22 Main Pros and Cons of Customer Service in StartUp

Every business is for its customers. Without customers, that is, people who can consume the goods produced or the services provided by the business establishment, there will be no business. Business is done to please and provide for the requirements of the customers. So, the main objective of a business, besides providing for the customer, is to connect with them.

If you can keep the customers happy with the products and services, there can be no second thought about the success of the business. That is the reason that most companies hire employees and dedicate a unit to customer services.

Customer satisfactionHigh expectations of customer
Helps to know about the customer experienceCommunication is impersonal
Customer can contact company anytimeTiming is essential
Essential for repeat businessLack of comfortable mode of communication
Increased referrals help in company growthLack of competent people
Online presenceNeed for training
Keeps the customer happyExpense concerned
Keeps the employee happy
Enhances work environment


  • Customer satisfaction:

For a business to run successfully, the main focus of the company should be the customers or the clients. If the company does not appeal to its customers, then it becomes unredeemable. The company should keep no stones unturned in satisfying the customer to its extent. Customer service is an effective way of doing so.

Is It Necessary to Provide Customer Satisfaction
  • Helps to know about the customer experience:

Every company plans a certain type of service or products for its customers. This service or product is planned and developed according to the customer’s requirements. Therefore, it is essential for the company to know how effective the service or product was after the customer uses it so that the company can update the services. Customer service helps the startup know about the customer experience.

  • Customer can contact company anytime:

There can be several queries or problems that the customer might have regarding the product or service that he has payed for. Therefore, it is important for business that the concerned company provides customer a mode of communication so that the customer can contact the company at any given time and get suggestions or solutions.

Is It Necessary to Keep the Employees Happy to Ensure Service
  • Essential for repeat business:

For a business to grow, a company should follow up on their customer even after they have bought the product. This is important because if a customer knows that the company follows up on the customer’s experience post the sale and works towards catering to the needs of the customer, then it becomes more likely for the customer to return to the company again and again.

  • Increased referral helps in the company’s growth:

It is a given fact that a company would advertise, sing praises of its own products and bring to notice the advantages of its products over the products of other companies. A person never fully relies on these advertisements. But if a customer recommends the products to another person, he is more likely to believe it. Customer service hugely contributes to this referral.

  • Online presence:

If a customer is satisfied with the way a company treats him, then he will surely refer it to his acquaintances. They are also more likely to review the company online and visit its website as and when needed. Even the people to whom they referred the company might check out the website to gather more information. This will help with the online presence of the company.

  • Keeps the customer happy:

If the company tries to keep up with their customer even after the purchase, know about their experience regarding the product or service and provide solution to any problem that the customer might be facing, then it will keep the customer happy and increase the business.

  • Keeps the employee happy:

When a company keeps its customers happy, it is likely to grow and increase its sales. This will help the company to hire more workers and pay them better. This in turn will keep the employees happy and help them work with more dedication.

  • Enhances work environment:

When a company overburdens the employees with work and does not pay them well enough, it affects the performances of the employees in a bad way. But when the employees are happy, it rejuvenates the work environment and makes it a healthy place to work in.


  • High expectations of the customer:

Many customers lack the patience needed for the company to solve any given problem. This becomes a problem as the customer expects immediate solution which might not be possible.

  • Communication is impersonal:

Either the person whom the customer speaks to, remains anonymous or the whole customer service is automated. This prevents any personal relationship which might help with business.

  • Timing is essential:

The customer would want his problem to be resolved within a very short amount of time. If this timing is not kept in mind by the company, it would affect the company’s growth badly.

  • Lack of comfortable mode of communication:

The company needs to keep in mind the mode of communication that the customer is comfortable in otherwise the will be huge communication gap between both the parties.

  • Lack of competent people:

Every employee that the company hires might not be equipped with the skills needed to work for customer service. If these people are put to work, it will reflect badly on the company.

does lack of competent people in customer service affect the company
  • Need for training:

The company needs to train the employees and help them develop the skills relevant to customer service. This keeps the company from immediately putting the employees to work and spend time training them.

  • Expense concerned:

The training that the company needs to give the new employees does not just need time, it also concerns expense. The company needs to pay the employees even during their training period which is an extra expense on behalf of the company.

Customer service has helped every customer at some point of time and it is an essential part of every company and thus it will also help any startup to grow.

Customer Service Has Extra Expenses

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