23 Main Pros and Cons of Communications Startup

Communication plays one of the major roles in molding the structural pattern of any kind of startup plans. It determines the rate at which such startup enterprises can attain a speedy success.

Effective modes of communication are marked by all the crucial sets of information being delivered with clear messaging from the required sources as well as the correct time.

Open and transparent communication skills help in inspiring all the executives throughout the course of the work which can ultimately benefit the startup businesses to fulfill their company goals and strategies. 

Allows skillful reading and understanding of body languagesFinding the exact appropriate time
Helps in building the right amount of trust as well as transparencyThe expenses for facilitating a meeting
Helps in enhancing a wide range of productivityIneffectiveness in large scale meetings
Enhances all forms of discussion as well as conclusions

Advantages of Communications Startup:

• Allows skillful reading and understanding of body languages:

Communication serves an important role in allowing the skillful and efficient channeling of various types of important information within the work environment.

The transferring of informing should be done in such a way that they are transferred directly from the leader to the team members who can work accordingly so as to complete their tasks profoundly as per their job roles. Skillful communication helps in understanding the body languages even more clearly.

This also benefits by not just allowing tokeep a check regarding the information that is heard,but also by helping the working members to closely observe the body language, facial expressions as well as the gestures of the speaker.

Helps in building the right amount of trust as well as transparency

Communication in startup businesses have been the most effective ways of creating the right amount of trust aa well as understanding between the working members of such small scale startup businesses.

Such transparent channels of communication plays an extremely significant role in such business oriented situations wherein all the crucial deals need to be efficiently carried out.

Organising various face-to-face meetings helps in strengthening the various aspects pertaining to commitment along with helping to get rid of various kinds of fears that may be existing within the concerned parties.

Helps in enhancing a wide range of productivity:

 Effective communication skills have been able to prove themselves as successful ways of boosting the rate of productivity of the startup businesses.

Sharing of important information during the course of a one-to-one meeting allows the working members to efficiently brainstorm over a particular task within the confinements of time and other such factors.

Face-to-face communication has further benefited such working organizations as compared to the phone-based or videoconferencing ones where the communication pathway may be interrupted constantly due to various technical as well as cost-cutting issues.

Enhances all forms of discussion as well as conclusions:

Skillful communication strategies have been extremely effective in allowing all the working members to successfully brainstorm as a unified team in various productive kind of discussions as well as in other constructive type of arguments.

The situations wherein a meeting is required to be concluded with effective and meaningful strategizing methods is therefore seen to be extremely high with the help of proper communication skills.

Therefore, in such cases wherein a startup business requires to increase its abilities while making important resolutions, proper communication among the working members have a major role to play in influencing the range of productivity.

Disadvantages of Communications Startup:

Finding the exact appropriate time:

Transparent and effective communication strategies can hamper the working environment of startup businesses especially in situations wherein a large-scale convocation is required to be held among the leaders from the various branches.

It is during such scenarios that finding a common and an appropriate time for all such efficient leaders can become an extremely challenging aspect to carry out such meetings effectively.

The expenses for facilitating a meeting:

The kind of expenses that are required for organizing various meetings in startup businesses with distant branches can be of a considerably high amount. The entire processes of mediating such meetings require every member arriving from distant organizations spend a significant amount of money while traveling from one destination to another so as to attend the meetings.

Therefore, conducting nearly two to three meetings on a monthly basis can indeed prove themselves to be an immense pressure upon the operational expenditures of such small sized startup businesses.

Ineffectiveness in large scale meetings-

Organizing such meetings for discussing and communicating clearly regarding various crucial factors can result in large-scale ones wherein the presence of large number members can ultimately result in hampering the actual motive behind such meetings.

This is because larger the size of the meetings, the higher is the ineffectiveness as can be seen in the communication strategies since the members are most likely to lose their concentration.


Communication has therefore been an extremely significant factor for influencing the kind of work environment that is set up in such startup enterprises in order to attain success. It is quite effective in ensuring a transparent passage of vital information among the working members who can then work accordingly for achieving the goals and objectives of such businesses.

However, in many such cases, communication has not been able to benefit various startups because of factors like organizing large-scale meetings.

They have often resulted inconstraining the peaceful mode of work environment as a result of diversified thoughts and ideas being exchanged in such meetings without much of a unified solution being sought at the end.

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