23 Main Pros and Cons of Joining a Start-Up Community


A Start Up Community is a group of entrepreneurs or budding start up investors who join together in a particular city of residence and begin a community that helps each other out. This community is the reason many start up entrepreneurs make it to the top and many find help and investment when needed.

A start up community is like a membership based club of entrepreneurs who have to pay a certain fee to join the community and have a certain amount of experience in the world of business to get recommended into joining the community. These communities have different rules in different countries.

Join a CommunityChances of Rivalry
Help Whenever NeededDominance of Bigger Entrepreneurs
Understand the World of Start UpsFraudulent Activities
Learn from AnalystsChance of Being Misguided
Attend SeminarsAdded Time Constraints
Campaign for InvestmentResponsibility of Activities
Find the Proper GuideCommunity Rules May Not Suit You
Social Space
Take Lesser Risks


  • Join a Community:

A community group or a group for people who engage in similar activities is the kind of vision and approach that ensures that these groups have people who can carry forward their interests. This is why if you are into start up, then you should join a start up community.

  • Help Whenever Needed:

The help that is needed for any beginner in the beginning of their careers and ventures into the system of a new business venture or a new form of business idea is something that often does not come easy. Hence a start up community is the ideal place.

  • Understand the World of Start Ups:

The world of start ups and the method to establish start ups is something that the people of the market and business world need to learn and carefully venture into before making huge investments. This means that the community can help one understand the dynamics.

  • Learn from Analysts:

The analysis of the experts or more mature individuals in the start up community can help you learn much more than the usual amount of internet of book learning that a budding entrepreneur may be able to do. This is another use for a start up community.

  • Attend Seminars:

The seminars and meetings or programs organised by the start up community is something that the people cannot reverse or learn from internet videos. These experiences can only be made if you are a part of a start up community. Hence it is important for the growth.

  • Campaign for Investment:

The campaign and advertisements that you do for the purpose of the investment and sponsoring for your start up is something that can be done through the process of the new and improved form of start up communities where you can approach investors as well.

  • Find the Proper Guide:

The proper guide is something that everyone lacks nowadays due to growing selfishness and systems of conflicting interest. This means that the people who are looking for a fresh start will often not have a good guide. This is where the start up community will help you guide. 

  • Social Space:

The social space that you will not find in the videos on the internet or the books on entrepreneurship that you read, you will be able to find in the sectors of the social space that is provided to you by the start up community. This means good social growth.

  • Take Lesser Risks:

The risks that you take over the years of your newest start up venture can be measured into the outlook and opinions of the start up community which provides you with the outlook and space of a person who can measure their risks. This means support.


  • Chances of Rivalry:

The problem with the start up communities is that there are several budding entrepreneurs and start up gurus who attend these community meetings. Hence it might be the case that you make some friends, but also some enemies. This may lead to future friction in business. 

  • Dominance of Bigger Entrepreneurs:

The dominance of bigger enterprises is something that the people do not seem to understand when they are trying to establish their own start ups. These enterprises try to buy off competition and establish a monopoly, hence you must be aware of that.

  • Fraudulent Activities:

The start up communities often has people who join just to make some extra benefit on the side. Hence you will find salesman who may not be genuinely interested in the establishment of start ups who will claim various claims to misguide you.

  • Chance of Being Misguided:

The chance of being misguided by people who have to ensure that their companies are providing the best opportunities for the functioning of their start ups and the community itself is also a problem. There are several start up companies which have various inclinations and you have to choose amongst many.

  • Added Time Constraints:

The time constraints that begin when you try to establish a start up are a problem for most people. On top of that the extra and added engagement of going to start up community meetings is a problem on anyone’s schedule. Hence you must be extremely dedicated to join.

  • Responsibility of Activities:

The joining of a community means that the people who make up the community are given some responsibility as it is. This is one of the reasons that the people who want to ensure that the start up communities function well take up responsibility.

  • Community Rules May Not Suit You:

The community rules may not suit the environment of your lifestyle and also may not suit your timings. This is one of the reasons why community rules are  big drawback to a lot of people who would like to join start up communities. 


The starts up communities are spaces where the people who would like to join a start up have the utmost right and privilege to do so. This is also the result of a different aspect of outlook and community approach to the business world. One must only beware of which community one joins.

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