22 Main Pros and Cons of Food Delivery MNCs

Food delivery MNCs have been doing an excellent job for a pretty long time. They probably started with simple business ideas, but years of perseverance and patience have brought them to a place where every big-shot company aspires to be.

There are indeed a few factors that have made these food delivery MNCs unique to the entire world. They probably use magical ingredients in their cuisines, fantastic brand names that can make them instantly popular, or maybe they have enough resources to experiment with their food and advertisement. 

Let us explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of food delivery MNCs. 

More reliable than local food chainsCan be ruthless when it comes to firing employees
Take immediate action if reportedPromote consumption of harmful, unhealthy food items
Have more employees and resourcesPeople are going less to restaurants
Have multiple stores everywhereOne flaw can affect their global reputation 
May offer discounts and gift vouchers on special occasionsMost of them operate through mobile applications
Job security for the employees
They are unique in their business ventures
Excellent online services

Advantages of Food Delivery MNCs: 

  • More reliable than local food chains:

Since this food delivery MNCs have a global popularity, they are by default more reliable than the local food chains. If any complaint is lodged against them, people may forcefully shut their stores and begin a protest against them. That is precisely why being reliable is one of the most important criteria for these MNCs. They must guarantee the quality of their food products and delivery facilities. 

are food delivering MNCs more reliable than normal food chains
  • Take immediate actions if reported:

Since their reputation comes before everything else, they have no other option but to take immediate action if reported. They need to keep their customers updated about their apps or any changes they may have introduced. If a customer gives poor ratings or writes a bad review critiquing the standard of their services, they must respond immediately. 

  • Have more employees and resources:

There are always a set of advantages and privileges that an MNC enjoys. One advantage is having more employees and resources than the local food delivery companies. These MNCs can take and deliver as many orders as they can throughout the day, and generally, they do not encounter any trouble in assigning their employees to their respective jobs because they hardly experience any shortage or lack of resources. 

  •  Have multiple stores everywhere:

These food delivery MNCs have multiple stores everywhere. You do not have to go to a specific store to get your food. All the tiny stores are open almost throughout the day, and delivery services are offered from all these stores. 

  • May offer discounts and gift vouchers on special occasions:

This food delivery MNCs always keep improving and innovating new business ideas so that they can always reach out to their regular faithful customers. This also, in a way, influences their brand names and reputation. What some of these MNCs do is offer discounts, combo offers, and gift coupons on special occasions to maintain a healthy professional relationship with their customers. 

do food delivery MNCs have better services
  • Job security for the employees:

Since these MNCs are reliable, they generally offer job security to their employees. If you join one of these MNCs as a chef, an accountant or a delivery boy, chances are high that your supervisor will provide you with all the perks and benefits that you need. All the security policies and safety measures in case of emergencies will be assured to you. 

  • Are unique in their business ventures:

Starting from their advertisement campaigns to the taste of their cuisines, most of these food delivery MNCs are unique in nature. Their business promotions are authentic, and so are the food items they deliver. 

  • Excellent online services:

Most of these MNCs take orders through mobile applications, so their online services are excellent. They make sure that their customers can order food without extra hassles, which is why they try to make their services easily approachable and accessible. 

Disadvantages of Food Delivery MNCs:

  • Can be ruthless when it comes to firing employees:

When it comes to firing employees from their jobs, these MNCs can do that properly. The employer-employee bond in an MNC is completely professional and less codependent. That is exactly the reason why an employer in an MNC doesn’t have to think twice before recruiting a new employee and firing an old one. 

  • Promote consumption of harmful, unhealthy food items:

At the end of the day, these food delivery companies are promoting the consumption of food items that are unhealthy. They are promoting binge eating and increasing one’s risk of suffering from acute health issues, including diabetes and obesity. 

could food delivery MNCs promote the consumption of unhealthy foods
  • People are going less to restaurants:

A public place encourages you to socialize better and enjoy its ambiance. The ambiance of a proper food joint or restaurant cannot be replaced by the comfort of your cozy room. Hence, these food delivery MNCs are encouraging many people to go less to restaurants. 

is there decrease in the dine-in facility of the local restaurants
  • One flaw can affect their global reputation:

Even if a customer from a remote location writes a bad review for a food delivery MNC and actually questions its reliability, that review can significantly impact its global reputation. News channels and blogs may start writing against them worldwide, and this one controversy alone can affect their whole campaign. 

  • Most of them operate through mobile applications:

Since most of these MNCs operate through their mobile apps, one technical glitch or online hazard can affect their entire business. 

Notwithstanding all these facts, these food delivery companies have been doing great. To run a business, one has to face all the ups and downs, good reviews, and ugly remarks, but a true business venture will avoid its drawbacks and focus on its strengths and advantages instead. 

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