations. One of the papers, Clarín is at top of the line for everyday news in South America and has the second-most elevated number of endorsers among Spanish-talking nations.

  • Vast Natural Resources

Argentina is blessed with exceptional fruitful grounds, gas and lithium save and has incredible potential for a sustainable power source. It is the main food maker with an enormous scope of horticultural and domesticated animal ventures.

Argentina has noteworthily opened doors in some assembling subsectors, and imaginative administrations in cutting edge businesses.

Disadvantages of Doing Business in Argentina

  • Permits for Constructions

In Argentina, it takes 14 techniques and 26 days to begin a business that is well over the OECD. Managing development licenses is a challenging and tedious part of working together in Argentina.

It takes 24 systems and a year to finish. Getting another development venture grant and an Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate takes 150 days altogether.

  • Lack of Electricity Facilities

Getting endorsements for electrical plans from the Municipality can be an overwhelming and lengthy process in Argentina, combined with various other legal methods with Edesur, an Argentine power distribution company, it can take 30 scheduled days.

  • Property Registration

Enrolling property requires seven techniques and 55 days contrasted with the OECD. The business owner must get an endorsement of possession and a testament of good standing from the Real Property Registry before the processes can even start, which can add expenses and time to the technique.

  • Inflation Remains to Be a Problem

Argentina has gotten extremely low degrees of an unfamiliar direct venture as it disconnected itself from the world’s capital business sectors. The new organization eliminated cash controls and arrived at an arrangement with the nation’s final loan from the 2001 default, settling a long term question, which will assist Argentina with coming back to global capital business sectors.

Inflation is as yet an issue, with a yearly pace of 40% and drops utilization levels and diminishes buying power. So working together in the neighborhood market at the testing stage. Workers have it the hardest since they are not much aware of the inflation issues and thus it’s difficult to purchase anything imported, making life harder for everybody.

  • High Taxes

When you start a business in Argentina, remember the companies or business ventures have to maintain a 5% annual profit that goes into the emergency fund until it reaches a capital of 20%. There is a 1% asset tax and the rate for withholding of taxes is at 35% as well.

Argentina has high tax rates. The corporate tax rate is at 35% and the VAT rate is an edge cutting 27% since you will use the services of electricity, water, and other communications.  As a company you need to pay a tax of 27% for your social security and any profits you make are subject to a rate of 15% under taxes.

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