23 Main Pros and Cons of Hiring Artists for StartUp


The best thing about having a start up is that it is not only your time and space that you can put to use but also employ other people and pay them remuneration for their work. This means that the people who are thinking of beginning a start up should definitely go ahead and look into the process of making start ups run better and run fast.

The best way to understand this is through the means of advertisement and promotion. Making your start up associated with a brand or a well known face increases the value of the start up and hiring an artist to do that is just perfect.

FundraisingProblems of Payment
Advertisement OpportunityFinding the Right Artist
Valuable to the Start UpContent of Work
Make the Start Up Well KnownFundraiser may not be Impressive
Start Up Gets Brand EndorsementBig Names Means more Money
Start Up can Be a Managerial VentureSometimes Controversial
Put on A Good ShowTime Consuming
Investors will be Impressed
Useful for Online Content


  • Fundraising: 

The fundraising events that a person may be used to are based on parties where donations flow in and affluent people make sponsors on the business that you would like to begin. The best way to increase the value of the event would be to hire an artist.

  • Advertisement Opportunity:

The opportunity to advertise your business and make it a brand that is well known and well appreciated by the artists is something that the people of the market will look towards with curiosity. The audience that you want to reach can also be targeted through this.

  • Valuable to the Start Up:

The best way to know which start up is going to make it big and which start up is going to have no success is to differentiate between these start ups from the very beginning of the establishment of these start ups add value to their image.

  • Make the Start Up Well Known:

The well know start ups are told to be important for the people who are interested in the goods and commodities and services of these start ups, but they do not reach this position in a day’s time. The reason why they become popular is due to endorsement from famous figures.

  • Start Up Gets Brand Endorsement:

The brand endorsement that your start up will receive by hiring an artist is something that can overdo weeks and months of preparation and training in just an evening’s time. The value of the face and name of the artist will endorse your start up.

  • Start Up can be a Managerial Venture:

The start up can be a managerial venture as well, where the people involved will do event management and ensure the artists under their label are well paid and receive a lot of exposure. This is one of the methods of success.

  • Put on A Good Show:

The hiring of an artist to do your work in the fundraiser for your start up or to impress the sponsors who will be attending the event will ensure that the people of the start up can focus on the start up through the possibility of a start up venture.

  • Investors will be Impressed:

The investors of the start up will be gladly be impressed if the performance of the artist and the entire event of the fundraiser can be put into good use. Hence they will contribute to your funds and invest.

  • Useful for Online Content:

The content that is put up in the workplace of the start up is sometimes overlooked by people who have lesser concentration towards these things, but a start up with a good online content as its sole focus by hiring artists is of great value.


  • Problems of Payment:

The problem in hiring artists is the problem that occurs with the question of payments and other forms of remuneration. Sometimes the agent asks for more money and sometimes the artist has demands that are difficult to fulfil. This creates a conflict of interest in the process.

  • Finding the Right Artist:

The right artist is someone who can not only promote themselves but also promote your brand and this makes it quite difficult to ensure how to move about the process of finding the right artist and the right person to do the promotion for your brand.

  • Content of Work:

The content of work that the people who are involved with the start up would like to see and the content that the artist may produce may be contradictory and keep the people awry of the donations that they thought they would make. Hence it would be counterproductive.

  • Fundraiser may not be Impressive:

The fundraiser is something that must be impressive if it is to gather the funding of the donors who will be present in the space to do so, but if the artist you hire does not suit the motto of your brand then the funding will be lost.

  • Big Names Means more Money:

The big names who you could hire for the promotion of your brand will charge more money than needed and will ensure that they put on a good show, but the funding for your start up will become lesser and keep the funding blocked. 

  • Sometimes Controversial:

The most controversial problem of the people who are hired to do fundraising events is that they can often make statements and do things that might embarrass the people who organise. When hiring an artist you should definitely beware of this. The problem exists in all spheres.

  • Time Consuming:

The process of the fundraising event with an artist is something that will consume some amount of time, but the time cannot be replaced with other forms of events. Hence you will have to choose between the artist performance or other aspects of presentation.


Sometimes the difference between a good start up and a bad start up is the amount of time and discussion that is spent into the prospect of analysing the process of the very intelligent methods of advertising your brand and hiring an artist will do just that, but one must beware of funding demarcations.

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